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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
1,159 backers pledged $87,407 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Schuyler Towne (Creator)

Jason Scott, speaking again.

Shortly after I posted the last update, this bouquet of flowers was left at the top of the comments tree for the project:

Justin Eugene Evans 

It is disingenuous to post the same photo from three months ago, implying it is somehow visual proof of progress. Also, you can't say he's slow but steady and then list multiple examples of how he needs prodding to work in fits and starts. The lack of honesty throughout this four-year debacle is laughable. I've lost all respect for the guys holding Schuyler's hand through the process. They Schuyler's enablers.

I wanted to apologize for posting an out-of-date photo; the photo I used was from me doing a quick gmail search and using the first photo I had that matched, and I didn't realize it had both already been posted and was also given months ago. If there is a call for Schuyler to go take a photo of the remaining lock boxes as proof, I'm glad to ask him, but the people who are getting these have already gotten them in the majority (we had tracking numbers for them) and the rest are either on their way or awaiting address verification.

As for the rest... well, I, personally, did not join this project to acquire respect. I joined it to stop someone from getting letters like this until he killed himself. 

The project continues, slowly and surely.

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      Richard Jones on

      Been a couple months, any news?

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

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      Epactal Claviger on

      Justin Eugene Evans, Is your suggestion that Schuyler do absolutely nothing other than produce picks and go to work, to the absolutely exclusion of everything else in his life? I doubt that's a healthy course of action. I doubt that's something a compassionate friend would encourage. I doubt that's something anyone would encourage in good faith.

      I think folks have "bought into" the "Schuyler is a good person who never intended for this to happen", because no one would reasonably intend for this to happen. Nor do I recall the claim that the backers are to blame for having given money. And given is the key word - one should never back a project on kickstarter w/o being aware that the money isn't buying a product, and there was/is the risk of never seeing the money or product. Folks forget that. Often.

      I'm honestly surprised the decision hasn't been to cut the project where it stands, call it quits and walk away. Not every project will be a success, not every project can be saved, and sometimes the best thing that can be done is to say "This is the end". The fact that there is still an effort to reach completion is a pleasant surprise. An effort I would support and encourage, even as it takes longer.

      Anyone still upset or angry over the status of a project to which they gave away money 4 years ago, isn't likely to be viewed as a very reasonable person. That ship sailed a long time ago.

      And as a side note, I must say I'm impressed with your selfless desire to see the 1,159 people who back the project made whole. Noble.

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      deleted on

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    5. Thom Goodsell on

      Enabling. Helpling. Whatever. At this point I mostly just care that Schuyler is back on his feet, this project is moving (however slowly) toward an end, and that I have pretty good odds of eventually getting picks—in pretty much that order. I'm much too lazy to criticize "the board" or even figure out if they deserve criticism. I do appreciate them keeping an apparently-failed project from become a completely-failed project that drug its creator down with it.

    6. Thomas Negovan

      People forget that there are human beings involved in these transactions. Anonymity is one of the unhealthy facets of an internet transaction, I'd be hard pressed to think most of the people who write things like that are nearly as forward in real life. As a human being I'm proud that you stepped in to help Schuyler out. There will always be people who have a hard time considering a world beyond their immediate experience, and I celebrate the fact that you are aware enough of the organic inter-webbing that existed long before computers to get involved. You are well-respected by the majority here, whether that was your intention or not! Thank you for what you did for Schuyler, we are all made better as a society by every single act of compassion.

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      deleted on

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      deleted on

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      David Ehnebuske on

      I wish that Schuyler's original vision for this Kickstarter had come out exactly the way he wanted. That's why I originally invested in it, even though I recognized from the outset that it would probably be much harder than he thought. Over the four intervening years it turned out to be much harder than I thought, too. I wish that weren't true.

      Granting all that has passed, I must say I'm impressed that, thanks to "Jason speaking for the Board" and to Schuyler, who has picked himself up time and again despite many dark days, this project is likely to turn out better than any of us really had any right to hope for.

      Keep it up. The project continues, slowly and surely.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Braun on

      Some people are just too cold to understand the difference between enabling someone and helping someone who needs it.The only thing you've enabled him to do is get this thing behind him. The world could learn a thing or two from a good man like you Jason Scott

    11. Andrew Cornett on

      I've also got to update my address for you guys. Is there a place I should send it to? Thanks for the continued progress!

    12. Matthew Pendleton on

      I need to update my address to make sure I receive materials when they are sent. Please check your inbox or tell me who to contact.