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Creating a fresh take on self-publishing that adds inspired art and music to the mix. Join the mission to help find a new & better way!

Update: Thank you to all of my Eagle Rock, Cañon City, Bradley, Wisconsin and San Francisco people backing this project and making it happen. And thank you to those who I've met through Kickstarter itself. Hear the recent interview with Public Allies here! And a very special thanks to Artisan Brewing, who will brew a special edition "Sidewalk Ritual IPA" for the book release party in September.

What's the book about again? 

Sidewalk Ritual is the story of Richard, a 26 year old coming spiritually ashore and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. He encounters girls, family, old friends, cupcake violence, sidewalk silence, and sex, drugs & rock and roll along the way to himself. You will laugh, cry and wince along with him on his rowdy, agonizing and touching story of becoming a man- all while walking the unparalleled streets of San Francisco. For a story summary, check out the chapter by chapter outline.

"He's an amazing writer, by the way- sort of Jim Carroll meets Hunter S. Thompson meets Don Delillo..." - Sara Jayne Crow, Stray Poodle Media

Why did I write this book?

Because I feel compelled to write- it's what I do. And because so many novels have changed my life, I wanted to add my voice to that eternal conversation.  

Last fall I was in Shanghai while my wife was working there. It was time to stop thinking about it and start writing. I walked down the block, got a whiskey, and put the first outline on a napkin and the first sentences in my iPhone. A few days later on the flight back to San Francisco on my 34th birthday, I promised myself that by the time I turned 35 I would be a published author. 

Why Social Publishing?

Because whenever I finish a good book, a book I like, I always say to myself, "I want more like that." 

Readers get more art and music about a story they already like. And because being an author is a pretty solitary business, this keeps me learning and growing with other talented creatives. And I want to learn as much as I can about the process, from writing to publishing. I've started the Redhat Publishing Project to share what I'm learning and figuring out what works best for authors.

Where am I in the process?

  • I've written the first draft and now I'm on the second, deep edit. I need your help to hire a professional editor and pay for publishing costs.
  • Twelve artists and musicians have signed on to create art inspired by the book. Before I can move forward, I need the proceeds of this campaign to commission that work.

How does your contribution help?

  • Editing and publishing costs 
  • Materials and production costs for artists and musicians
  • Social Publishing process costs



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    You get the paperback book and all of the art and music as digital downloads. I will gratefully include your name on my "Thank You" page in the book!

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    Autographed copy with a personal note + a Special Edition map showing the main character's route through SF with special story notes + a one-time print run Sidewalk Ritual t-shirt. (plus all of the above)

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    I will call you on Skype and do a live reading of your favorite part of the novel along with Q & A. (plus all of the above)

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    I will do a skype reading/meeting/book club at a time of your choice. And next time you're in San Francisco I will take you out for lunch at a spot featured in the novel! (plus all of the above)

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    Special Book Club package. You get 5 copies of the book, 5 maps + 5 t-shirts, and I will do a 1 hour skype session with your group at a time of your choice. (plus all of the above)

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    Special Office Package. Same as the book club package + a wall poster of the Special Edition map for your office wall.

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    The Ultimate Package. Limited run matted prints of the companion art! (plus all of the above)

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