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Update #33

How are things lining up?

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Everyone should have their clock by our account and right around now is a great time to confirm the accuracy of the annual hand at the 6 o'clock position. If you have not received your clock, want to learn how to set it manually, or have any other questions...


Two fresh batteries should last somewhere between four to six years but no one really knows honestly. These are the first annual clocks that have been turned on so the running time of two AA batteries is something we're going to discover together.


If for some reason you ever need to reset it, be sure to pull the batteries out for at least 30 seconds. The instructions were printed in the box prior to the final software update and it should be noted that it now takes 30 seconds of the batteries outside the unit for a full reset.


I miss making the series about ThePresent. I'm considering launching another Kickstarter campaign to continue the series on the New Moon going forward. The series would concentrate on the philosophy of annual time and chronicle the future of the present. Perhaps the series could even help bring ThePresent to a larger market. Do you think that sounds like a good idea?

OWN THEPRESENT orders ship within 48 hours!

Right now they are $299. I'm considering a $365 price that includes shipping worldwide. Knowing the quality and rarity of the item, would you consider $365 a fair price for one of the worlds first annual clocks?


Do you think there will ever be any kind of demand for annual time beyond these 2000 pieces? If there was a lower cost commercial version of the annual clock, what do you think would be the right retail price? I appreciate candor.


I spoke to an audience of people about ThePresent for PSFK, how did I do? I wanted to communicate the right brain left brain idea effectively. ThePresent is time for your right brain, The Right Time!


Send me a photo of ThePresent sometime. For me, seeing a clock on someones wall is like seeing a dream come true for the first time over and over again. Also, it struck me recently that time zones simply do not apply to annual time. It is a time beyond time zones! 


I have gotten a lot of requests from people wanting to know about something. I have not forgotten and plan on figuring out how to make something happen soon. 


I had the pleasure of being invited into a handful of homes throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn prior to the Solstice for a series of portraits of ThePresent. It was an adventure I'll never forget and it has been a boundless source of inspiration. Thank you to everyone who was kind of enough to invite me over for a visit.

I hope you're enjoying the present, I'm just now getting the hang of it.

thanks for reading  //  scottthrift

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Update #32

Shipping ThePresent

Over 500 annual clocks begin shipping on the morning of Monday, March 4th.

This will account for all backers in The United States.

If your address has changed since the September 2012 survey

and you have not already contacted us 

do so asap before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, March 1st

Attention all international backers:

Next week the remaining 200 backer clocks will be assembled and prepared for shipping. Because of the inherent complexity of getting 200 clocks to 27 countries, each international backer will be contacted separately regarding shipping & customs procedures beginning next week.


I finished a video last night that finally wraps up thepresent.

We made it happen! 

Thank you for everything.

Scott Thrift

Maybe the next update features your clock?

Share your clock number & photos of ThePresent with #ownthepresent 

*if your name is not in the credits, let me know!

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Update #31 - For backers only

a matter of time


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Update #30 - For backers only

The UnUpdate


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Update #29

It's not the end of the world.

All 2000 of each of the 17 elements that make ThePresent, finally arrived all in one place at the assembler in Rochester, NY Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. 

At 3pm we got an email from the assembler with this picture.

The clock faces were carelessly packed by the die cut vendor in Manhattan and all 2000 of them have been ruined in shipment.  

Look at how reckless the faces were packed! Plenty of room to slide around in there, good grief.

The damage is due to poor decision making regarding packaging from the die cutting firm we hired in NYC. They just stacked all of the faces on top of each other with no protection between them and shipped them in a loose box. So every face rubbed against the back of the face above it, destroying all of the extremely fragile prints.

It's a professional embarrassment. When you pay a company in Midtown, NYC thousands of dollars you should expect them to want to protect the product right? I guess not.

We were on schedule to ship the first 500 clocks today...

Facing this disappointment after the odyssey we've been on together to manufacture this clock out of thin air is tough. Luckily, I've had a constant reminder in ThePresent of the value of patience and I gotta say, 

it's not the end of the world.    

The good news is that we had the foresight when we printed the faces back in July to print an extra 2000 prints, JUST IN CASE. 

We actually printed two different styles. 

A high gloss and a stipple matte. 

The gloss was a standard stock paper where as the stipple paper was the result of spending a week seeing thousands of samples of paper in search for the perfect minimal rough texture. 

The 2000 faces that were ruined were the high gloss prints, pictured here at the top.

We lead with the high gloss prints because they took the laminate better as the surface of high gloss paper is slick.

And now for the moment of truth.

Laminating the high gloss prints was not my preference. 

It was a compromise I was talked into because it would ‘protect’ the print. It was my instinct to go with the stipple print because it is a higher quality (and higher cost) paper. 

I fell in love with it at the printer because the pulpy texture of the paper soaks up the ink in a way that leaves the colors feeling rich & wet.  

I pushed back and asked to have samples of the stipple laminated if they must be laminated. 

Unfortunately the plastic laminate would not adhere to the rough texture of the stipple paper and we went with the gloss paper. I secretly felt like it zapped the richness of the print ever so slightly with the diffused sheen of a plastic coating.

In hindsight, I think the laminate caused a false sense of durability for the clock faces and probably made someone more comfortable to pack them as carelessly as they did, "Oh they'll be fine...."

Funny how things work out. 

The 2000+ stipple prints have been at the die cutting facility all along. 

The vendor is painfully embarresed and they’ve ordered the backing materials to begin the process of die cutting and will not charge us for the labor. I will be there personally to oversee the die cutting of every clock face this time around.

Each clock face will be transported with a 1/4” of foam between every single piece. Once it is inside the clock, the glass will protect the fragile ‘wet ink‘ feel of the textured surface instead of a plastic laminate film. I’ll be packing the prints myself to insure total protection and zero movement during shipping. 

We’re now on schedule to kick off the new year by shipping ThePresent in January, 2013

I wanted nothing more than for you receive ThePresent before todays solstice and I regret making promises I could not keep. 

Here is one that I can, 

it's going to be worth the wait.

See you on the Full Moon of the 28th. 

Most sincerely,

Scott Thrift


If you've scrolled all the way down here, thank you!

Here is an article I wrote about ThePresent for GOOD Magazine.



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