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The unbelievable untold saga behind ARGO. The truth is stranger than (science) fiction.
The unbelievable untold saga behind ARGO. The truth is stranger than (science) fiction.
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    1. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Dear SFL Backers,

      Thank you again for your tremendous generosity and your incredible patience. We hoped not to have to send this message, but due to legal circumstances beyond our control we will not be able to continue with production of the film. None of us anticipated being in this position and we all hoped we would be able to see this project through.

      It is not a substitute for the finished documentary, but we will be returning every donor’s original contribution through Amazon Payments later today. Please hold onto any rewards you already received with our compliments and regrets. We understand that like us, so many of you wanted to see this project completed and we share your disappointment that we cannot continue.

      Unfortunately, we are not able to speak in detail about the complications with the project at this time but should you need to reach us, you can email

      We are so grateful for your support of this project and hope to reconnect with you in the future.

      All the best,

      Judd Ehrlich + Flatbush Pictures

    2. Rafael Mejia on

      Judd, it'd be great if you could provide us an update. Last we heard anything was back in May...

    3. Kris Struble on

      I think everyone would love to hear an update. I have really been looking forward to this doc since it was funded. Please find time to update frequently on the status. Thanks!

    4. Mitch A. Williams

      And 2 more months have passed with no update. Do you treat all your investors so poorly or just your crowd-funded investors?

    5. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Dawn,

      I’d like to respond to your concerns. All of the money raised on Kickstarter is being put towards SCIENCE FICTION LAND. We did switch our focus to a commissioned project that we felt would help us in the long run. That film, WE COULD BE KING, was fully funded by The DICKS Sporting Goods Foundation through a partnership with Tribeca Digital Studios. As I mentioned, we hoped to be able to move both projects forward simultaneously but found it was not possible. We're confident the increased exposure will serve SCIENCE FICTION LAND well.

      We already have footage, but we are also shooting new material and working with new ideas. The reality is that the project in multiple stages of production at once. Our goal is to create and deliver a fantastic film and that is what we are committed to doing. This has always been our intention and we are truly grateful for all of the backers of the film who are helping us to meet this goal. We will continue to update you on the evolution of the project and should you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us at

    6. Missing avatar

      D Lyons on

      May I point out that this project successfully funded on November 3rd 2012--that's 2012--so when the update went out in November 2013 the project was already a year overdue, so now it's a year and a half overdue. Please keep that in mind. While I'm sure we all really just want to see this film come out, with only half of the 18 months delay accounted for by the football doc, what exactly is the hold up on a film that was supposedly so nearly finished at the time of funding? By going after the other project, btw, you missed a beautiful window of opportunity to bring the doc out concurrent with "Argo" winning the Oscar. ("The unbelievable untold saga behind Argo.")

      SFL raised about $54,000; that's about $4,000 beyond its target funds. At the time, it was stated that the funds were needed to FINISH the doc and that any stretch funds would go toward costs of DVDs, prints, and festival submissions. This was presented to us as a doc that was already in post-production; so now why a year and a half later are you saying that after the success of the KS campaign you were "CONCEPTUALIZING and developing SFL, working to get a CREW together, and organizing a SHOOTING SCHEDULE." This makes no sense. And why are you now looking for new investors? At this point, I'm wondering where the Kickstarter funds went. Flatbush brought out not only the football doc, but also "Magic Camp" very soon after this project was funded. Were the funds used on the other docs instead? According to Kickstarter accountability guidelines, we backers are entitled to an accounting of where the funds have gone and I for one would like to see it.

    7. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Daniel,

      I hear your frustration. We know this has been a long process and hasn’t gone the way that we planned. All I can say to you is that we have every intention of creating an amazing film and always have. We made every effort to continue working on Science Fiction Land while working on the other film, as we posted in November. There’s no duplicity here, just the reality we are working within and asking our backers to understand. Ultimately, we didn’t have the ability to put equal resources into both projects, and so we held off on SFL until the other film was done. It was the best decision for our company and is going to benefit SFL in the long run. We're looking forward to sharing the finished film with you, and hoping that you’re happy with the result when we do. Feel free to email us directly if you want to discuss further:

      Thanks again for your support.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      To be honest, this seems like a bit of a dick move. I donated money to the kickstarter to help fund the film and to get to see a documentary on something I cared about and now you say you took a 9 month break to do another project? And never told any of your backers you were doing so?

