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From a country on the verge of revolution to an island cloaked in madness. Discovering Aberration needs editing and cover design.
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Almost there...

Posted by SCBarrus (Creator)

Hello adventurers! The end of the Kickstarter is approaching, and we are moving ever closer to meeting our funding goal. As Garven Dreis said in Star Wars, "Almost there... Almost there...." Of course he turned into a fiery space explosion. Not exactly how I want the kickstarter to go.

So what can I do to sweeten the deal? Reply to this update with your vote!

A. A video compilation of every insult in DA

Discovering Aberration features its fair share of insults. If we reach 100% funding I'll film myself reading every insult from DA, and I'll do it with gusto!

B. Sing a song from DA

 If we reach 100% funding, I'll film myself singing a song from the novel for you, all four verses! I have a terrible singing voice, and it'll probably be cringe worthy, but whatever it takes. And of course, I'll do it with gusto!

C. Choose your own...

I can only think of two, that's where you come in. If you can think of an especially cool or fun way to celebrate reaching 100% funding, leave a comment with your idea. If it's a great idea, I'll do it!

Thanks to all backers so far, you guys have been incredibly supportive! Now lets get to 100%.


S.C. Barrus


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