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Update #89

Status Update 10/10/2012


Jason Scott of the board speaking.


  • The etcher has made the prototype picks for Schuyler, and UPS ground-shipped them to him last Friday. If I'd known that was being done, I'd have paid for a more expensive/quicker option, but getting a vendor to go through the trouble of next-day shipping may or may not have worked. Either way, the prototype picks are in transit and Schuyler is to take photos of the received items and then test them before we go ahead and start production. 


  • Our shipper is back online after a job change and two weeks of travel. She and Jason Aller are now doing one last synchronization of the address changes and items and will be doing a full ship-out soon. 


  • Schuyler began his new job in Vermont - working at a Book Cafe in a Barnes and Noble. He now knows how to make a decent enough coffee, according to reports. More importantly, he is gaining a paycheck to begin to build savings and the ability to pay into production.
  • Similarly, Schuyler just completed a speaking engagement that paid him and a portion of those funds go into the production budget as well. The board is working to get him more such engagements in the future.

This update is a bit scant (and late, while waiting for some information to come in). I'll keep on this and have further updates soon.

Update #88

Status Report for September 25


More updates from the two branches of the project.


  • If you e-mailed us with a change of your address, or other commentary, all those mails have been gone through. We SHOULD have all that caught up. Thank you for your promptness and kind words and suggestions.
  • We have a whole range of people without addresses in the backer reports. It's not clear how this might happen, since the reports are generated by Kickstarter, but it has happened in some cases. We are therefore about to send out a mass e-mail asking those people with empty address entries for their mailing address. The e-mail will come from Jason Aller, and request you send in a mailing address.
  • Upon the return of the Boston shipper at the beginning of October (so roughly a week from now), we'll be doing a cleanup mailing out of missing $35 backers, of addresses that have been filled in, and a few bounced addresses we'll have since corrected.
  • Naturally, we'll likely still have a few unfinished processes, but the hope is this will be down in the realm of a half dozen or dozen at most, as these large-scale mailings often end up. We might list those names here (nothing not already in the backer report, of course) to get them shored up.
  • Thanks again for your patience as we work through these.


  • The CAD drawings of the planned picks were released some time ago, but the opinion of the board was to put them on the Internet Archive ( to ensure the plans are not subject to Schuyler's fortunes or hosting. These CAD plans are available under a Creative Commons 3.0 SA license here:
  • A pair of the intended sheets of metal were purchased, and sent to an etcher. That etcher is now making a set of prototype picks for Schuyler to try out. He is to provide photographs of the prototype picks when they are assembled, and they will be posted immediately on this kickstarter page.
  • Once the picks are signed off by Schuyler, the board will then have a small first run of picks made and sets will be mailed out to a subset of backers for in-the-field testing. There are many ways to do such a selection of a subset, but we're just going to start at the most-invested backers and work downwards. We will notify the general backers that this has been done.
  • We will then wait for receipt of these picks and ask that the receivers use the picks for a short period of time, testing them for any unexpected aspects or flaws or other issues that might require revision.
  • When the picks are considered field-approved, the picks will begin being made in earnest, as fast as possible, and shipped out as fast as possible. 
  • Please understand there can't be any dates for this, as mistakes made previously were to give hard dates and also to buy entire lots of items before ensuring that a small lot of items was what was needed.
  • Photos will be taken along all these steps.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding as the board works to close out this project.

Update #87

Status Report for September 18


Jason Scott with an update from the two branches of the project.


  • 100 practice sets were delivered to the Massachusetts location this weekend by Schuyler, which should mean complete backfill of all missing boxes shortly.
  • Unfortunately, our Massachusetts shipper had a scheduled trip, so the earliest we will be shipping out the next set of boxes is the first week of October. 
  • In anticipation of this time, we are about to go through the backer list by hand, and contact every backer with an empty address, as well as build a list of all backers who have contacted us about not getting their item and verifying their address. The goal is to have all these hanging items finished for the next big ship-out so we can close the boxes out. 
  • I've got the addresses and mails from people who have contacted me in the last couple of weeks, so there's no need to resend, but if you haven't sent anything and want to verify, that is understandable. works for this.


  • A quote came back from the etcher for doing the picks and board member Andrew (who is handling the logistics of the picks) is placing an order of one sheet each to produce a QA check set for Schuyler to look at and approve. 
  • Metal prices have been researched and bulk order logistics are underway. Naturally, the prices are for the best possible metal for these items.
  • No firm timetable yet.

Update #86

Update: Package Thrash, Lockpick Efforts, Status


Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

My apologies for posting at a frequency of more than one week - I was in London, as mentioned, and then got wrapped up in my presentation in Brighton, and then got back to handle a bunch of other business. Currently I'm the one posting updates for the board so nobody was comfortable just stepping in and writing something. As always, if you are concerned about the frequency of posts or want updates, my e-mail is Obviously this is not the only endeavor I'm involved with, but it is a very high priority one.

The Boxes With Swag and No Picks.

There are a couple dozen boxes at the $35 level that have not gone out - practice locks (the missing piece) are being sent to the Massachusetts shippers to then head out to you. This is why a set of you do not have your boxes.

