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$8,554 pledged of $10,000 goal
By Scott Snell
$8,554 pledged of $10,000 goal

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    1. Nikola Mance on

      "Do it outside of KS like many others. You already have many backers. I'm sure they will support. I'm still in. I need this product."

      +1 !

    2. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Kickstarters!
      We wanted to thank you all for your support of our project. Unfortunately, we didn't get funded but it was a great experience working with Kickstarter and we are grateful for your backing of the project and all the help in getting the word out.

      We're going to regroup a bit and decide on next steps.

      Thank you all very much!!!

      Scott and Rob

    3. gryphonent

      Told ya the pricing is unrealistic.

    4. kokobin

      I would.
      You should.

    5. MOKU on


    6. Salil Bhatnagar on

      Do it outside of KS like many others. You already have many backers. I'm sure they will support. I'm still in. I need this product.

    7. Missing avatar

      William Polson on


    8. Missing avatar

      Sam Kirk on

      Hello Scott

      I'm sure all us backers are trying our best to let as many people know of this beautiful product which is so simple and well designed :-)

      We are now approaching critical few hours.
      I was wondering, without sounding pessimistic… being possibly realistic…
      Do you have a plan B?

      Sam UK

    9. Scott Ristich on

      The deadline is approaching, and we need that final push to reach our goal. Time to really get the word out! Email friends and family, coworkers, etc. Post the info on your Facebook page. Start a thread in a forum. We should get a surge of backings from people who starred this project, but every little bit will help us reach that $10k.

    10. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi David,
      Thank you for the feedback. We updated the title and blurb text to help address this. Many thanks for your input.

      Scott and Rob

    11. Missing avatar

      David Sierocki on

      Hope this product gets funded but may be in trouble due to the fact it's hard to find on this site. I type in iphone, it's not there. I type in iphone stand, it's not there. But other stands and products similar pop up.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Basile on

      300 bucks a days. You can do it. I can't wait to use my new iinstakick.

    13. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Kickstarters ;)

      We are are now more than 75% Funded thanks to all of our amazing backers. As we approach the last days of the campaign we want to ask that everyone helps us get the word out in a big way to ensure the campaigns glittering success. Please help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Skywriting or wherever you can to everyone you know and maybe don't know about the amazing Instakick. We still have some great early bird specials left "At an offer you can't refuse" ( Don't worry, mafia won't show up at your house:)) and want to bring the finale of our campaign with everyone enjoying the InstaKick for life. Here is the link to help spread our reach:

      We look forward to seeing you all soon...

      Warmest Blessings,

      The InstaKick Team

    14. Scott Snell Creator on

      Dear Gryphonent,

      Thank you for your pledge and your support. One of the major challenges in building a product from concept to design and ultimately putting the right price on it for their consumer is integrity of the finished work. As inventors and not merely sales people we wanted to arrive a price that was commensurate to a finished product that certainly wasn't substandard and would out last many cell phone generations. We are also using a very expensive material in most cases "Titanium" which has a variable price structure depending on availability and market price, therefore we wanted to lock in a cost effective price structure for both creator and backer. We are firm believers you get what you pay for and we know our backers will receive the best quality and most functional design. While we cannot comment on another "keychain" you mention as being a "shark", we can say with certainty we know that the world at large will see the InstaKick as much more than a mere keychain but rather as an Essential part of how they use their smartphones.


      Scott and Rob

      The Instakick team

    15. gryphonent

      I think the reason why this project isn't taking off is pricing: At 20 bucks the Instakick is too expensive. You can get similar key chains (I got one that looks like a shark) for 6... granted, they are no Instakicks but the only difference is the small tip that goes into the headphone socket.

    16. Scott Snell Creator on

      Thanks Mark for the vote of confidence. With your help we have been able to achieve this great amount of success in such a small amount of time. With only a few weeks left in the campaign we appreciate all the Facebook posting, blogging and tweeting we can get.... here is the direct link Please feel free to let everyone you know about us before the campaign ends.

      Warmest Blessings,

      Scott and Rob
      The Instakick Team

    17. Missing avatar

      Mark Basile on

      74% there. You're gonna do it!

