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The rebellious adventures of a teen all-star baseball player and his sociopathic best friend during the summer after high school.

Greetings from Bad People...

We are raising money to help fund The Age of Reason: a feature length, teenage rebellion film. The Age of Reason follows recent high school graduates and lifelong best friends Oz and Freddy. Torn between desire, ambition, and responsibility, the two misfits lash out against friends, family, suburbia, and each other.

"The Age of Bikes" was shot over the course of a weekend to introduce the characters while illustrating the visual style and tone intended for the feature. (The roles of Oz and Freddy will be recast for the feature).

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The Age of Reason will be shot on the RED camera in Austin and San Antonio, Texas in Spring 2011. We have a talented key group of filmmakers who have worked together on several features, including Fever Night (, and the upcoming A Schizophrenic Love Story ( These are largely DIY films, but there's no reason why DIY films have to be associated with low quality. We believe in putting together a high-quality product that focuses on artful, visual story telling, and are able to accomplish this very cheaply.

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We would love your support to help us provide for production items like:

*Travel expenses
*Fair pay for cast and crew
*Food and lodging
*Location permits

In The Age of Reason, we want to portray contemporary youth in a stylized world -- in the vein of Splendor In The Grass, Rebel Without A Cause, and The Outsiders. We want to capture a tone similar to these movies, but in a modern setting for a modern audience. It's an odd genre that has gone in and out of style, and we'd like to see it return!

Come collaborate with us and support indie filmmaking! If you have any questions, please send us a message! Thanks for reading!

P.S. The soundtrack will be made up primarily of garage rock bands from San Francisco, like Ty Segall (, Thee Oh Sees (, and others, as editing progresses and we see what music fits where. If you haven’t heard of these bands and you like psychedelic garage music, these are some of the best around.


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    Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes stills, videos, and journal entries during production and post, along with our sincerest thank you!

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    The above PLUS a first-print DVD screener with cover art.

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    The above PLUS production artwork and storyboards package, along with a copy of the shooting script in PDF format.

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    The above PLUS a CD mixtape of soundtrack songs and an official crew production t-shirt.

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    The above PLUS “Special Thanks” in credits and free tickets to opening night premiere with free food and drink, along with a “signed/arted on” hard copy of the shooting script.

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    The above PLUS the “MYSTERY BOX!” Shipped to your home! Filled with mysterious items! (HINT: Rare stuff from production and VH-YES! from our own collections). We’ll also incorporate your photo in the set design if you wanna.

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    The above PLUS one of the first "Age of Reason" poster prints (less than 50 will be printed), signed by cast and crew, along with a personalized "Thank You" video card from Bad People.

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    The above PLUS Associate Producer credit and open invitation to set whenever the hell you want, and attendance to the Bad People wrap party.

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    LIMITED REWARD 4 of 4 remaining The above PLUS Executive Producer credit. **OPTIONAL** We can put your company’s logo in the movie or credits. If you want to talk beforehand, just email us at:

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