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Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland's video poster

This October, Scenic will join photographers Tim Navis + Kim Holtermand and composer Deru in capturing a journey around Iceland. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on September 4, 2011.

This October, Scenic will join photographers Tim Navis + Kim Holtermand and composer Deru in capturing a journey around Iceland.

About this project

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Read the writeup by the LA Times

This October, with the help of the Kickstarter community, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians are setting out on a journey to explore the remote countryside of Iceland and document our experiences with the landscape, residents and traditions we encounter. The end result, a beautifully packaged box set of the film and companion soundtrack, will be released to backers of the project as a physical artifact of the unique and awe-inspiring experience. We can't wait to share the results with you.

The project — anchored by internationally renowned photographers Tim Navis + Kim Høltermand and aided by film collective Scenic and composer Deru — will be unique in its improvisational spirit. The group will create a series of short films at various locations throughout the island, inspired by moments of discovery and chance occurrence. Tim's sun-drenched SoCal landscapes and Kim's cold, architectural abstractions provide the perfect visual foundation, and fans of their work can imagine how exciting a collaboration between the two will be.

We'll be sharing our trip in inventive ways with supporters, providing a real-time window into an experience that the community helped to make reality. Upon our return, Scenic will edit a series of short films, featuring an original score by Deru and a full-length soundtrack featuring contributions from select musicians and contemporary composers. Tim + Kim will create an archival photo book and release a limited run of exclusive prints for the Kickstarter community.

Your donation will help provide travel and accommodations while our small crew films and photographs the trip, and will allow us to produce truly stunning physical artifacts that showcase the beauty and wonder of Iceland. We hope you'll join us on our journey, and we thank you for your support.

Tim Navis »

Initially purchasing a camera with the intent to document his fine art work, LA-based Tim Navis' passion for photography was born as the result of chance. Alongside a breathtaking body of model portraits, he has shot a variety of landscapes from the Southern California desert to the outer reaches of Mongolia, and is a firm believer in the inherent adventure of traveling. 

Kim Høltermand »

Born into a family of artists and architects, Danish photographer Kim Holtermand began shooting his signature landscapes and architectural forms a few short years ago as a creative outlet to augment his day job as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of the Danish National Police.  

Deru »

Deru is LA-based Benjamin Wynn, an electronic music producer and composer for television, film, dance and performance art. A graduate of the CalArts music technology program, he has released music with Ghostly International, Merck, Neo Ouija and Mille Plateaux, amongst others.

About the Soundtrack

*** Download the first single here, FREE ***

Deru is curating a full-length soundtrack compilation of tracks contributed specifically for the film.  Artists include:

• Shigeto (Ghostly International)
• Loscil (Kranky)
• Goldmund (Unseen)
• Asura (NonProjects / Leaving Records)
• Tycho (ISO50 / Ghostly International)
• Joby Talbot
• Ryuichi Sakamoto
• Take (Alpha Pup)
• Thomas Knak/Opiate (Co-Producer of Björk's Vespertine)
• Heathered Pearls
• Eskmo (Ninja Tune / Warp)
• Son Lux (Anticon)

• More to be announced

About the Chicago Premiere event:

We're excited to announce our partnership with the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, who has generously agreed to host an outdoor public event at Pritzker Pavillion in Millennium Park to celebrate the launch of "Outliers, Vol I: Iceland".  During spring of 2012, we will offer a series of public and private events which include: 

- An outdoor public audio/visual performance of Deru's score, featuring guest artists from the companion soundtrack (TBA).

- A film screening, with Q/A panel

- A nighttime event with full sets by Deru and several of the contributing artists from the soundtrack.

What will VIP access include?For two people, our VIP backers have access to the following (travel and lodging not included):

- Meet and greet cocktail party with Tim Navis, Kim Holtermand, Scenic, Deru, and guest artists from the live performance event - for two.

- Reserved seating at the live public performance.

- Reserved seating at the film screening.

- Guest list access to the nighttime event.

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  • Scenic is a collective comprised of agency creatives with loads of commercial experience and backgrounds in graphic design, visual effects, programming, etc. But we needed an outlet to work on personal projects/collaborations and have spent the last year focusing mostly on music videos and experimenting with physical interface design. This will be our first foray into a documentary-style production, and it will be far from traditional. It's part of an effort to perpetuate our spirit of collaboration into further reaches of the country and of the world.

    You can see our projects at

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  • Outlier: A person or thing situated away or detached from the main body or system.

    We'd love for this project to be the first in an ongoing series featuring a group of creative collaborators working outside of their routine environments, ideally in a part of the world they have yet to set foot on. Not for commercial gain, but rather to produce a beautiful and inspired artifact of their collective experience. This project is Volume I.

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  • Our whole crew includes 7 of us between Scenic, Tim, Kim, and Ben - so travel, lodging, and car rental are expensive. We own most of our own gear but need to rent a lighting package for the week. We're doing most of the post-production ourselves, as with all Scenic projects, but need to hire audio engineers to master the score once it's complete.

    Finally, the goal of this project is to release a truly beautiful physical artifact to love and to hold. So we're not cheaping out on print production. We're raising the funds so that we can afford to make it as gorgeous as possible and have no intention whatsoever to make a profit.

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    Our sincerest gratitude in helping to bring our project to life. Don't forget to download the first song from the soundtrack - available here, for FREE.

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    • Digital Download (Soundtrack + HD Video + PDF Booklet)

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    Digital Download (Soundtrack, HD Video, PDF Booklet) + Digital Bonus Content (Desktop Wallpapers, Outtake Videos)

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    Digital Download • BOX SET: BluRay + CD + Booklet

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    • Limited release "Outliers, Vol I: Iceland" photo book
    • BOX SET: BluRay + CD + Booklet
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    • 2 exclusive limited run prints from Tim + Kim
    • Limited release "Outliers, Vol I: Iceland" photo book
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    • Digital Download (Soundtrack + HD Video + PDF Booklet)

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    LOMO DIANA+ PACKAGE. You get a signed Diana+ that we'll be taking along with us to shoot Iceland with. We ship the camera to you with the film still inside and the resulting one-of-a-kind photos will be yours to develop and discover. The camera part of this reward will be shortly after the shoot, so it's perfect Xmas gift!

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    All of the above, plus a one-of-a-kind large format print featuring a completely unique montage of stills from the shoot, signed by Tim + Kim. You will be the proud owner of a single edition poster that won't be printed twice.

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    All of the above, plus 8mm film cells spliced from the shoot, a set of 12 polaroids with a personalized note, and your name in the film's credits.

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    All of the above, plus a meet-and-greet cocktail party with the filmmakers and artists performing that day. Special reserved seating and guaranteed access to all of the day's events. (Travel and lodging not included)

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    CHICAGO PHOTO SHOOT WITH TIM + KIM. Join Tim Navis and Kim Holtermand during the weekend of our screening, for a day of exploring and shooting Chicago and its' outlying areas. Bring your gear along, as the photographers will be sharing tips and techniques.

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    All of the above, plus an Executive Producer credit in the film and dinner with the filmmakers during the weekend of the Chicago event. Perfect for a sponsorship opportunity.

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