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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
1,159 backers pledged $87,407 to help bring this project to life.

Message From The Board (Written by Jason Scott)

Hello. My name is Jason Scott. I'm a historian, documentary filmmaker, and have run three kickstarter campaigns in the last couple of years. I did not invest in Schuyler's kickstarter, but I have kept tabs on it and watched as things spiraled out of control. I consider Schuyler a friend and I was saddened to see had badly things have have gone for the project, and for Schuyler.

A little while ago, I proposed to Schuyler that the only real way out of the current situation was to appoint a board of folks, a handful of people who would oversee the finishing of this kickstarter project, to bring it to a close as best as could be managed. Schuyler has agreed this is the best course of action, and here we are. Currently there are four people on the board.

* Myself
* Andrew Gagne, a friend and associate of Schuyler's
* Jason Aller, a Kickstarter Backer personally affected by this
* Brian Martin of and the Errata project

The purpose of this board is extremely simple; finish the Kickstarter (where possible) to the satisfaction of contributors. End this campaign with products (where possible), refunds (where possible), swapped rewards (where possible), and generally bring closure to this.

I'm not here to justify or apologize for the current situation, and neither is any other board member. What we are is an attempt to bring communication and closure by sorting through the mess and coming up with a set of goals that can be completed in a timely manner.

I can be reached at or called at (215) 839-8345, if you wish to not go through kickstarter to find me.

Thank you for listening.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher White on August 14, 2012

      Here's a suggestion -- if the picks can't be produced, how about Schuyler make a recommendation on a place to buy high quality picks from. Set up a deal with that company so that you get X% of the proceeds, and that money can be used to pay for the locks, refunds, etc. Don't just make the recommendation to get the money though...

    2. Missing avatar

      James Brannon on August 14, 2012

      I'm not sure what the board's solution will be, but I had some thoughts this I'd like to relay.

      Refund those backers who want money back. Unfortunately, I suspect most of the high backers will take this option if offered.

      With the remaining money (if there is any), picks should be produced. Producing those is wayy less complicated than Schyler is making it. Find someone with experience. Then take the picks and current lock inventory and divide it among those backers who would like them. Locks have already been bought with backer money, and the picks would seem necessary. Pick and lock quantities could be divided by backer weight. Remove all other "shwag" unless they have already been produced. I think most of us backed this project for basic picks and locks. I suspect everyone will receive less than expected, but as long as it's even and openly discussed I think you could satisfy all.

      Also, I think weekly updates are in order at this point please.

    3. Missing avatar

      allan stojanovic on August 14, 2012

      this is the first kickstarter project I backed. Nice, eh? Anyways, personally, I'd still like the picks. I'm less concerned about the practice kits, and other accoutrements. Can you get at least that far?

    4. Missing avatar

      crazyd on August 14, 2012

      Fuck Schuyler's public image. We already know he is a thief and a liar.Bring on the transparency, and let us know exactly how much you have to work with.

    5. Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill on August 14, 2012

      Before any voting occurs, it would make the most sense to be 100% up front about the existing finances, both liquid, invested in capital expenses, and inventory. I see no justification for doing otherwise other than to protect Schuyler's public image and his ego.

      I am sympathetic to such protection, and if that is the way you decide to handle the situation, so be it. Schuyler made the decision to publicly request funding; I think the funders deserve a little truth if there is to be reconciliation.

    6. Nick Disabato on August 14, 2012

      Thanks for getting in touch, Jason. Appreciate the outreach.

      If my reward hasn't already been produced and isn't ready to ship, I'd like to be refunded. I don't even really have an interest in these lock picks anymore, and it might be less trouble to refund me.

      I don't remember what address I sent on, but you can email or message me here if you need an update.

      I know this is a huge undertaking for you, and I greatly appreciate that you are helping out – seemingly with no interest in personal gain in mind. Thanks for your generosity.

    7. Missing avatar

      Mace Freeman on August 14, 2012

      Is there enough money left to finish the project? I doubt it.

    8. Richard Symons on August 14, 2012

      Best of luck to you all, it would be nice for this to get sorted !!

    9. Andrew Linke on August 14, 2012

      Thanks for helping. I sent my comments directly via e-mail, but wanted to add a voice here saying thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      james gourlay on August 14, 2012

      I was wondering if this project would ever come to an end.

    11. Missing avatar

      crazyd on August 14, 2012

      This just looks like more talk to me. Schuyler admitted to spending almost all of the money. How the hell do you plan on refunding money that has already been spent?

    12. Thom Goodsell on August 14, 2012

      Just another backer weighing in to say thanks for stepping up to do this. I haven't been particularly vocal, as this is far from the worst-run kickstarter I've ever backed, but I'm glad to see movement toward some sort of resolution. And I'm glad to see stepping in to help take the load off Schuyler, who was clearly pretty overwhelmed. I hope everything is able to come to a satisfactory conclusion for all involved.

    13. Aaron F Stanton on August 14, 2012

      I'm glad that he has agreed to let people help him. I imagine that this project easily expanded far beyond the scope of anything he had handled before, and was overwhelming to him. I do wish that he had sought help earlier, both for this project and for his own sake. I hope this can be worked out to everyone's satisfaction.

