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All we've heard for two years is that we need to bring SGC back. Now we can but only with your help!
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1,323 backers pledged $120,263 to help bring this project to life.

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We made it!  SGC is a go and we couldn't be more excited!  After our awesome/grueling 48 hour marathon the SGC Kickstarter has come to a close well over our goal with $120,264!  You know what that means... SGC - our big 72 hour convention/party - is coming back in 2013 and is going to be bigger and better than ever!

We're still wrapping our heads around this.  SGC 3 is happening!

This past month has been a wild ride, and to be honest there were a few bumps and doubts along the road.  But in the end, it all came together, and we have YOU to thank for that.  You are the ones who made this happen.  Words can hardly describe how much we appreciate whatever kind of support you showed. Whether you pledged 5 bucks or 5000, set your own goals/rewards, or even just helped promote the cause, everything counted!  We are always awestruck by the incredible feats the g1 community can do, and this is no exception.  This is easily one of the greatest moments in ScrewAttack history, and a two-year-long dream come true.

Thank you, all of you, for making it a reality!

Now that SGC 3 is finally a real thing, it's go time!  We have lots of preperation to do over the next few months, so stay tuned to as we begin to lock down the venue, dates, guests, events, vendors, games, and everything else the greatest 72 hours of gaming bliss needs!

We've added an e-ticket reward! Woo hoo!

We've heard from a lot of folks that you REALLY want to support SGC but you can't afford the costs involved with travel.  We totally understand where you're coming from so we've worked our magic and added an e-ticket option so you can still be a part of the SGC madness and watch all the main stage fun at SGC 3 right from the comfort of your own home.  Nice!  It's at the $50 reward level and you'll also receive the rewards at levels below it including a free month of Advantage, Texting of the Bread and all the gratitude.  We're just about half way to August 24th and have a long way to go but we know that with your support we can bring back the best party in all of gaming!

We're off to a great start!

With just about 30 days to go we've bypassed the $15,000 mark, which all credit goes to you guys (obviously).  We have some mammoth things on our mind on how we can make SGC 3 amazingly special and are extremely hopeful that we can get this project funded. 

To help "Kickstart the Kickstarter" even more on Tuesday, July 24th we'll be hosting a 12 hour gaming marathon on, our Twitch page ( and our YouTube channel ( from Noon Central to Midnight.  If there's one thing to expect from our marathon live streams it's to expect the unexpected - just like SGC.  Hope to see everyone there and thanks so much for your support!  Let's make SGC 3 happen!