Lockpicks by Open Locksport

by Schuyler Towne

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    1. jos weyers on

      Good article, very honest.

    2. Missing avatar

      PhotoGuy on

      I have been using the practice locks with a set of picks that I bought about a year ago to help me wait for some better ones. They seem super easy compare to other practice ones I have gotten. Are the other ones abnormally hard or are these abnormally easy. I can rake even the 3 pin one open in 5 seconds top, not bragging because I'm not good at all.

    3. Ryan Harp on

      PhotoGuy, In all honesty it depends on the lock. Some will be harder than others depending on the machining process. You should be able to rake a standard 3 pin lock (without security pins) pretty quickly. I've found that some 5-pin locks open extremely easy even with single pin picking and other 5 pins of the same brand lock give me a very hard time. It just depends. If you really want to better your skills, slowly amass a large lock library that you can play with. I have a bunch of locks now and some of them are supposedly "high-security" and they are pretty simple to pick. I also have a couple that are my Excalibur - have had them for 2 plus years and haven't gotten them to open....Completely frustrating...

    4. Schuyler Towne Creator on

      Schuyler has received the picks and will be providing photos tonight, but he had to go to work, when he uploads the photos, we'll update here immediately, but before he left for work, he rush-uploaded an unboxing and testing video: http://www.youtube.com/watch…