    14. Schuyler Towne Creator on August 14, 2012


      Please continue to voice your opinions and requests in this forum or to the e-mail address.

      There are a set of documents already in place where we are assessing the current situation with the kickstarter (the "hard numbers" and other related pieces), like any consulting firm would do first.

      We will have an update this Friday or sooner.

      We intend to update at least once a week about this project until it comes to a close.

    15. Manic on August 14, 2012

      Thanks for posting about the current situation. As others have mentioned before, regular updates - even if they just say "we've not made any progress yet" - would be appreciated. However, I highly recommend that you send out a survey to all the backers (if possible), asking what they would like to do - refund, wait for complete order, get partial order now, etc - as that would give you a clearer picture of what needs to be done when.

    16. Mike Desmarais on August 14, 2012

      How do I request a refund. You say that you're assessing what Schyler has and how to send that out. I don't want the practice kit that is coming to me as a part of my reward. How do I note that I don't want you to send me that even if Schuyler has a set of practice kits.

    17. Missing avatar

      PJ Neal on August 14, 2012

      Jason - Thank you for the introduction, but what we need is an update. It's great that there's now a team on this, it's great that Schuyler is getting the help he needs, but there are 1,159 backers who deserve more than we're getting. When will we get a no bullshit update on where things are, and what are you willing to commit to in terms of regular, substantive updates?

    18. Missing avatar

      jeromejello on August 14, 2012

      I would like a refund. what is the process to get that started?

    19. J on August 14, 2012

      Thanks for helping out.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tim Spencer on August 14, 2012

      I agree with Paul. I'm glad to hear that Schuyler has some help here! I definitely look forward to seeing what you folks come up with. I sure hope I can still get some picks out of this, but if not, hey, it was worth a try! :-)

      I just hope that Schuyler is able to get some closure too and get back to doing good work. Thanks for the update!

    21. Glug on August 14, 2012

      Thank you board members. I pledged and paid $500 for one of the lock libraries. At this point I would really just like a refund. Please let me know how to make this happen. Thanks.

    22. Missing avatar

      Paul Anguiano
      on August 14, 2012

      Sounds like a positive step. Thanks for helping out. I'm glad Schuyler has people like you to back him up.

    23. Missing avatar

      boite on August 14, 2012

      Thanks for making yourselves known. I suppose you will begin with an assessment of the current situation from which you might produce something like a balance sheet which we could all examine? The views of backers, of how they would like the situation resolved, would surely be affected by knowing exactly how much stuff exists and how much stuff is still needed. Personally, I still would like to see the effects of a thousand new recruits, messing-about with locks.

    24. Schuyler Towne Creator on August 14, 2012


      As part of this project, we have access to Schuyler's Kickstarter account, to prevent him from being an unreliable narrator towards the project backers. There was a board meeting tonight of all the members (with Schuyler attending) and all board members have each other's contact information.

      While I am not comfortable speaking for the whole board, I can sketch out that our current plans are to assess all that is owed, all that Schuyler has at arm's reach, and to provide both contacts and updates to his backers while we wind things down. Among our actions will be to ship out what Schuyler does have in his possession and fulfilling as much as possible as quickly as possible.

      To put it this way, Schuyler has been relegated to consultant on the project instead of leader, and the board is now the leader of the project. We will be contacting individual backers as needed over the next period of time, to see what is within the realm of possibility.

      My personal contact information will continue to work and I appreciate the difficulty of the situation Schuyler has found himself in, as well as the personal issues he is facing that have slowed a poor situation into further problems. My hope is the backers will understand all these issues as we bring this to some sort of conclusion.

    25. Steve Burnett
      on August 14, 2012

      I consider this excellent news.

    26. Mark Rennick on August 14, 2012

      I would be happy with the practice locks at this point, I already have picks, I think a lot of us do, but practice locks can be harder to come by, and I think he already has them.

    27. Missing avatar

      Cynthia Jones on August 13, 2012

      Thanks for the update. I wish nothing but the best for Schuyler and hope he has the kind of support you guys are providing him in other aspects of his life.

      I look forward to hearing more.

      Thanks for picking up this project!


    28. Kravlin on August 13, 2012

      Agreed. It's been almost two years. Glad to see that there's work still being done.

      Promising that more communication is coming, though and then immediately dropping off the face of the world again doesn't raise high hopes (and that's been done time after time with this project), hopefully this changes. Regular updates regardless of progress made would be awesome.

      Thanks to the board for stepping up and attempting to fix this. Schuyler is lucky to have you. And I hope Schuyler is able to sort his personal life out

    29. Lars Schumann on August 13, 2012

      Did not expect this, but it makes sense and I am looking forward to the follow ups...

    30. Missing avatar

      W. P. on August 13, 2012

      Roger that, looking forward to what can possibly be done.

    31. Ben McFarland on August 13, 2012

      But, I should say, nice to see some communication again, even if its damage control.

    32. Ben McFarland on August 13, 2012 is there a projected plan of attack? If not, is there a projected date for when we see the plan of attack?