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The evolution of the bluegrass sound told through the voices of the community.
The Porchlight Sessions offers a rare look at the inventiveness of the human spirit through reimagining the history of Bluegrass. #bluegrassfilm
The Porchlight Sessions offers a rare look at the inventiveness of the human spirit through reimagining the history of Bluegrass. #bluegrassfilm
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    1. Wade McCurdy on

      Anna, it looks great! I have a new address since the campaign, do i need to update it somewhere?

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      K. A. Petonke on

      Congratulations Anna and thank you for your perseverance! As with any learning experience, the real work begins long after the new shine wears off. I can only imagine how you have pushed through the skeptics, long hours, and bureaucratic red tape industry provides as the fruits of your labor begin to reveal themselves. Bravo and well done. I had the pleasure of watching the DVD yesterday and found it to be informative and very entertaining. Worth the wait! (Reposted by myself from update page)

    3. Jim Cummings on

      Not sure if you have my current address (2 years ago I moved to Maine). If you do NOT have an address in zip 04043, please contact me for the update. Thanks! And thanks for your ongoing work on this, so much more than you bargained for...

    4. Stephanie Forsyth on

      4+ years and counting. /sigh

    5. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Brett, seems like you may not be receiving our monthly updates. Check them out on the project's updates section or find us on Facebook. I feel monthly updates are enough for backers. I just sent you and email, best, anna

    6. Missing avatar

      Brett Matheson on

      Years ago I sent money to support your film and was promised a DVD as a supporter. What is going on with your film? It is ever going to appear in film festival or as a DVD? I can't believe how little we hear from you.

    7. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Matthew! I believe I emailed you about this last september. I didn't hear a reply from you. Let me send again. Thanks!

    8. Matthew Walker on

      It's been a year since the screening...what is going on? No sign of updates. No DVDs in the mail. No accountability?

    9. Mike Kear on

      Anna, will you be updating your backers one day before the end of the century? This lack of information from you is getting very alarming. You seem to be only updating people who make a fuss here. Do I have to start talking about this on my radio shows to get you to update us?

    10. Mike Kear on

      Is there any possibility this project might ever get to a screen anywhere? Were you planning on giving the backers an update so we can know what happened to our money??
      Mike Kear

    11. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Greg, I am sending you an email now with more info. Best, Anna

    12. Missing avatar

      Greg Kowtko on

      Still waiting for a DVD copy of a film I helped fund over 3 years ago... can we have an update please? Thank You.

    13. Nick Dunkin on

      Hey Folks

      Any chance of an update? There's clearly some issues on this project and I'd feel happier if there was some transparency.



    14. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi all, thanks for your feedback below and excitement for your DVDs. We are actively working on securing the last of the music licenses, which as you know have been hard to obtain. We chose to best portray bluegrass and its history with accurate examples of the sound from the early years of Bill Monroe, the Monroe Brothers, and Flatt & Scruggs but obtaining the rights to these master recordings has been quite the challenge. For more frequent updates, follow the status of the project on Facebook. -

    15. Matthew Pustina on

      Seriously - I am a patient man, but I definitely feel cheated. The movie has been screened nationally for 2 years, the developer happily took our money, and is now out of the country. Now WE are supposed to contact Compass?

      Anna - what is the solution? We've been waiting nearly 3 years.

    16. Stephanie Forsyth on

      Has ANYONE gotten a DVD?? I mean, this was funded in May of 2012!!!! :(

    17. Missing avatar

      Julie Mensing on

      Now that we are into 2015, can we get another update?

    18. Nick Dunkin on

      Hi Anna,

      Please could we have a clear and concise explanation of 'where we're at' and when we might see our DVDs?

      I understand that Compass Records seem to have been handed the baton, but I'd like to know what the final production hurdles are and what needs to happen before the DVDs can be despatched to the backers?

      It would inspire confidence to see a post from Compass Records on this forum, explaining their part in this ongoing process.


      Nick Dunkin

    19. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Stephanie! I am quite capable of working from anywhere in the world :) thanks! anna

    20. Stephanie Forsyth on now not only is the project NOT finished, backers DON'T have copies of the film, and now you are moving out of country? Yeah, nothing fishy about that. I am just so sad about this whole thing. :(

    21. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Josh,

      I believe you may have misunderstood my various updates. Let me try and explain here on the comment board or you may also refer to the most recent update!

      Our partnership with Compass is not a new development. We have been working with them the whole time and since 2010. They are not a new company onto whom I am pushing responsibility—they are, and always have been, a co-producer, and my intention was simply to offer them as a point of contact for questions, as I am going to be less able to respond quickly in the near future and often when I send updates (like the one explaining that I have prepared a new version of the film and secured a way for the Bluegrass fans to see the film at IBMA) that I get an influx of emails that request information about the DVDs. Responding to all these inquiries is often a very time consuming process so it seems logical to have a support team on the ground in the US to help guide questions from Kickstarter supporters so their needs are met!

      Compass will distribute the film, as has been the plan all along. Compass and myself are still very much actively working on getting the film to distribution, and are working on obtaining the necessary licenses and other elements to be able to print the DVDs, which takes time, and we are working on this every day.

