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A Travel Hacking Guide to Norway's video poster

An uncommon guide for travelers with more time than money. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 20, 2012.

An uncommon guide for travelers with more time than money.

Brookings, SD Nonfiction
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About this project

The story

7 years ago, I stepped off of a plane above the Arctic Circle unaware that my life would be forever changed. Over the next five years, I studied, worked and live in Northern Norway and found it offered unique insights in how to live a conscious and active lifestyle.

However, it's not cheap to get to Norway. Despite multiple invitations, most of my friends couldn't make it. Thus, this project. A Travel Hacking Guide to Norway to help anyone travel to and enjoy Norway without breaking the bank.

This guide uncovers tricks to affordable travel that not only gets you to Norway but also uncovers the local culture, traditions and lifestyle that I came to love. With actionable steps, this uncommon guide will make your dream of visiting the world's idyllic (and expensive) northern outpost a reality for anyone with any budget.

The Book

The Travel Hacking Guide to Norway is an eBook that can be read on Kindles, iPads and as a pdf. With links to websites, travel timetables, event lists and even key Norwegian phrases, this uncommon guide is a perfect inspiration and resource for planning your Norwegian adventure.

Specifically, this book includes tips on traveling to and within Norway, including:

  • Cheapest routes, best times to visit and ways to earn free trips to Norway
  • How to see the country through bus, boat, train and hitch-hiking
  • Free accommodations from mountain tops to city-centres
The book also looks at enjoying Norway, including:
  • How to visit, hike and surf in the natural wonders of Norway
  • A complete list of music, art and cultural festivals throughout the country
  • Tips on enjoying and saving on alcohol and local brews
  • The secret behind Norwegian cuisine

Once you've enjoyed Norway, it's time to enjoy Norwegians. You'll learn about:

  • Stereotypes of Norwegians and the regional cultures
  • Picking berries by day and dancing to electronica by night
  • Breaking the thick ice of Norwegians and meeting strangers at a bar
  • The Norwegian views and practice of flirting, dating and sex

The Site

The Travel Hacking Guide to Norway is the first step in building a community interested in modern Norway. In addition to the book, this project will create a site that shares:

  • The best in Norwegian music with Spotify playlists
  • An online store with locally produced Norwegian products
  • Guides on working and studying in Norway (legally)
  • News, events and stories from Norway (such as why they need more butter)

Why I am the best person to write this book

I arrived in Norway knowing no one and nothing about the country, its language or culture. Almost five years later I was a tour guide, showcasing the country with visitors from around the world. My passion and interest in Norway combined with my experience trying to visit every corner of the country on a student budget enables me to write the perfect travel hacking guide.

I wrote about my experience throughout my time in Norway via my blog and continue to visit and keep in touch with friends throughout the country. My skills as an online content creator and contact with Norway has prepared me to create a useful and consistently up-to-date online resource for Norway aficionados.

Your Support

Your generous support is essential for launching this project, and I am so thankful to have you join our community of frontiersmen and women!

What does your donation do? 

Half of the money raised will support the writing and publication of the book including design, promotion and distribution. The book will be released on Amazon and distributed to organizations that would benefit from learning about modern Norway and how to travel hack Norway. Efforts will be made to speak on radio shows, write guest posts for online blogs and join Norwegian conferences and events. If you know anywhere or anyone I should be in touch with, please let me know!

One-fourth of the money raised will be used to set-up the online Norway resource curating Norwegian products, music and items of interest. This will be located at 

The final one-fourth of the donations will lay the foundation for the next book in the Travel Hacking Guide to Norway series, most likely focusing on how to work and study in Norway. Based on the backers of this project and feedback from early readers, the next book will begin to take shape.

Still not sure?

It's rare that one has the opportunity to pursue a passion and even more rare that one can inspire others to do the same. This project will do just that, and I'll have you to thank.

As you can tell from a talk I gave over a year ago, Norway is a special place, and I look forward to taking you there.

Music courtesy of Norwegian band: Trond K & The Serious Issues


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    Want to see the real Norway? Bring me along! I will guide you around Norway and introduce you to the best the country has to offer. As a trained Norwegian guide, I will teach you about the history, help you experience the local culture and of course plan a trip for a fraction of what most travelers pay. You'll cover my travel, food and accommodations and I'll take care of the planning. This reward is based on $400/day for one week which can be extended for longer visits at the same rate.

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