      This is what you wrote in your last update from November (already several months over schedule):
      "Just wanted to reach out to you, our amazing community of backers, and let you know we're hard at work on this film that you have made possible! We've heard from many of you, checking in on the status of the project and we want you to know that while this project has taken longer than we anticipated, this is the reality of building a unique, independent documentary and we are as committed as ever to telling this fascinating story."

      That was November 18th (6 months ago) and you said you're finishing a 9 month project now so was that a straight up lie?

      Sorry guys, but I get the feeling that I'm never going to see this film and regret putting both money in, and energy telling people about the project.


    9. Missing avatar

      Peter Kavanagh on

      Can you be a bit clearer...`we are aiming to premier in 2015...meaning what...January, December...the rewards are 18 months late and while I do understand the demands and exigencies of the business...18 months and a 9 month documentary project still leaves a gap crying out for content...

    10. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Greetings from SCIENCE FICTION LAND!

      To all of our backers from the team at Flatbush Pictures, we want to apologize for the lapse in communication, and say thank you for sticking with us on this journey! Like any journey it has had it’s unexpected twists and turns. The important part is to stay committed, and we are! Let us fill you in on where we have been these last months...

      After the amazing success of our Kickstarter campaign, we were hard at work conceptualizing and developing SFL, working to get a crew together, and organizing a shooting schedule. And then, a unique opportunity presented itself: we were offered the chance to make a fully commissioned feature documentary within a nine-month window, start to finish. As an independent documentary production company trying to build our sustainability over the long-term, this was a tremendous opportunity and also a challenge. So we changed gears, embarked on an insane production schedule, and completed the film just last month.

      The result of this labor is WE COULD BE KING, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, broadcast nationally on ESPN and ABC, ran in theaters in NYC and LA, and will be available digitally come August. We are incredibly proud of this film, and excited about the ways in which it will help us to move SCIENCE FICTION LAND forward. We now have more resources, experience, and new ideas to pull off something truly original and worthy of this story that has captivated all of us.

      SCIENCE FICTION LAND is and has been our passion project for years. In some ways, it has been reinvigorating to take a break and approach the project again with a fresh perspective and new energy. Your support gave us the platform we needed, and SFL is going to be a much bigger project than we had originally conceived.

      We thank you for your support and your understanding. We’re aiming to premiere this film in 2015 and we know it will have been worth the ride. Look out for more regular updates and know that we are back to full throttle on this project!

    11. Stephen K

      So has there been any other info out there about the progress?

    12. Kris Struble on

      Hi all, we would love to hear about the progress on this Kickstarter. I really would like to see the finished movie soon, but anything you can show us would be nice. Thanks and hope to see another update soon.

    13. Mitch A. Williams

      Well, at least they are still there and say they are working on this. I sent a note of complaint back when I received an advert about the film they are currently promoting and this is what I got back:

      Ruchi Mital Apr 23 at 10:36 AM
      ToMitch Williams, Hi Mitch,

      This is Ruchi from Flatbush Pictures. I wanted to reach out directly and communicate a few things. First, we are so grateful for your support of SCIENCE FICTION LAND. We are 100% committed to the film and are making progress on it as we speak. The truth of the matter is, we had an opportunity to make a commissioned film and as a small, independent company we had to take it. We saw this as an opportunity to raise our profile and build our infrastructure, which will only benefit SCIENCE FICTION LAND, a much more complex project.

      I know that the film has taken longer than anticipated, and trust that it will be worth the wait. We are dedicated to seeing it through and so appreciative of everyone that has helped us on that journey, which is different that we thought it would be, but part of the process.

      Thanks for reaching out, and please feel free to be in touch with me.



      Ruchi Mital | Producer
      p: 718.237.9018
      Flatbush Pictures

    14. Mitch A. Williams

      A trailer, a preview, a still, something to prove that this may actually exist....!

    15. EdTechMaker

      Bueller.... Bueller

    16. Missing avatar

      Andre on

      Please give us an update!

    17. Mitch A. Williams

      I see that one of your cameramen (DAVID JOHN CAVALLO) is moving on. Does that mean that filming finished? Where are we on this?

    18. Frank Krulicki on

      It is Dec. 11th and no update. I'm starting to get worried - "Sullivan's Sluggers" worried. Please give us and update with concrete dates. Thanks.

    19. Mitch A. Williams

      We are a year overdue and it has been 3 months with no update.... are we ever going to see this?

    20. Kory Calvert on

      can we get some updates it is all most November

    21. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Mitch, Macling, and Everyone! Yes, we're still here, still alive and working hard on this film. It's big and complex and there have been all kinds of exciting new discoveries and characters and we can't wait to share it all with you! Our backers will be the first to know! We're shooting for completion by the end of the year...and we'll have some updates to share soon. Thank you again for your support of this project!

