€8,907 pledged of €85,000 goal
€8,907 pledged of €85,000 goal

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    1. Société des Mondes Virtuels Creator on August 19, 2016

      @hlide @alan Thanks for the kind words! Development will continue to get the networked build with station docking, then we will see.

    2. Alan Pritchard on August 19, 2016

      i am sad to see this did not meet funding, i hope the project continues and i have the opportunity to support you again

    3. Missing avatar

      on July 31, 2016

      I find the concept of this game very interesting (e.g: the ability to program the cockpit interface). I always dream of a space game where you can program and automate all units, be it regarding logistics (e.g: forecasting and resources routing) or decision (e.g: establishing prioritized actions to the unexpected). I don't know if you plan to do the same for anything but the ship.
      Let's set foot on Earth, I notice from experience that your project will not achieve your goal. It does not really surprise me - the orientation given to the game and the current contents of the demo is not of interest to most people. Have you planned an alternative or the possibility of continuing this project without getting this fund?
      Courage! know that I appreciate the novelty of this game and I hope that you would be seeing it through to completion.

    4. Missing avatar

      on July 31, 2016

      Je trouve le concept du jeu très intéressant (exemple: la possibilité de programmer les interfaces du cockpit). J'ai toujours rêver d'un jeu spatial où on peut programmer et automatiser l'ensemble des unités que ce soit en matière de logistique (prévision et acheminement des ressources par exemple) ou de décision (établissement d'actions en priorité face à un imprévu par exemple). Je ne sais pas si vous avez prévu de faire la même chose en dehors du vaisseau.

      Pour remettre les pieds sur terre, je note par expérience que votre projet n'atteindra pas votre objectif. Je n'en suis pas trop surpris - l'orientation du jeu et le contenu actuel de la démo n'est pas de nature à intéresser un très grand monde. Avez-vous prévu une alternative ou la possibilité de continuer ce projet sans obtenir ce fond participatif ?

      Courage ! sachez que j'apprécie la nouveauté de ce jeu et que j'espère que vous sauriez l'amener jusqu'au bout.

    5. Kim on July 5, 2016

      Thanks for the information that makes it a lot clearer in regards to the gameplay! I believe a really strong point of this game over something like Space Engineers (I play this game a lot) is that 3001SQ will have goals and objectives for players while still giving them freedom :D

      Hopefully you guys get some good exposure to help people find this game!

    6. Société des Mondes Virtuels Creator on July 5, 2016

      Hi Kim!

      The game will be all experienced in first-person while most of the time you will be travelling in a spacecraft. Leaving your spacecraft to enter a station, perform an EVA to repair/inspect your ship in space or walk around on planets/asteroids will also be possible.

      So think more of Space Engineers than Duskers.

      Programming is a game mechanic among others, it will most definitely be a role if you are playing in a team or corporation/colony. Many players may never write a line of code, but will interact with various terminals and user interfaces that are connected to complex devices and see the results when there is a partial shutdown of interconnected ship systems due to mechanical damage of a generator, etc

      As for resource extraction, players will affect the world in more macroscopic ways: think of transporting construction material, setting up automated stations and scanning terrain with probes rather than getting out with your space-shovel/pickaxe and start digging!

      The main theme of 3001SQ is colonisation, so prospecting good points and setting up ever growing stations in multiple phases - cooperating / competing with other players - is a central mechanic we are focusing on besides the computer features.

      All of this may become clearer in upcoming updates. If you something stayed unclear or you're curious about other aspects, keep the questions coming! :)

    7. Kim on July 5, 2016

      Hi I just have a question about how the gameplay actually works. I have read your FAQ which talks about programing used as a main game mechanic by the sounds. But how is the gameplay actually planned to function?

      Do you mine with tools, explore and construct with hand tools? Or is this all done with your ship and projection based or similar?

      I guess the main question is really, how will you be able to play in this game and is it all only about sitting at consoles and watching machines do everything? (Which is not always a bad thing!) Thanks :D

    8. Jason Ash on July 4, 2016

      Looks super cool! Hope to see it brought to life!

    9. Société des Mondes Virtuels Creator on June 22, 2016

      Bienvenue à bord ! La programmation des vaisseaux commencera bientôt avec la premiere mise à jour :)

    10. PanzerKadaver on June 22, 2016

      Coloniser l'espace tout en programmant ? Oui Monsieur, avec plaisir !

    11. Société des Mondes Virtuels Creator on June 21, 2016

      Thanks! We'll go from tech demo (https://tech-demo.3001sq.net) to Multiplayer Test in the next two months - and with your help we can even go beyond...

    12. Neo on June 21, 2016

      Hello all, I hope to see this game come alive.
      Cheers :)