I sent another board member to fetch any bounced boxes from my Waltham post office box - she reports there are 10, and we'll have those names and will communicate with people about them. At this point, all non-$35 domestic packages should be in your hands. If it is not, speak up - and additionally, we'll be contacting people who we have no address for to handle them as well.

Reports have come in from backers as far as New Zealand and Ireland and Denmark that packages have arrived, so the good news is that they pass customs in general and make it there, in general. In some small cases, the glass vial broke, spilling pins - we will happily work with people to either get replacement pins or help them make sure they have all the pins they need. 

(Believe me - when we were doing the assembly and had all the pieces, and I found out a glass vial had to go into a box with three metal locks, I went "oh boy" and we had a meeting on the best possible way to pack to avoid the most breakage. It appears to have done OK but it was asking a lot.)

The Picks. 

I've quizzed all parties involved and we're moving forward with picks. I am not comfortable making promises of delivery or even completion, but the effort regarding picks has been going on for a few weeks now.

Pricing of metal, design verification and logistics discussions are now going on. There is definitely cost involved and raising those funds may be an issue and we may have to move through phases of picks as we go, but be aware the goal of the board is to actually produce the picks for the rewards.

We agreed that at no point should the finished picks be compromises or checked-box lame creations meant to just sign off on the project - they should reflect Schuyler's talent as a designer that was what got him to go into this effort in the first place. While it's the strong opinion of the board that Schuyler should not run a business anytime in the near future, he has talents that another organization could work with and hopefully will, and those talents should be reflected in the picks. 

We have no timeframe or estimate at the moment, but be assured that we am pushing for action frequently on this project.

Thank you.

Update #85

There are no picks in the packages, just supporting material.

Jason Scott here. Hello from London.

I've gotten a number of contacts from backers that indicate concern there were no picks in the packages they've received. While this is covered in previous updates, people can be forgiven for not reading a bunch of mail updates for a kickstarter campaign that had not yet produced results. So I'm quickly posting this clarification, both for people who've mailed me to be pointed to, and for others who might be unclear about this:

The packages sent out in the last week contain no picks - at this moment there are no manufactured picks. The group of people who have taken over the kickstarter campaign from Schuyler Towne (the board) chose to mail out what was available - t-shirts, temporary tattoos, booklets, locks, and pins - while working out the issues of manufacturing picks. 

Additionally, while 14 days is a very good turnaround for taking over a project and mailing out materials, it did catch some people by surprise. We're fully expecting some percentage of bounced packages, between-the-cracks backers who don't have an address on file and who need to be contacted, and other issues. These are to be expected when sending out about 1,100 mailings. These are being dealt with at speed and will continue to be.

Thanks again. 

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    Anyone who donates will get templates of the tools in EPS, PDF, PNG, SVG, etc. formats (basically every format I can export, which will include CAD files) along with instructions for making these tools yourself. I'll offer material suggestions and finishing ideas too.

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    Practice Makes Perfect! A practice kit with 3 locks progressively pinned, security pins, tweezers, plug follower and instructions for repinning your own locks. All packaged in a lovely tin. [+ Templates!]

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    First Course! A set of 10 picks! There will be two options available, either the 10 starter picks or the 10 advanced picks. This selection will come with a large case as well. [+ Templates + Practice Kit]

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    Main Course! The full set of 20 picks! You will get every pick I have designed from the starters right through to the advanced designs. This selection will come with a large case as well. [+ Templates + Practice Kit]

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    Save room for Dessert! A hand screened, 2 color "Open Locksport" t-shirt and a bunch of other Open Locksport shwag. Temporary Tattoos? Absolutely! Stickers? Heck yes! And more! [+ Templates + Practice Kit + 20 Picks]

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    Custom Kit & Full access to me! My Mother, who did all of the prototyping for the pick cases, will make you a custom, hand made pick case to your specifications, including any illustration or dedication you may want. Additionally, you'll be given everything I've ever written or recorded on the subject of Locks & get 3 hours of Skype time with me to ask questions, discuss locks, run demos, whatever you want. [+ Templates + Practice Kit + 20 Picks + Shwag]

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    Lock Library! 50 Locks of various types, including pin tumblers, wafers, levers, and dial & sesame combo locks. 30 individual picks and the full set of 20 in a case. You'll also get handcuffs and a cutaway pin tumbler to help explain how they work. You'll also get all of the shwag of the $100 level! Great for new clubs and hackerspaces.

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    Uber Lock Library! Everything in the Lock Library times 2! 100 locks! 60 individual picks! 2 full sets of 20 in cases! 2 different sets of handcuffs and a 2 cutaways! One of a pin-tumbler lock, one of the locking mechanism in handcuffs! In addition to all of this I'll send you training materials. Nicely illustrated guides to lockpicking, impressioning, bumping, overlifting, etc. etc! I can guarantee 10 different reproducible worksheets and I'm hoping to do 20+!

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    Physical classroom! I fly to you! I'll bring the picks, locks, handcuffs, combo locks, cutaways, high security locks, and, most importantly, the knowledge, to run 2 days of classes for as many people you like. You let me know how many people I can expect and your nearest airport and I'll do the rest. Great for Colleges & Universities, Hackerspaces w/large membership, offices or law enforcement! (This offer open to continental US only. If you are outside of the US & want to subsidize the airfare, we can talk!)

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