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A comedy series about college, careers, and the mediocre paths between them.

The Pitch

Mediocracy is an up-and-coming comedy series that follows a group of college students as they navigate though average relationships, mediocre jobs, and uneventful events in pursuit of their respective career paths. 

The pilot episode focuses on Kevin, a film student, as he tries to mediate between his movie shoot and his personal life. The episode introduces the characters closest to Kevin and explore the relationships that will shape the rest of the first season. 

The Shoot

We plan to start shooting in January 2012 but need a starter budget to pay for daily production expenses and marketing. In addition, we would like to attract an audience for the series as we hope to send the pilot episode through the festival circuit and ultimately receive exposure on a smaller cable network such as IFC or Sundance. Our immediate goal after production is to submit the first episode to the New York Television Festival's Independent Pilot Competition. 

The Cast

McCormick Sweeney..............Kevin
Liz Faraglia............................Mikaela
Evan Koepnick.......................Brad
Sasha Sigel...........................Melissa
John Glowacki........................Devin
Eric Komans..........................Chester
Kristin Johnson.......................Jennifer 
Emily Rindt............................Cynthia
Gwen Graves..........................Wanda

The Filmmakers

Mediocracy is being written and developed by three students from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee who have joined creative forces in an effort to get the show off the ground.

Nikolaus Aldrich, the Director and Co-Creator, has worked on several film and television productions including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, American Idol Seasons 10 & 11, and a TV pilot entitled Powers for FX. In addition, He has directed a short film, Immanence, which took third place at the UW – Milwaukee Film and Video Festival. Mediocracy will be his sophomore effort in directing.  
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Aaron Alpert, the Assistant Director and Co-Creator, has been developing the world, concepts and characters that make up Mediocracy for the past 2 years with Nick Aldrich. Aaron has also worked on Transformers: Dark of the Moon and American Idol Seasons 10 & 11. He has a strong interest in cinematography and is working closely on the show's technical components. He is extremely excited to see this project completed and is dedicated to delivering great content to you and future viewing audiences! 
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Brian Lis, the show's Producer, was brought into the Mediocracy mix this past year to help make the show a reality. His passion for film lies in directing as well as coordinating and organizing the necessary components for production. He has been lucky enough to assist the development of Mediocracy and hopes that you will enjoy the content we create for you in the coming months.  Brian has worked on a variety of projects for film and television including American Idol Seasons 10 & 11 with Nick and Aaron, and has also interned for the Milwaukee Film Festival in 2011. 
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All The Nitty-Gritty

Here's a breakdown of our budget for our pilot episode:

Legal Costs: $120
Craft Services: $500
Transportation: $150
Art Department: $200
Location Fees: $100
Festival Entry Fees: $50
Marketing and Promo: $300
Backer Incentives: $300
Kickstarter Fees: $300

How You Can Help

Any donation amount will help us achieve our goal. We will be extremely grateful for any contribution! We would like all of our backers to be involved with the show, which is why we'll try to keep you as updated as possible on the production through email and Vimeo updates. Even if you aren't able to donate, liking us on Facebook or sharing our link with friends & family would make a huge difference. Thank You for all of your help in advance!

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