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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
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The (Rough) Distance

Posted by Schuyler Towne (Creator)

Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

A bunch of people have asked for some sort of indication of how things are going, so they know how the line is going. Here's an attempt to do that. It's going to be very rough, so don't treat it as scientific measure, but it'll give some visualization.

We are currently still fulfilling pick mail-outs for the $500 level backers. Schuyler is being sent the etched metal to do the next large batch of picks. Our very rough estimate is that Schuyler owes 19,876 picks to various backers/customers. 660 picks have gone out. Therefore, we've fulfilled 3% of the owed picks. For the folks who like it graphical:

 We'll update when the next batch is going out to backers. Thanks again.

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    1. Schuyler Towne Creator on

      If picks are listed on this thermometer, they have been mailed out to the backers. Some may bounce and will be held while the backer is tracked down, but they are considered out the door and in reality. The metal that we are waiting on is for the handles aspect of a larger batch of picks that Schuyler is making. It would be separate. I don't currently know the counts for what this new set will yield.

    2. Casey Borders on

      Thanks for the update! Are the picks that will come out of the metal just sent to Schuyler counted in the 660 or will that make another 660?

    3. Missing avatar

      Iain Pratt on

      Thanks for the update. :)