    18. Scott Snell Creator on

      Dear Theerapon,
      Thank you for the great suggestion. We'll look at that to see what we can do. We appreciate your support!

      Best regards,
      Scott and Rob


      I'd really love to have the "InstaKick Titanium" word embossed on the product also a marked number like " 26 of 100" , it would be a nice jewery in my pocket :)

    20. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Mimi! Thank you for your wonderful comments! Thanks to supporters like you we are fast approaching our goal to be able to deliver this amazing innovation to the public. Please help us spread the word about our kickstarter campaign via Facebook, twitter, email, or just by letting people know how you feel about our invention. Here is a direct link to the page to help spread the word.
      We look forward to seeing you soon.


      Scott and Rob
      The Instakick Team

    21. Missing avatar

      Mimi Park on

      Scott & Rob - What a wonderfully sleek & efficient solution to a problem many of us have. No more balancing e iPhone against a book or computer only to have it slide and crash flat on my desk or tired fingers during conference calls. I love this!

    22. Scott Snell Creator on

      Thank you Mark for the nice words!

      Scott and Rob

    23. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Grace,
      Thank you for the feedback!
      Scott and Rob

    24. Mark Sparrowhawk on

      I'm a backer! I'm drawn to anything that can walk the sometimes fine line between beauty and function and the Instakick has plenty of both.
      Looking forward to admiring and using mine soon.
      Good luck with your venture Scott and Rob

    25. Missing avatar

      Grace Maldonado on

      Love the sleek, elegant design!

    26. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Kickstarters,
      Thank you for all the support and great feedback. Keep it coming! In less than one week, we are nearly 65% towards our goal. We are so excited about InstaKick and can't wait to get these great products in your hands as soon as possible. Please help us spread the word! Thank you!

      Scott and Rob

    27. Christina

      Re David Scholtz -- Hey David, very good point! Maybe a small earphone splitter could easily create 2 earphone ports, thereby enabling you to use your earphones and the instakick at the same time? Although I guess it wouldn't allow for speakerphone function....

    28. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Dubel,
      Thank you very much for the kind words and your support. We will do our best to bring something to market that supports the phone with/without earphones. Thank you for the encouragement!

      Scott & Rob

    29. Missing avatar


      Hi, Just love this simple design and titanium material.
      Not losing the earphone jack would be a great addition to this very nice kickstand. I wouldn't mind waiting to get that functionality
      Best regards,

    30. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Daniel,
      Thank you very much for backing us! While the current version doesn't support wired headphones, we have a patent pending design that we hope to bring to market soon. However, it might be too little time to perfect the manufacturing prior to us shipping the product out to our backers.

      We are discussing some other stretch goal ideas though. We love your idea and would do it if we could do it in time. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

      Warmest regards,
      Scott & Rob

    31. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Dominic,
      Thank you for your interest in our project and for backing us! Yes, InstaKick works beautifully with the HTC Sensation and it works beautifully with a whole range of Android, Windows and Blackberry phones.
      Best Regards,
      Scott & Rob

    32. Daniel Scholz on

      I love this design and idea and am a backer. I purchased a pouch for the back of my phone that let's me use it as a wallet and which had simplified my life. Every now and then I miss the kickstand I had on my old case, but not frequently enough to go back to it plus a wallet. The only hang up I see with this design is losing the earphone port. One of the times I miss the kickstand most is when trying to use Skype or FaceTime somewhere. I am often in airports so my earphones help me reduce noise and keep the conversation private.

      Maybe a stretch goal or a later design could somehow include and earphone jack so that functionality isn't lost. Otherwise it's a great idea and I love that it is not phone-specific will be able to use it on future phones.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dominic H on

      Love the idea. Great project. Will this work with my phone? I have a HTC Sensation XE. The headphone jack is 2cm along the top of the phone.


    34. Scott Snell Creator on

      Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your support and kind words!

      Best regards,
      Scott & Rob

    35. Missing avatar

      Mark Basile on

      Scott, Rob, congratulations. I knew the both of you would end up fusing those brains together to come up with a can't miss product that not only has legs, but a "kick stand," too.