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A pre-sale of custom lockpicks designed by a competitive lockpicker to bring "Open Locksport" to market.
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Lock Collections and Picks Continue - Last Call for Shirts

Posted by Schuyler Towne (Creator)

Jason Scott, speaking for the board.

Schuyler is slow, but he is steady. He has periods of non-reactiveness, but when I needle him, he comes back with finished, completed work, so the relationship continues.

We have shipped out pretty much all lock sets - and the ones not shipped out or being verified for destination all exist in real space, in proven photos. As I mentioned in previous updates, the Lock collections were a ridiculous overpromise, money completely down the drain and the bargain of the century now that they're actually going to people, even years later. They were, among the list of items, the remaining big non-lockpick promises and I am glad to see the back end of them.

Lockpicks are continuing to be made, of course, as well. Again, he's still doing them by hand, so they come in bursts, but they are coming. We just finished either sending out or requesting address verification from the $250 tier backers for their lockpicks, so the $250 is basically closed.

The first set of $100 tier lockpick sets are going out this week. It's only about a dozen out of the 107 people, but they're going out. I've imparted to Schuyler the importance of as-fast-as-possible turnaround on these, and he acknowledges, but there's no question they're coming out regularly, even if slower than ideal. I'll calculate the "thermometer" with the next burst of picks.

A timetable doesn't make much sense to give, other than he tends to send me about 20-30 lockpick sets at a time and I turn around and mail them out. I can only impress out from here that the picks are still important for him to work through, and pretty much the only remaining "thing" he owes from this whole endeavor. 

As Schuyler is now married, his wife Amy has taken over the "make sure Schuyler does not come to harm to himself and stays focused" job, and I have my own life to live here. I did not expect this task to take years but I am comfortable with having a years-later, slowly proceeding project and an alive Schuyler, which is the only part of the project that interested me. 

Finally, shirts.

There are a pile of Open Locksport shirts left. I intend to mail these back to Schuyler sooner rather than later, as I am trying to cut down on 'stuff' in my life and pretty much everyone promised a shirt has gotten one. I expect Schuyler to keep these around, and he and Amy can store them and either give them away as prizes or otherwise make use of them.

Therefore, if you feel you are still owed a shirt, or you wish to purchase one, please contact me at and I will arrange to get a shirt to you. After, say, the end of November, I'll be sending them back to the Townes for their own use/collection.


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    1. John Kinsella on

      Jason, thx for all the selfless work. And Schuyler, keep hanging in there :)