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We Scream is a documentary short film about ice cream truck drivers and paleteros in Los Angeles, California.
57 backers pledged $2,399 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Kicking and Screaming

Happy holidays to all the supporters of We Scream! I know it has been quite a while since the last update but I want to assure everyone that we are still working on the film and have every intention of releasing it when we are done. We are over half way to our goal running time of 30 minutes and have captured some great moments over the last few years.

Your generous pledges gave us motivation and the ability to buy some much needed supplies! Time after family and work responsibilities has been a little harder to find. That having been said, we are very proud of what we have put together. We have high standards for this little movie and we want it to be great!

Adriana and I are hoping to bring in a little outside help with this last leg of the film. That should give us a nice little kick in pants.

Thanks again and all the best to you and yours,


Money and Land

In our first clip we introduce you to Rogelio, a young college student who works 6 days a week as an ice cream truck driver and Hilberto, a former industrial refueling tech who bought an ice cream truck after he was laid off. 

Rogelio, filmed in Fullerton, CA., started driving at age 18 and is now putting himself through school. Hilberto, filmed in Salinas, CA., is on his fourth truck. He buys old ice cream junkers, fixes them up and goes out on the road to support himself and his family.

Your support and encouragement is helping us finish this film! Thank you so much.

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Long Live We Scream!

Hello everyone! We Scream is alive and well! We have the first 10 minutes of the film edited and we are planning to wrap up this summer. It has been a long two year wait for all of you who pledged to make this film a possibility and we just wanted to say thanks again for all the support and patience. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't ask about the film and it definitely helps to encourage a couple of first time filmmakers to keep at it.

The footage we have looks great (all shot in HD) and over the last two years we have met quite a few interesting characters. We can't wait for you to meet them too. Thanks again for being patient and expect regular updates now that we are getting close to the proverbial finish line.

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First We Talk, Then We Scream

Just over a year ago We Scream was an idea looking for an audience. Adriana and I are still amazed at the enthusiasm and support we have received for this project. Things have come a long way in the last year. We have interviewed dozens of ice cream truck drivers and paletero and have driven all over California in search of them.

We have also encountered a surprising number of obstacles along the way. There are many stories that we want to tell but can't. Of the dozens of people we have spoken with, very few are willing to share their stories on camera. Just last week I spoke with a Columbian born driver who said he would talk with us, but only off camera. His reason? He has an engineering degree and a small family. He said that he did not want his family to see him driving an ice cream truck.

This kind of situation has been echoed a number of times as filming has continued. Adriana and I are not filmmakers, per se. I am a composer and musician and my wife is a writer and cook. We jumped into this project because no one else had. When we began raising money through Kickstarter we had only an hour of footage. We Scream was not a polished film that needed money to finish; we hadn't even started. Once funds were raised we paid for our video camera, software, and gas. And some ice cream.

We made a decision early on that we would not provide any voice over or commentary for We Scream. Our approach has been greatly inspired by Errol Morris' film Vernon, Florida: point the camera at interesting people and let them talk.

So, have are still filming! We have an interview scheduled with a paletero named Ruben tomorrow afternoon at a park near our house in Long Beach. We began our interview with him last week and our camera's battery ran out. Ruben has a very important perspective and we wanted to meet with him again. He also happens to carry some of our favorite paleta flavors.

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Final Interviews!

It has been a long winter here in Los Angeles as we are trying to wrap up the filming for We Scream. After our trip to Salinas we have had to wait a few months for the ice cream truck business to ramp up again. Thankfully we have our final few interviews on the horizon, including one with Captain Ice Cream.

Adriana and I just want to thank everyone for the continued support and encouragement. As first time film makers we are trying to do our best, take our time and focus in on exactly what stories the ice cream underground has to tell.

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