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Own The Present.
Own The Present.
Own The Present.
837 backers pledged $97,567 to help bring this project to life.

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What is a long time?


On March 31st the first open ended survey about living with ThePresent,

was distributed to the initial 730 owners of ThePresent in 36 countries.

Each of these owners has lived with ThePresent now for one full year.


Being aware of the hand completing a 365 day revolution,

is an excellent starting point to begin understanding ThePresent.

There were hundreds of positive reviews, here is one of them.

"It dawned on me recently. I feel the happiest in the flow of making something. not when its live, on air, on screen, in front of eyes. we are raised to believe there will be a specific marker, where the final culmination of the work would provide a satisfactory feeling. our world often sets up our lives to aim for these measures. whether it's a diploma, a title, a salary, a recognition. yet my entire life, those never provided the magical feeling, of simply being in it."

Spring 14

Living with ThePresent


This week marks the first time anyone has lived with ThePresent for a year!

One year ago I wasn't sure what would happen to people living with ThePresent. My hypothesis was that ThePresent would introduce a profound new awareness of time. I've been meeting owners and talking to them about what it's like to live with ThePresent and in this episode, I'm letting two people who OwnThePresent do all of the talking. With your input the meaning, purpose and future of ThePresent is becoming crystal clear.

ThePresent is the gift of more time.

Thank you for being such a huge part of making ThePresent a reality,

Scott Thrift

for questions, comments, guidance, encouragement, feedback:

The first edition of the New Moon Newsletter will go out on Monday, March 31st.

I will be speaking about the priceless knowledge of 'knowing' a year at the PSFK Conference in NYC on April 11th.

Also, I finally have a handle for ThePresent @OwnThePresent

ThePresent in love


What's ThePresent got to do with love?

A recent trip to Seattle uncovers an adventure in space, meditating champions and the nature of love. Enjoy episode three of thefuture of thepresent in your own time,

Scott Thrift


All Cambodia photography courtesy of Eduardo Jezierski

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