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A breakthrough cinematic experience about more than just the cars…the people, lifestyle, enthusiasm, party, and the Leavenworth Drive.
Created by

Samuel Dobbins

178 backers pledged $11,094 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Paul Szyszkowski on October 29, 2011

      Any word on the release or have I missed that email?

    2. Creator Brenton DK Nikolaus on October 1, 2011

      Made it and then some!

    3. Creator Dan Woolf on September 30, 2011

      Woooowhooo!! I knew you guys would do it!

    4. Creator Eric Shaeffer on September 30, 2011

      Just sent you over $10,000! Good luck guys!

    5. Creator Scott Hutchison on September 30, 2011

      Less than $300 away!! gogogo

    6. Creator Eric P. on September 27, 2011

      great project!!! happy to support a great idea!!!!!

    7. Creator Ivan Reid on September 25, 2011

      Come on people make this project happen.... Back Sam today

    8. Creator fifteen52 on September 15, 2011

      Dobberz and Taylorz siiick!

    9. Creator benzeno on September 6, 2011

      yeaaaaa budddy!

    10. Creator OEM Squared on September 2, 2011

      OEM Squared is definitely backing this! Can't wait!

    11. Creator Samuel Dobbins on September 1, 2011

      You guys are overwhelmingly awesome...and therefore, why we are making this movie, to show said awesomeness. <3

    12. Creator Reid on September 1, 2011

      Steph is backing too!! :)

    13. Creator Lori Christmas on August 31, 2011

      Excellent to see people getting involved!

    14. Creator Eric Kimbrough on August 31, 2011

      Almost $1000 on day one! Nice