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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
1,159 backers pledged $87,407 to help bring this project to life.

Picks Approved, Order Being Placed - 12 Boxes Bounced

Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

Schuyler has signed off on the picks. We are now moving into production.

Again, we are going to do a smaller run than "all of them" and send out that initial batch to make sure the receivers find no major issues with the picks that slipped past quality control. This smaller order will go out to the etcher immediately, and a comment will be left on this update with the shipper's estimate of the delivery. After the initial delivery of the sheets of metal, Schuyler has to assemble the picks himself, which will take a small amount of time but we'll be working on ways to speed up the process and maintain quality after these pick sets go out.

As per the agreement with the board, Schuyler has transferred $1500 earned at his job to a separate non-accessible-to-him account, to be spent towards the metal etching. He pledges to continue to transfer funds as he can to pay for this production.


My UPS store tells me that 12 boxes bounced in the last few weeks, and I'm having them mailed to me for tomorrow, when I'll find out if people updated their addresses, or if I have to contact them. Similarly, I have a set of requests for address changes and will be sending out another set of boxes to these change requests, as we're down to a small number.

More updates soon.

Lock Box Endgame, Picks Opening Gambit

Jason Scott, speaking for the Board, here.

As of today, the vast, vast majority of backers should have their lock boxes, that is, the white box with the three locks, pins and tumblers, case, booklets. Everyone who was due a t-shirt should have their t-shirt. We sent additional boxes to a couple high-end tiers that weren't due boxes but we figured we should get those out to them.

There are people who have not gotten their due boxes. I will be iterating through the lists and clearing those up over the next couple of weeks - in some cases, it's a matter of the international shipping taking forever, and in some cases, boxes will have bounced back to the PO box I have on the return address. In the case of the second, I have been e-mailing people and getting changed addresses, then mailing them out. For the first batch of domestic ships, this was 7 people, so things look good to close out the box aspect soon.

As I now have the control of the remaining inventory of Open Locksport items (shirts, booklets, stickers, etc.) I may see about offering these items for sale to pay towards postage and manufacturing costs. I'll keep people updated about it. While I understand some people simply wish to be done with the project, others may want additional copies/pieces of these items and backers should be offered these items to buy first.

It took a lot of people to get these boxes out, and I thank all of them for the days and hours put behind it. 

Onward to picks.

The revised (version 4) pick templates went to the etcher, who has shipped the results out as of yesterday. Estimate is that it will arrive Friday. At that point, Schuyler assembles his pick set, studies the results, tests them, and hopefully gives the go-ahead. If he runs into something, you'll be informed exactly what the issue is. But all signs point to the changes being minimal and this inspection process being a formality.

At that point, we will order a batch and begin shipping. The first batch will be a small percentage of the owed items, to ensure that there isn't an issue found out in the field that needs to be addressed. Obviously, people who receive their sets are free to blog, photograph, share, or do whatever they want with their picks. 

We'll have more updates soon. Thanks again.

Stops, Starts, Movement.

Jason Scott, of the board, speaking.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks for the project. I knew we'd have some roughness along this process, and this past month was that roughness. We appear to be out of the woods with that. 

None of the board members has direct, specific experience with closing out a kickstarter. Kickstarter ITSELF doesn't have experience closing out a Kickstarter like this. So it's to be expected that the occasional issue would rise up. The two issues were that the shipper got given a lot of items  to deal with when she wasn't specifically prepared for that, and Schuyler disappeared.

Regarding the shipper, we drove to Hartford and traded a car-load of locks, boxes, shirts, temporary tattoos, booklets and the rest. I've taken these items back with me to my storage container on the property, where they're under my direct control. The shipper had a variety of family and work issues she had to deal with, and the boxes hadn't gone out. The domestics have now gone out:

As to Schuyler, first, let's put up the picture of him teaching last week that the last update didn't provide (I forgot that some photo hosting services don't like hotlinks from strange ingestors like Kickstarter):

Things were looking good on that side. He was to submit a revision of the picks, his final one, and then we were to go to the etcher.

