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2 photographer friends document an epic motorcycle journey from San Francisco to Alaska - going over 10,000 miles - in print and pixel.
2 photographer friends document an epic motorcycle journey from San Francisco to Alaska - going over 10,000 miles - in print and pixel.
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End-of-Year Update!


Hello fantastic backers!

It's been a while since we updated. Rest assured, we have been extremely busy editing and selecting photos, working through footage, and doing layout, proofing and design on the photo book.

As is sadly common with Kickstarter projects, we underestimated the work required for our rewards. We spent the last month creating a website where people can pick a photo for their print fulfillment, and have worked the last months on all the prepping work, like photo editing, selection, designing and proofing our book and more.

Here is our preliminary cover of the photo book! The actual book will be thicker -- this is a mockup.

She's a looker! She's a looker! And a sample of the layout inside. We haven't been able to decide on a black or white overall background scheme in the book; more print proofs and design work will go into that. Honestly, one of the hardest things has been cutting down in the thousands of photos and other media we accrued on this trip.

We've also been working through a lot of our GoPro footage, cellphone and camera footage and more, to see if can keep you occupied with video of our antics while we work diligently to get our rewards out of the door as soon as possible.

So, how's our timeline looking now?

We will finish our website by the end of this month, which lets our print backers or higher tier backers pick their prints, which we will then finish, proof, pack up and send out as soon as we can in January.

The book itself requires more work, and will likely ship in February. We're very sorry for the delays; we've never done a project like this or made such a large print project and the amount of work is daunting! But, we're making good progress...

Looking back, this year we not only had an incredible adventure of a lifetime and successfully documented it, but we were overwhelmed with a massive amount of press and attention upon our return home. We couldn't have done it without your support, and we're incredibly grateful to all of you for that.

We'll see what happens in the next 18 days, but with a some luck Ride North will be the 15th top reddit post of the year, and no.1 in /r/pics! We had millions of people see our photos, and thousands talk about it. But you were the first to see it, as well you will be with the book.

Thank you again, so much, for all your support and patience, and we'll be in touch with you all individually as we progress towards shipping the book and prints!

Work has begun!


Hello all! 

Sorry for our extended silence. In the last few weeks, we've fixed up our bikes and began the ride back home. Sebastiaan is home safe and sound in San Francisco, while Stuart is about to enter the Lower 48 again! 

Obviously, this means work has begun on your rewards! The first task is to sort through thousands and thousands of photos, notes and memories to include in our book, as well as selecting a set of photos for the prints. T-shirt design is in full swing – Seb's decided to put some extra effort into a custom illustration for the shirts which will be done this month. 

We are in talks with several galleries in San Francisco to exhibit Ride North's photography as well. If you are interested in a local show, or know local gallery owners interested in hosting us, hit us up! 

We will soon send out more wallpapers as well. 

Reaching the North: the most dangerous road.

Hello backers!

Today, Sebastiaan updated his blog with photos of our ride to and from our Northernmost point: the conclusion of the Ride North. 

We started this ride in San Francisco two months ago, and had no idea we'd even make it this far. We're humbled by the massive distances we've covered, the places we have seen and the people we have met. 

The sheer amount of fantastic photography we have to compile for the prints and book is overwhelming, and we're looking forward to working on that in just two weeks! Work on the book and prints will start right away as soon as we make it back to San Francisco. 

Wallpapers have been sent out to backers!

Please bear with intermittent updates as the ride back has us dealing with little to no connectivity whatsoever throughout Canada. 

Week 5, the update before the push to the Arctic!

Another update and summary -- we sent out the wallpaper a week to backers, and Seb summarized the week we crossed into Alaska proper (for the third time). This is the big week we had before we pushed onward to the Northernmost point in the US! 

In this week we visited Dawson City, rode the beautiful panoramic Top of the World highway into the mainland of Alaska, hiked the wilderness of Denali near Mt. McKinley and started our push to the Northernmost regions of the continent, ending at the very start of the legendary Dalton Highway.

Wallpaper backers: If you have requests for wallpapers from previous posts, please let us know -- it's a hard job choosing our favorites, and input is always welcome! 

As usual, follow small updates on Twitter or Instagram: Seb and Stu

We Rode North!


We did it!

 At 5:42 today we rolled into the freezing arctic oil field of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska - the Northernmost point of the American Continent that you can reach by motorcycle and the Northern terminus of the Pan-American highway. Thank you all for following and supporting us so far.

Of course, we have many more updates of the ride so far to share and a whole ways to go until we get back home. The ride here was incredibly challenging and demanding, but we made it so far with our bikes and bodies in one piece. We thought of you all the whole way. 

For now, we celebrate! With water, of course -- Prudhoe Bay is a dry community, no champagne to be found here!