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Own The Present.
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Give yourself time.
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ThePresent: New Year Edition


Hello from Brooklyn, NY!

Thanks to you the Kickstarter project for ThePresent changed my life. To date, I've produced 3000  'presents' and to the best of my knowledge, ThePresent is 'on' in no less than 48 countries. 

The MoMA Design Store purchased the last of my clocks this past November and I've stepped back to consider what's next.

Creative Evolution

With ThePresent that you own, we have four days per year where our clock lines up.

And each year, I have a few people reach out on December 21st  asking why it's at the top already and not even New Years Day yet...

 January First is slightly to the right of center.

This past December I had an insight that has evolved into a design that celebrates 

New Years Day itself.

I'm calling it ThePresent: New Year Edition

You know that feeling you get on New Years Day when you have a unique perspective on the past year, while also being able to look forward to all that is possible in the year ahead? It's inspiring, it's liberating and it's a shame it only lasts one day. 

By taking a single color and spreading evenly across time, I hope to inspire that same liberating 'anything is possible' feeling throughout the entire year.

I've also always wanted to offer ThePresent in different colors but I wanted a philosophical reason for doing it. A reason that made sense for ThePresent and could expand what is possible for a 365 day timepiece. 

I've chosen a base set of colors in a palette designed to be minimal and to suit any interior decor. These are graphic interpretations of the final colors. I'll receive the final prototype prints on April 5th. 

The German engineered movement itself will not change. It will still mark each Solstice and Equinox throughout the year at all the right angles but I believe this edition will open up ThePresent for many more people in an exciting way. 

While creating prototypes of the New Year Edition, I realized that I could align that New Year Dateline to ANY DAY OF THE YEAR

So the default will be New Years Day but there will also be a CUSTOM OPTION where I can have the dateline fixed to any day you want to celebrate.

A Birthday

 An Anniversary

 Earth Day

 Any Day!

 The idea here, is to...

  • I'll be launching a new Kickstarter campaign for
  • ThePresent: New Year Edition 
  • on Tuesday April 26th, 2016

In the upcoming weeks I'll be sharing updates with you on the body type of this new edition as well as the unique new design of the hand. 

If you've read this far, thank you!

1. Would you consider writing at least one sentence about the Primary Benefit of living with ThePresent for the past few years? 

2. You are one of the first people in history to live with a 365 day clock so your insights are invaluable. 

3. Feel free to share it as a comment here or email me at or use @ownthepresent on twitter or facebook. Whatever is easiest.

Thank you!

ONE LAST THING: 2 AA batteries should last up to 4 years, so for a lot of you you'll be changing batteries next year. If you have ANY ISSUES at ALL with your clock, PLEASE EMAIL ME at and I will do my best to take care of whatever problem you may have. I'm dedicated to making sure ThePresent works properly and lasts as long as possible.

In time,

Scott Thrift

Have a New Year!


It's going to be a good one. 

180 seconds in the present.



The gift of a good mood  



Click any picture to see an uplifting 3 minute film about living life in the present.

Take a 180 second vacation from time.





Wishing you good timing,


Equinox 2015: Part One


It's the first day of Spring and it's snowing in New York City!

But the 'first day' of the each season is rarely an ideal example of things to come. 

Spring is rich wet flora breaking out in seizures of flowers like firecrackers caught in freeze frame.

Spring is a brisk breeze scattering crisp sunlight through vividly fresh green leaves high above. 

Spring is the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with damp soil wafting up between a first kiss.

That Spring is 35-45 days or so away, maybe sooner, who knows. 

It's a lot easier to accept what is than to let yourself become frustrated by expectation. 

One of the most valuable things I've become more aware of from living with the present is that I so often see the profoundly subtle blend between the seasons. 

Today is a great example of what it's like to see the Winter in Spring. A few weeks ago I noticed the buds on the shorn sticks of empty snow covered trees building toward their inevitable blossom.

Being present has a lot to do with connecting to the natural pace of the ever changing seasons. What a joy it is to catch an ambitious flower poking through the snow in late Winter!

Or to behold the exhausting ecstasy of breaking a sweat on a particularly humid day in late Spring. How about experiencing a perfectly even Spring night deep in the heart of Summer. Or melting in the blazing sunset of long day in early Autumn. 

The more aware I become of the character of Earth, the more pronounced my gratitude. It's the same gratitude I feel on new years eve as fireworks expand in the night sky and crowds countdown in the distance while all I see is that it's simply midnight all over again.

Maybe every midnight is New Years Eve.

Every season blends into the next so beautifully that trying to put a definitive one day label on it at all feels like an insult to its glory.

I find it peculiar that we feel the need to trap the limitless nature of life into bite sized events. Why do we starve ourselves in the face of abundance?

Luckily, after living with this transformational object now for 3 years, the rope of time has loosened its second to second hold over me. 

The long term benefit I enjoy is a more subtle understanding of all the layers of time. 

A way of seeing time that ultimately leaves me wondering why we starve ourselves for 364 days waiting to celebrate one birthday. 

When you're fully present, everyday is your birthday.

And today your birthday present is Spring, wrapped in snow.

Whoever you are, wherever you are today

Happy Birthday!

For your viewing pleasure - I made a fun 3 minute video that takes the idea of the present in a new direction. The video has nothing and everything to do with the present. It's a fast paced curated aggregation of now.

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