      Films produced by large studios with huge budgets sometimes take years to produce; it does not get any easier when you are a small, independent film. There are elements beyond my control that are delaying the film, and, by necessity, I am relying on assistance from other parties. I am doing everything in my power to get this film out there!

      Thanks for your understanding,

    22. Josh Earley on

      So basically you've dumped the project on someone else and took our money and ran. Now WE, the backers, have to ask another company to send us our DVDs. Ridiculous. They should be contacting US. Hope our funding got you a first class ticket!

    23. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi everyone. Please see the updates section for information about the fulfillment of your DVDs. If you have any questions, please email

    24. Bruno Pichler on

      The film has been screening at events and festivals for 2 years now, yet the people who financed it still don't get to see it? All we're getting is "for those of you who are still waiting for your DVDs, please contact Compass Records directly at 615.320.7672" Not cool, Anna, not cool.

    25. Stephanie Forsyth on

      2+ years and counting. Starting to think it's never going to happen and we will never see our DVDs :(

    26. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hi Josh and everyone -

      Thanks for your excitement about the film's release. I'm sorry to hear I might not have communicated as much as you would like. Some folks send feedback that I post too often and some its not enough. I'm always happy to answer every email or message, so you can always reach out to me personally with any questions. Our facebook page stays active. So you can post and read more updates there too. And for those of you that want to email me personally, its

      The DVD distribution of the film is something I partnered with Compass Records on and unfortunately they still haven't been able to give me a release or pre-release date for the film. Partnerships sometimes mean making compromises and I've had to compromise sticking to my designated timeline for the sake of the future of the film.

      I should have some spoiler content for the kickstarter donors as we gear up for the DVD pre-release to the KS donors. Heck, I may even share the film with you on vimeo if you would like to see it there.

      I too am more than ready to have it out there since I wrapped the film up in September of 2012. The challenges that I've been through have not been something I particularly like to share. I like to stay positive.

      There are many people involved with the film and it's proper release and I can assure you I'm pushing and pushing as much as I can to get it out! In fact, I work on this film full time while also keeping another full time job.

      Thanks for your understanding.

    27. Josh Earley on

      I agree. 3 months in-between updates and the new info we get is how the film is being shopped around for theatrical releases. Nothing about the delivery of the DVDs. I could care less about SXSW if there isn't any news for the customers that FUNDED this project. You wouldn't be even able to "shop theatrical releases" if it wasn't for the kickstarter community and you failed to even mention an update about when the DVDs will be ready. I realize producing this must be difficult but communication sure helps the masses from wondering and losing faith in this project.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Maulik on

      Haven't heard anything in awhile, getting kind of antsy. Just wondering where the film sits as we approach the one year anniversary of the expected delivery date of the DVDs. Can't wait to hear where the project is at.


    29. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Love it Richard!

    30. Missing avatar

      Richard Atkinson on

      I know it will be worth waiting for Anna, no matter when we get it. I will keep the faith. 'The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley...' That's Scottish for those who need tae' know.

    31. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hey guys, DVDs won't be shipped out for a while. We have to make changes to the film to fulfill requirements of music publishers and artists. All information we have on the progress and timeline of the film's release is described in the monthly updates on this site so be sure to check those too.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Can you give us any estimate of when the DVD's will be sent out?

    33. Missing avatar

      David Maulik on

      Any update? Still waiting on our pre-release DVDs. When does the "music and film festival season" end?

    34. Duncan Knarr on

      I sure hope I'll get to see this film sometime. I funded at the level to receive a DVD. Still waiting.

    35. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      We are still currently tieing up licensing for DVD and project the release of those to be after the music and film festival season later this year. Thanks for your patience while we make sure the film is in good legal standing. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated as I have news. - anna

    36. Stephanie Forsyth on

      Are the DVDs being sent out soon?

    37. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hey Michael, the second color of the Hatch Show Prints is being printed today. I'll be picking up the prints once they dry and will be mailing them out in batches throughout the week. Thanks for checking in!

    38. Dorsai on

      Any idea when the rest of the rewards will be sent out?

    39. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      Hey guys! Some of you have received your rewards and some are still waiting. I'm fulfilling orders as fast as I can. We've got some hold ups due to holidays. Thanks for your patience!

    40. Missing avatar

      James Murton on

      When will the rewards be sent out? i filled out the survey a few weeks ago.

    41. John Foster on

      I thought the rewards were going to be sent in December.

    42. Les Gebhardt on

      So happy that I stumbled on this yesterday and pledged. I am sure the DVD will be awesome.

    43. Missing avatar

      Robert Graham on

      Congratulations Anna! Great work. Can't wait to see the finished result!!! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed "down under".

    44. Missing avatar

      Pat Dinges on

      Congratulations!!! Glad I could be a small part of the wonderful project.

    45. Anna Schwaber Creator on

      WE DID IT!

    46. Duncan Knarr on

      So awesome! Congratulations. Can't wait to see the finished film.

    47. PalmDoorFilms on

      Big, happy, heartfelt congrats on a successful Kickstarter!! Much continued success on an amazing project - we were glad to be a part!

    48. Simon R Middleton on

      Fantastic news. We at Banjos Direct are very proud to be involved! Congratulations and best wishes to everyone involved.

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