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Charging your phone in a dark environment is easier than ever with CordLite.  The perfect amount of light, when you need it.
Charging your phone in a dark environment is easier than ever with CordLite. The perfect amount of light, when you need it.
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Progress & Rumors

Almost 1000 Backers!

First of all, we want to thank you so much for the amazing support and for helping us make the CordLite a reality. We've got just about 1000 Backers, which equals to almost 1500 CordLites!


So, work continues on the CordLite for iPhone, including some design tweaks that are slimming it down quite a bit. We'll have some info(including images) on that in another update soon.


As part of this update, we wanted to show you our progress on the MicroUSB version of the CordLite. We've been working on this version for about the same amount of time as the Apple one, so its functionality is the same.

We're continuing to refine the design of the CordLite Micro and preparing for manufacturing in the fall.

Now just a reminder, during the Kickstarter campaign, we're only offering the Apple version, which you can pre-Order for $30 (includes US shipping)

So you're probably wondering "then, why are you telling us this?!"... 

Here's why... 

We love Apple Rumors!

There have been a number of pretty strong rumors about Apple's new dock connector, and even some Photos leaked of what it might look like. These could be totally fake, but they might also be real, so we took a little time to come up with a plan on how we might handle this.

Using the patent images and the leaked photos, we've taken some rough measurements of the charger port. Pretty quickly, we realized that we might be able to use the same housing from the MicroUSB version for the iPhone 5 version. 

Some components may not match, like the front lens piece, which may have to be modified slightly, but the majority could work for both.

So what?!

It's simple... Being able to use the same parts for both designs saves us significant time in engineering and manufacturing, which allows us to get CordLites to you faster.

We're just as excited as everyone else to see the new iPhone and we're anxiously waiting for some more information... 

Note** This information is based on Speculation and rumors, and was done mostly for fun.  Without concrete specifications, we can't make any intelligent decisions on design and manufacturing changes.  As of right now, we're continuing forward with the current connector... and as promised... we will continue to keep you updated. 

Once again, Thank you so much for the overwhelming support!

- Marcelo & Irv


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben Bate (deleted) on June 2, 2012

      Awesome. So excited!!!

    2. Missing avatar

      Ted Wham on May 31, 2012

      Loved the new update, especially the caveats at the bottom. Keep pluggin' away, gents: sounds like you're having fun and we are all looking forward to your results.

    3. Greg Beck on May 31, 2012

      Seriously, you guys rock. Just a great design, looking forward to the micro USB version as well. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.