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Update #14

Introducing "Deru vs biolabs: Iceland". A unique collaboration with Camel Audio/Alchemy


Hello everybody,

The last 36 hours has seen some pretty amazing strides towards meeting the goal, and it's for two great reasons.

First: The other day we asked if you'd consider increasing your pledges by small incremental amounts and the result of that was HUGE.  So many of you were generous enough to raise your already incredible donations and we can't thank you enough for the boost it's given us.  

Second: Camel Audio, an amazing audio plugin company whose Alchemy software synth has seen its' fair share of use by Deru, swooped in with an amazing partnership opportunity and pretty healthy pledge.  

So here's the cool part.  Deru is teaming up with the Camel Audio team to create a special sound library for Alchemy, based on his field recordings from the film production.  There will be 150 presets and over 500MB of sample content.

And more good news - backers at the $150 and up level will get a free license (not for resale) for the special sound library, which can be used with the freely available Alchemy Player.  Which means that even if you aren't necessarily an audio producer, you can still interact with this amazing Iceland-inspired soundscape instrument.  Oh, and this includes those of you who have already pledged at $150 and up.  Thank you Camel Audio!

Here's to the next 59 hours, we're almost there!  If you've got audio production geek friends, please share this incredible news with them.


Update #13

Only 3 days to go! 368 backers and almost 30k..


Dear supporters of Outliers,

We've got about 3 days left until the deadline for the fundraising is up.  The project ends this Sunday night at 10:30pm CST (for us Chicagoans in Scenicland). It may seem like we're far from the finish line but if everybody could convince 1 or 2 friends to make a pledge, we'd be there in no time!  We're talking to a few sponsors that might be able to give us a boost in the next few days, which will help immensely... but what we're asking is if you could help us out in our home stretch by:

• Sending the link out to 2 other friends, asking them if they'd be willing to support.  Literally any amount helps.

• Keep the tweets and facebook links going.  This is the fuel driving the campaign and the traffic to the page and the video have been amazing.  

• Remember: even if you've pledged for say... the $35 box... you can increase your pledge in any increment you want (many of you have already done this, thank you).  Raising your pledge by $5 or $10 helps so much more than it seems.  

We've got two amazing photographers, a stellar composer, some twisted filmmakers, and a full-length soundtrack of ALL ORIGINAL tracks contributed by some of the most talented composers and modern electronic music producers on the planet.  There have got to more music fans out there that simply haven't heard about Outliers yet, so let's keep spreading the word together.  

We've all come really far to lose the opportunity to collaborate with all these amazing artists, let's make it happen!  We understand that money doesn't grow on trees, and cannot thank each and every one of you enough for believing in what this whole thing could be.  

Outliers Crew

PS - Here are 4 nice crisp stills from the trailer for download.  We're using them as desktop wallpapers, and they don't look half bad ;)

Click to Download Zip

Update #12

A message from Kim Holtermand + new Lomo Diana+ tier


Hey ya'll, here's a new interesting tier we're introducing this week for the camera geeks.  We think it'd make a nice Xmas gift and it'll be ready by November.

For $250, you'll get 1 of 10 Lomo Dianas+ which we're going to take on the trip to shoot with.  You get the camera package, signed by Tim Navis/Kim Holtermand, with the film still inside. The results of the film development are yours, and yours alone.  A one of a kind reward.

Here's Kim with a message about it:

Update #11

Outliers, Vol I: Iceland featured in the LA Times blog!


This is pretty incredible, the LA Times gave us a great writeup on their blog, Pop & Hiss.

We are eternally grateful for all of the support so far, it's been an amazing journey itself.  As we're about to enter the home stretch this week, please try and tell a few friends about the project.  Every single tiny little bit is going to help us close the gap over the next 10 days!  The soundtrack keeps growing with amazing new artists, and we've been working on mobile app that will help backers keep track of the project's progress during all stages of production so stay tuned!

Update #10

New artist announcement: Son Lux


Ok everybody, this soundtrack just keeps getting better... we just confirmed classically-trained producer and composer Son Lux.  Check out his amazing release from this year, We Are Rising.  "Stravinsky meets the RZA", as one blogger put it.

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    Our sincerest gratitude in helping to bring our project to life. Don't forget to download the first song from the soundtrack - available here, for FREE.

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    • Digital Download (Soundtrack + HD Video + PDF Booklet)

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    Digital Download (Soundtrack, HD Video, PDF Booklet) + Digital Bonus Content (Desktop Wallpapers, Outtake Videos)

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    Digital Download • BOX SET: BluRay + CD + Booklet

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    • Limited release "Outliers, Vol I: Iceland" photo book • BOX SET: BluRay + CD + Booklet • Digital Download (Soundtrack + HD Video + PDF Booklet)

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    • 2 exclusive limited run prints from Tim + Kim • Limited release "Outliers, Vol I: Iceland" photo book • BOX SET: BluRay + CD + Booklet • Digital Download (Soundtrack + HD Video + PDF Booklet)

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    LOMO DIANA+ PACKAGE. You get a signed Diana+ that we'll be taking along with us to shoot Iceland with. We ship the camera to you with the film still inside and the resulting one-of-a-kind photos will be yours to develop and discover. The camera part of this reward will be shortly after the shoot, so it's perfect Xmas gift! ***STANDALONE REWARD. THIS REWARD COMES WITH THE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CONTENT AND THE CAMERA PACKAGE.

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    All of the above, plus a one-of-a-kind large format print featuring a completely unique montage of stills from the shoot, signed by Tim + Kim. You will be the proud owner of a single edition poster that won't be printed twice.

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    All of the above, plus 8mm film cells spliced from the shoot, a set of 12 polaroids with a personalized note, and your name in the film's credits.

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    1 backer Limited (24 left of 25)

    VIP ACCESS TO THE CHICAGO PREMIERE All of the above, plus a meet-and-greet cocktail party with the filmmakers and artists performing that day. Special reserved seating and guaranteed access to all of the day's events. (Travel and lodging not included)

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    CHICAGO PHOTO SHOOT WITH TIM + KIM. Join Tim Navis and Kim Holtermand during the weekend of our screening, for a day of exploring and shooting Chicago and its' outlying areas. Bring your gear along, as the photographers will be sharing tips and techniques.

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    All of the above, plus an Executive Producer credit in the film and dinner with the filmmakers during the weekend of the Chicago event. Perfect for a sponsorship opportunity.

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