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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
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Lock Libraries Gone Out and Going Out

Posted by Schuyler Towne (Creator)

Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

One of the biggest promises made in the original kickstarter were the "Lock Libraries", which were large compilations of practice locks that would go out to the higher contributors. While items like the "kits" that have gone out in force were relatively easy to assemble, these were the opposite.

A lot of this Kickstarter, in hindsight, was losing money and trying to make it up in volume, but these libraries were the ultimate in that situation.

It has, not unpredictably, taken Schuyler a very long time to get these together, but they are in fact happening and five of them have gone out, with another five going out this week. To get an idea of what these look like:

I'm also including some photos of Schuyler's assembly of these kits. Besides the actual acquiring of the items themselves, which were notably costly, he also had to re-pin and prepare many of the locks for being practice versions. However, he's on an energetic cycle again and things have been progressing:

 In each case, the backer is being contacted, asked for a verified address, and the packages are going out fedex with a tracking number. The cost is increased but at that late stage, there's no point in not being extra careful.

As I said, the first five have arrived with the $500 backers, and another five are on the way out. There are sixteen $500 backers owed these in total. I will be delighted to have that phase of things behind us.

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    1. amelia on

      3 months since the latest update. Any news from the board?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones on

      Any updates on the remaining picks going out?