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From a country on the verge of revolution to an island cloaked in madness. Discovering Aberration needs editing and cover design.
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51% and 18 Days to Go

Posted by SCBarrus (Creator)


Our first 12 days we rocketed up to 50%, which is uncommon, so thank you guys so much for pledging in the first week and bringing us to high ground. Because of this, we are coushined a little bit from the midway slog.

Yesterday was the slowest day for the campaign yet, but we still ended up with 3 pledges bumping us up 1%. This slow day wasn't unexpected. Kickstarter campaigns generally go through a slog about halfway through, often with days of no activity at all. Lucky for us, far we've been blessed enough not to have a day without pledges.


But in order to beat the slog, I've set some goals. Over the next five days, my goal is simple. I'm aiming for at least a 1% rise a day. That's about $30 pledged a day, or one $25 paperback reward and one $5 ebook reward. In order to beat this slog, I've been trying some experiments. 

The first was a facebook image which I shared out on my network, and you can find here (please like and share):

The second is a new video on the Kickstarter page. The original video has been watched 80 times but only completed a little more than 20% of the time, so I made a shorter, more concise video. We'll see if it works after a few days. 


Over the last week I was featured all over the place. Here are some links to the lasted batch.

Interview with Examiner [Part 1]

Interview with Examiner [Part 2] 

Interview with My Book Musings

Featured on Indie Spec Fic Fund

Thanks to new backers

 Finally, I would like to thank this weeks new backers! Your support is actively pushing this project forward, and I truly appreciate it.


S.C. Barrus


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