Then he disappeared to the board. Roughly 5 days. I wrote a couple letters, and then today was to begin my process of dealing with this, specifically to contact his family directly, then, if there was no answer, to drive directly to his house. It's a 3 hour trip from here, so I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that.

I didn't. He wrote to say he had started to run into some issues, personally, but that his family helped him through it and he' back on track. He's provided photos of the new picks, post their big day out, and as per the previous discussions, the new revised etcher plans.

Here, for the group, are the photos and etcher plans:

Again, they are open source and welcome to others to use.

I've taken the photos of the picks he and his girlfriend took, and they're here, in this collection:

(They're at the end.)

On my side, I have a bag of International boxes to go out (including one APO), as well as going through the address changes to send out another set of boxes for people whose addresses changed since the mailout.

Thanks again for the patience. We're moving very close to picks now, and closing out the rewards.

Mailing out remainder of Lock Rewards for $100 and under.

Hi, Jason Scott here.

The shipper and I drove to Hartford tonight, post-Sandy. She from Boston, me from outside of Poughkeepsie. We met in the parking lot of a Barnes and Noble, which coincidentally is the company Schuyler currently works at (although his is in Vermont). So one car-load later, I'm back home with the piles of boxes, locks, t-shirts and other materials related to the Kickstarter.

Some of these were addressed, boxed, completely ready to go. I intend to head out tomorrow and I'll get them going to people, notably behind schedule but backfilling the waiting items. Others I will box and get out as well. I'll be working with Jason Aller, our brilliant spreadsheet guy, to make sure the most up to date ships occur. 

From here on out, I am handling shipping. I'm your guy.

Here's a picture of Schuyler presenting his new picks to an audience last week;

He reports this randomized field test went very well, with no breakages or obvious problems. I'll have a progress update on this front as soon as possible.

Thanks again for the patience on the non-pick reward boxes. I intend to have this part complete very shortly.

Why the Shipping Delay, Picks Getting Field-Tested Today

Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

Why The Shipping Delay on Remaining Boxes?

I'm going to take personal responsibility for this one. At the September ship-out, after three solid days of packaging and shipping at the local post office depot, I didn't think straight, and I had a local person who was a friend of Schuyler's take the remainder of the items on, instead of taking them home with me to NY. (I had filled the back of the car with foreign-addressed boxes). The shipper was kind enough to accept them, but hadn't made clear that they had a multi-week trip to take, and later, switched jobs. 

It's not their responsibility to be the shipper for the project - it's mine. So I've contacted them, and will be driving up to Boston to pick up these boxes and the addresses, and other items, and I will be sending all the remainder of items (roughly 100-130) out from NY. That's the cause of the delay. People have been mailing looking for updates, and now you know. It will be handled.

The Upgraders and the Outsiders (If you upgraded/purchased outside of the Kickstarter)

Over time, another set/class of folks have come forward - people who submitted money outside of the Kickstarter to either upgrade a reward or to purchase the forthcoming locks. There aren't many, but they're another small group of people who need to have things made right. Some have been mailing and have been talked to already, but if you're someone who made a side deal with Schuyler or otherwise used his locksport site to buy a product you have not recieved, please contact and the spreadsheet Schuyler owes for this week will be reconciled with it for shipping. If you've contacted us already, we have it.

With this group now being addressed, that should be the sum total of everyone associated with this Kickstarter - everyone should now be "in process" towards closing it out.

Field Test of Picks

The rule we've had Schuyler with regards to travel and appearances is to focus on events where he is paid or compensated for his lockpicking work, so that he can gear those funds towards some of the costs with this project. However, an opportunity came up for him to have an all-expenses paid trip to present in California at a company, and he's left to go there. (He is not taking any time off from his new job to do this event.)

He has brought his prototype picks and will be observing the performance of them at this event, as hands both old and new try them out. Based on this, he'll give the go-ahead for the first short run of picks to be done and sent out to higher-end backers and a few lockpicking experts to ensure the highest quality and dependable tools, and then we'll do the big roll-out.

Thanks again for your patience.