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We Scream is a documentary short film about ice cream truck drivers and paleteros in Los Angeles, California.

The sounds of an ice cream truck moving down a city street are unmistakable. The electronic melody of a nursery rhyme alone is enough to shock us back into childhood. Ice cream vendors seem to operate on the outside edges of our cities and memory. We buy our treat and they disappear into a brown haze.
We Scream: Voices From The Ice Cream Underground is a documentary short that takes a look into the subculture of ice cream truck owners and paleteros (cart vendors) in Los Angeles. What kind of hours do they keep? What kind of a living do they make? What are their occupational hazards?

My name is Chris Schlarb. I am a composer and musician living in Long Beach, California. I have long wondered about what happens after the ice cream truck disappears from our sight and the sound of its music fades from our ears. We Scream is an idea that I have wanted to pursue for over half a decade.

A few years ago I released an album called Twilight & Ghost Stories on Asthmatic Kitty Records. Conceptually, I will be approaching the score and soundtrack to We Scream in much the same way: combing written pieces of music with dialogue and environmental sounds.

Most recently I collaborated with Swedish game designer Nifflas on Night Game for the Nintendo Wii. I composed over 45 minutes of original music for Night Game which was nominated for the Independent Game Festival’s Grand Prize.

I will compose the film's music myself and plan for a running length of 20-30 minutes. Shooting will take place in and around Long Beach, San Pedro and Los Angeles this summer with a two person crew that includes myself and my wife Adriana. We hope to raise enough money to pay for the equipment needed, our time spent and post production help (typography, graphics, color correction). Of course, the more money we raise, the more time and care we can put into the film.

Once We Scream is finished we plan on releasing the film online for all to see. Backers will receive regular updates, early edits of the film and special bonuses depending on pledge level.


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