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An interactive scratch-n-sniff guide through NYC; from bagels to garbage. Venture into 19 neighborhoods & encounter 20 smells!

"My name's Amber Jones, Concierge for 10 years,
When you visit New York, I help calm all your fears.

I've written this book that you'll want to sniff,
It's called New York, Phew York... just scratch and take a whiff!

It's a fun tale of a family's trip to the city.
A scratch and sniff guide of the good and the gritty.

You see I hold the key to the places to see;
The best shows and cafes, and stuff to do that's for free!

But you can't DO New York, without smelling it's smells;
From pizza to hot dogs, to those sewer expels.

Smells of bagels and lox, and garbage stuffed trucks,
Because summer to winter, these smells are in flux.

Visiting 5 boroughs and 19 neighborhoods in between,
With 30 different smells including Central Park's Green.

The perfect guide to New York with your own front row seat,
You'll follow your nose while you follow your feet.

Written for kids 5 through 8!
But no matter your age, the same treasure awaits.

With hopes to be a series, city smells all the way,
AuSTINKS, SMELLinos and even SMEL-A.

Oh, so you think this in an interesting niche,
Well it's written in couplets just like this pitch! "

Some of the scents included are:
Red Apple, Strawberry, Garbage, Pizza, Hot dogs, Sewer steam, Fish, Churros, Peanuts, Horse Manure, Shish-kabobs, Smoke, Bagels, Grass, Piragua Ice Cone, Pickles, Pastrami, and More!

This book is really expensive to make and that's what really STINKS!  The book is being pre-sold for pennies more than the cost to make it.  Scents have to be custom made and we really want this book to to be made in the USA.  After many submissions to different publishers, we realized that though they expressed their love for the idea, they were not interested in the high costs and other difficulties associated with producing a scratch and sniff book.  Therefore, that's why we are looking for your help to get this dream off the shelf (pun intended).  Maybe a publisher will pick it up after its been printed... or maybe not, but you just might be an owner of one of the only copies ever printed!

There are no other Scratch and Sniff Books of New York or any other city.

New York, Phew York will target three main customer groups:

  • Children 5 years and up - Young boys and girls are naturally inquisitive and tend to gravitate towards colorful and "fun" books.  Scores of authors have used large illustrations to captivate children, especially when describing a place as vibrant and memorable as New York City.  Children love to use their senses while reading, which makes a scratch-n-sniff book a perfect outlet for their curiosity.
  • New Yorkers - Can you think of any locals who are more proud of where they live than New Yorkers?  Folks who grew up in the Big Apple have a very strong tie to their city.  Songs like New York, New York by Frank Sinatra and Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z show how much New Yorkers love to celebrate their urban heritage.  This book would provide this audience yet another outlet to show everyone how unique their city is.  It's an ideal coffee table book. 
  • Tourists - Times Square in New York City is the most visited tourist attraction in the United States - approximately 35 million people came through the "Center of the World" in 2008.  America's largest city offers out-of-towner's a vast range of experiences, such as amazing multi-ethnic cuisines and towering skyscrapers.  Tourists can relive these moments through this book themselves or buy it as a gift for loved ones who could not make the journey in person.  It is a humorous gift or an alternative guide book to complement the more traditional guides.  

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