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Charging your phone in a dark environment is easier than ever with CordLite.  The perfect amount of light, when you need it.
Charging your phone in a dark environment is easier than ever with CordLite. The perfect amount of light, when you need it.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Robert Estel on

      Late to the party here, but years later I still haven't gotten the promised cable.
      I've sent several messages through KS, but no response. Does anyone know of another mail address or different venue in which to contact the team?

    2. Matt Taylor on

      Since iOS 8.3 has installed iPhone now reports these cables as unsupported and no longer charge. Anyone else come across this? If not then I suspect they are faulty. Can you advise please?

    3. Harirak Sritham on

      Why I haven't got anything. 2 years.

    4. Kenny Hyder on

      I never got mine either! Crooks!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      Thank you for the package and Happy New Year!

    7. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      I wish yoou would answer a question that I have been asking for months. When you wanted money you seemed to be really nice guys. I don't know how your situation fared since you shipped (or failed to ship) the product, but it seems you no longer care about your backers. I'm not sure whether or not you've been inundated with emails, but when I ran my website I got 15-20 emails a day and I would feel terrible if I waited longer than a day to answer them. That is simply what I consider to be good behaviour. We are warned to be "respectful and considerate" and I've always tried to do that. Clearly you have no more interest in your project or in additional referrals and purchases. It's pretty sad that that is generally how the world seems to work these days. I hope you have a Happy New Year.

    8. Harirak Sritham on

      After pass 2 years, I have not got the CordLite, Why Why Why.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      Well another month has passed and I have officially been ignored for nearly 3 months of writing here and writing privately. And I'm afraid to give out the extras I bought for Christmas presents. They are still sitting in the box and I'm really disappointed. I guess you are just no longer interested in answering communications. I feel terrible about it because I really talked it up.

      Well, I guess I'll see you for my next monthly question in the New Year. Maybe I am not being respectful or considerate enough.

      And there are not too many people coming around these parts lately.

    10. Qubit Aviation on

      Like some of the others mine has also stopped Working. What can be Done?

    11. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      I sent you a private message and have not received a reply. I tried to do that again, but instead it took me to this page to leave a public message. In any case, I would like you to contact me.

      Thank you,

    12. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      You are probably very busy, but I would appreciate an answer to the question I asked last week.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      It has been a while since I've been using this product and I think it is a wonderful, useful product. Yesterday it totally stopped working. I've never unplugged it at the wall, but I noticed that sometimes, the clear piece in the lightning cable began to pull out just a little. After I noticed that I was very careful about the way I handled the plug and never just pulled it from the silver part alone, but always held it at the connector as well. Last night, however, it just stopped. It was still lighting up, but just stopped charging. I see that others have written regarding the same issue and I wonder if I can return it for a replacement. Thank you. I have a few more which are being used by others in my household and they have not experience a similar issue.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Elias on

      My lightning cable worked all right for a month or two but now only charges the phone if I carefully wiggle it in just right and avoid bumping it. Pretty disappointing after such a long wait. Please advise what we might be able to do about this. Thanks.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jared Burke on

      I received mine a few weeks ago. But it is a POS. The light barely works and flickers a lot. It also basically ripped apart the first time i unplugged my phone.

    16. Missing avatar

      peter ooi on

      It's over a year now, guys, and I'm still waiting for mine… Oh yes, I just moved to a new place a month ago, how can I update my mailing address?

    17. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Sarah and Thiago- We will send you a message with some instructions.

    18. Thiago N on

      Hi I am having trouble with one of my cable it still lights up on touch but will not power any of my iPhones.Can I exchange it for one that works?

    19. Sarah Lineker Ⓥ on

      My cordlite worked fine for a few weeks, then it would work after I unplugged it and plugged it in again a few times. Now it won't work at all. The light works but it won't charge. Can I exchange it for one that works?

    20. thu van on

      I've never received anything. Can you please check on mine please?

    21. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      *Marcel- sorry adding the "o" is a habit.

    22. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Marcelo and Curtis,
      We are sorry about the troubles, check you messages for more information.

    23. Missing avatar

      Curtis Marquis on

      Unbelievable. I have reached out twice with no response. Both of my lighting white and black no longer work. They both still light up on touch but will no power any of my iPhones. The broke within a week of each other.

    24. Marcel Molendijk on

      Hi Guys. Finally received two CordLites after paying almost the backer-pledge to the customs and postal boys and girls. As expected. Now one isn't working anymore...not as expected! :-( Not happy and waiting for a response.

    25. Carlos Ortiz on

      Please send.
      Thank you

    26. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Carlos and Clarence,
      We will be doing a few orders tonight.
      Clarence-we will send you another one as the customs monster must have eaten your order.
      Carlos- If you want a refund we will be happy to arrange that, if not, we can send yours out tonight. I will message you for an answer.

    27. Clarence on

      Hey guys

      I'm still waiting for mine. PM-ed you like 6 times no reply. Can you please sort this out?


