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From a country on the verge of revolution to an island cloaked in madness. Discovering Aberration needs editing and cover design.
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36% and 22 days to go - Week 1 Recap

Posted by SCBarrus (Creator)

This week has been absolutely amazing! I've learned so much in the last seven days, but I'll tell you all about that when this whole campaign is over.

We launched the Kickstarter on Monday and started with a goal of reaching 20% by Friday. During that time, we recieved over 120 shares and likes on Facebook, and a good portion of shares and +1's on Google+. 2 interviews and 3 guest blog posts have gone live, and there are 7 more waiting in line for me to write.

Then we ended the week with a bang at the Kickstarter Launch party. We filled up the Pioneer Cafe, but not so full that it was uncomfortable (Photos and Video to come in the near future). And within a day after the event we jumped from raising $700 to our current $1351 or 36%!

Now we are appearing on the front page of Kickstarter as one of the "Hot Projects", as well as the front page of the Publishing and Fiction sections!

The pic below is our "trending" line, which uses an algorithm that looks at where we are and estimates where the project will finish. If this chart turns out to be accurate, at the lowest projected amount we'll hit the first 2 stretch goals. This means Discovering Aberration will feature illustrations and a map! SO COOL!

Thank you so much to all my backers for getting us this far. You guys have been an amazing support, and I truly appreciate your efforts at getting this project funded.

But let's not forget that we have a long way to go yet. We got this far because of hard work, and if we quit before the race is done then we'll fall short. So please continue to spread the word, share posts, and tell your friends. I have a small pile of touch cards left over from the event with QR codes leading to the kickstarter page (image below). If you would like some, let me know and I'll be sure to get them to you.

Thank you all.

S.C. Barrus


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