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From a country on the verge of revolution to an island cloaked in madness. Discovering Aberration needs editing and cover design.
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Final Week: Best of the Interviews

Posted by SCBarrus (Creator)

The final week of the Discovering Aberration Kickstarter project is now upon us. It's been a crazy 3 weeks leading up to this point, but so far the experience has been well worth it. Now we have 8 days left of the campaign and 42% funding to go.

For those of you who've been wanting to learn more, below is a compilation of some of the best questions I've received about me, the project, and other random bit's of information. Enjoy.

Best of the Interviews

Q:What was the [literary] inspiration behind Discovering Aberration? (From Genre Book Reviews)

Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with some of the classic adventure writers like Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson. They weave these beautiful adventures that are not only entertaining, but artfully written.

I wanted to incorporate this into something new. A beautifully written, classic adventure full of wit and banter that transforms into not an simply an action tale, but a struggle for survival where the readers and the characters alike are uncertain of how they will make it through the next scene.

Q: Name three books and three authors that influenced you the most... (From Dean Forty Three)

I could list inspiration all day, but I’ll boil it down to thee who’s work mixed together might equate something like Discovering Aberration. First would be a combination of Jules Verne and Robert Louis Stevenson (cheating already, I know) . Around the World in 80 Days heavily inspired the writing style and some of the humor, while Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde together really inspired the tone.

Number two would be The Road by Cormac McCarthy. This was an intense book where the survival of the main characters felt like it depended on you reading the novel. It’s a feeling I try to capture in the later chapters.

And three would be the Korean film, The Good, The Bad, The Weird (cheating again…) which is a stylized remake of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. I love pacing especially, but everything about that movie is great. For Discovering Aberration, I was trying to capture a quality action movie’s sense of pacing.

Q: What makes it stand out from the pack of steampunk novels? (from HeroPress)

Where most steampunk novels are littered with devices and inventions of all sorts, the world of Discovering Aberration is a world of mounting progress where complex steampunk technology isn’t yet established. Instead, Discovering Aberration uses the steampunk setting as a license to break from reality while maintaining the feel of classic adventure and sci-fi. The overall feeling captures the essence of a dark Jules Verne novel.

Q: Tell us about the dream that inspired Discovering Aberration. (from Book Worms Fancy)

About 3 years ago, I had this insane dream. This isn’t unusual for me. My dreams have a tendency to be extravagant productions. In this dream I found myself on a remote island blanketed with thick, thriving jungle. Through this jungle my team of explorers and I trekked, pressing through walls of great leaves and hanging vines in search of something mysterious and grand.  

As we hacked through the foliage, the world opened up around us, and before us was revealed a great lake; a crater with a shimmering light submerged deep below the surface. It was the first sign of our discovery. But as we peered into the depths of the lake, our hearts sank when we saw a horrific sight. Within the lake was a massive beast, a dragon like creature, which swam about our discovery, protecting it over the centuries.

So we did what anybody in this situation might do. We built a rocket and strung it to the ground with massive rubber bands. We climbed inside and the strange device shot us up into the air, and then, when we reached the point at which the rubber bands were stretched to their limit, we were hurled back down into the lake to speed past the great and terrible beast.  

It was a silly, adventurous dream. The dream served as inspiration for me to begin writing the novel, but there are no dragons here. Something much more sinister stalks the island jungle.

Q: Why Kickstarter?   (from Book Worms Fancy)

I love Kickstarter! I love everything about it. It’s a place fostering creative independence, meaning I don’t need to rely on a major publisher. Instead, I can reach out to my current and future readers, and they choose whether it should be made or not.


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