    28. Carlos Ortiz on

      Hey guys, I'm still waiting for mine. Sine it looks like I'm not receiving it anytime soon can I get a refund.

    29. Andrew King on

      Guys got mine yesterday many thanks..

    30. Luke Harries on

      Got my two CordLites this morning! One of them is working perfectly, so I'm pretty happy to see that after almost 2 years :D. The other one has an issue where it lights up when only one side is being touched, and the light is flickery :s

    31. Simon George on

      @Scrap Pile Labs yes don't worry I'm annoyed at my postal service not you guys. I've just been lucky in the past and not often had to pay customs. I look forward to getting it anyway.

    32. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      John, I apologize for not responding sooner.
      John and Lou, I will send you a private message regarding the returns.
      Simon, sorry about the customs issues. That is out of our hands and we are required to put the invoice amount for customs to see.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lou W. on

      When I pulled the blue plastic film off, one of the plates came right off with it. What is the best way to re-attach it?

    34. Missing avatar

      John Fitzpatrick on

      I have tried to contact you privately about the instant failure of my cordlite lightning connector,but it has been a week with no reply. I am an early adopter who waited patiently for 11 months. Unfortunately for me I only had 3 hours of use.
      Please reply to my request/questions on your site and my confidence will be renewed.

      All I want is a R.A. so I can send you the failed cordlite so that you can investigate to see why the clear plastic fell off the end and then you can move forward to see if you need to make any changes in the manufacturing process to eliminate further failures and have a higher level of profit with less defective products.

      Surely it is to your advantage to correct any issue promptly.

      Also you might want to have a warranty return policy posted on the website, that would be of great help to streamline the process.

      Please contact me as I really like the cordlite and would like to be able to use both of the ones I originally ordered. Thx

    35. Simon George on

      Ah I found out that £8 of the "import duty" is actually admin fees from the Post Office. So nothing to do with Scrap Pile Labs, just the Post Office being unfair. The remaining £3.55 customs is perfectly reasonable and about what I'd expect.

    36. Simon George on

      I'm in the UK and have a package waiting at the post office with £11.55 ($19.60) in duty to be paid. I am not expecting any other deliveries from abroad so I'm pretty sure must be the CordLite. That seems like a crazy amount in customs considering I only paid $25 for the item itself ($10 shipping). Did anyone else have to pay such extortionate import duties? Is there anything I can do to get that figure reduced? What could Scrap Pile Labs possibly have classified this cable as that would demand 78% import duty? It could just be bad luck I guess, I've ordered far more expensive items from America and payed no import.

      I have the option to pay the duty online and have them post it, but as I'm unlikely to be in will it fit through a letterbox? The packaging looks fairly thin in the video. Otherwise I have to go to the post office to collect it in person.

    37. cheryl cade on

      Got it yesterday, it works great. Thanks!

    38. Carson J Gallo on

      Can I exchange one of my lightning cords for a 30 pin one? Got two lightnings and only need one.

    39. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Bonnie- Thank you and everyone else for being so patient with us. We are happy to hear the feedback:-)

    40. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      I love the product! It was worth the wait and both of mine worked perfectly. Thank you for pursuing this and waiting for it to be right before releasing it. It is something that is really useful and something that makes my life easier.

    41. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Beth- Thanks for your feedback. It makes us very happy to know that you like it.

    42. Beth Lamenskie on

      I am very happy to say that I got my cord lite yesterday. I am even happier that it works well but happiest about the fact that you made the lightning part long enough that I can charge it with my thick Otterbox case on it!!! That makes it usable!!! All lightning plugs should be longer for that reason. Thank you so much for a great product!!!!

    43. Scrap Pile Labs Creator on

      Lbalk - We will open it up as soon as we can fulfill all of the backers who have not received their pledges yet. We will post an update once they are complete and we will explain how the other backers can order.

    44. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      Asking again, when will the new version be available to purchase by original backers.

    45. Torey Rubin on

      @David I just got mine in the mail and I made the same mistake thinking they weren't working until I took the blue film off.

    46. Missing avatar

      David Wilner on

      Hey, I take it back! They work great. There is a blue plastic film on the touch plates that has to be removed. I didn't realize there was a film at first. It just looks like blue brushed aluminum plates. When I watched the video SPL posted awhile back, I saw the plates were aluminum colored and at that point thought to check my Cordlites. Sorry for the false alarm. But maybe a tiny hint about this somewhere on the box would save others from the same experience. Anyway, happy to have them now! Thanks.

    47. Missing avatar

      David Wilner on

      I was excited to receive my two Cordlites today, one black, one white. Plugged them in and neither one works. Disappointed. Please let me know how to return these, please.

    48. Missing avatar

      LBalk on

      I have the original Cord lite as part of the KS project and like it. I want the MFI cordite, how long before they are available to purchase.

    49. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      Thank you for today's update. It will be a relief to receive it at last. I am looking forward to it!

    50. Missing avatar

      Bonnie Rottstin on

      And now it is May with no sign of a product for the lightning end of this and no response to my request for an update. What is going on?

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