    22. Missing avatar

      macling on

      I agree with Mitch, you guys still alive?

    23. Mitch A. Williams

      It has been a couple of months. Any updates?

    24. Kris Struble on

      Great, thanks for the update. I am really looking forward to your movie!

    25. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Kris - we are working hard and shooting for completion by the end of the year - will surely keep you posted!

    26. Kris Struble on

      Any word on the release date for the film? I would love to know when I should expect to see it. Thanks!


    27. Ketan Majmudar on

      Hey Judd, Excited to get my mug, stickers and postcards in the post! You should get in touch with Louis at SCI-FI-LONDON, if it's ready, it would be awesome to screen it at the festival! Especially with all the awards Argo is winning right now.

    28. Connor Salisbury on

      Thanks for your response, my uncle also was a backer, and already received his package, so I just wanted to make sure I didn't need to start investigating the neighbors ;-)

    29. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Connor - Not to worry! Yours is coming soon, we just are waiting for the final hardcover book of illustrations to arrive. We will send you a message once it is sent so you that can keep an eye out. Thanks so much for your patience, and your support of our project!

    30. Connor Salisbury on

      When should I be worried if I've not yet received my package?

    31. Missing avatar

      Derek Harrison on

      Just received the 'souvenir package' today - totally fab!
      Great work guys

    32. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Hey Judd/Team Science Fiction Land,

      Any chance we can get some kind of update on progress of the completion of this awesome documentary we all await as well as any of the physical rewards as you requested addresses by survey awhile back.

      Thanks! Apologies if updates have happened on Facebook, but that website is becoming impossible to maneuver for news.

    33. Madam Atom on

      Cool--thanks much!

    34. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Melissa - Two names are fine! But that doesn't mean you have to share the t-shirt :)

    35. Madam Atom on

      Hi! I probably should've asked this sooner, but I didn't think of it till survey time. Is it OK to put two names in the credits? If not, is it OK to put in a name that isn't mine? My pledge is really a joint pledge from my husband and me; I'd love to list both of us, but if I can't, I want to list just him. (But I have dibs on the T-shirt!)

    36. Kory Calvert on

      did my Survey can't wait to watch this :)

    37. Christopher J Dennis on

      With the KS campaign being a smash success, you are now in the process of raising Jack Kirby from the grave, right, Judd? Even a "walker" (zombie) Jack is better than no Jack at all. :P

    38. Reid Harris Cooper on

      Now comes the hard and agonizing part of all successful kickstarters... people's pledges failing, so seeing what the final actual amount of that $54K comes in minus the 10%.

      I have no fears of Judd making this project happen though, most of the legwork is done and while it's his most ambitious documentary yet, his track record is superlative. I'm very curious to see the final product much more than ever as I've done research as well.

    39. Kory Calvert on

      Congrats can't wait to see it when it is done :)

    40. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hurray! We did it!! Thank you so much for your support! What a ride!

    41. Elletra Parnell

      1 minute!!!

    42. Roger Kim on

      I can't wait to get my lifetime pass to Science Fiction Land. If only I lived closer to Denver!

    43. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Dave-yup we are serious about December! And Elletra-thanks so much!!

    44. Elletra Parnell

      tripled my pledge last night, super excited! good luck on the stretch goal!

    45. Frank Krulicki on

      i am in at $50 - you guys serious about Dec. 2012 delivery date?

    46. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Thanks TIm! That doesn't sound selfish, but like a great idea. We appreciate all of your contributions and thoughts on this project.


    47. Missing avatar

      Red Dutchman

      Congratulations. I am Very glad that you made it, with or without the hurricane. I had started to bump up my pledge when I logged in today, but found that you'd passed your goal. Yes !! I raised it anyway because, selfish person that I am, I'm going to use the pledge to supply Christmas presents for many of my friends who love Science Fiction (myself included). I also told several that I'd loan them the money if they can't raise it in time, but that's another problem. Good luck on the stretch goal, Judd. I wish you guys well as much now as always. ...Tim

    48. Judd Ehrlich/Flatbush Pictures Creator on

      Hi Sonia - thank you so much! Can we get back to you on that? Let us know what you prefer and we'll do everything to make it as convenient for you as possible.

    49. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      OK, pledge bumped! For the extra d/l reward. Will I be able to just make an extra copy or will the giftee have to do his own d/l?

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