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$36,022 pledged of $400,000 goal
$36,022 pledged of $400,000 goal

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Thank you all!


Hello warriors!

With the To The Death Kickstarter winding down, we wanted to extend our deepest thanks to all of you that have supported us. Over the past month we've learned a lot, met some amazing people, and had the chance to share one of our big game visions. We'll all reflect on this and see what the best next steps for everyone will be. Thanks to everyone that helped us with the campaign and especially THANK YOU for your loyal support!

Evolution of an Enemy


Hello warriors!

Todd Alderman here.  Here's a look into the evolution of an enemy.  For those that have played the demo, it's the 'Lady with the Gun'.

First she started out in a line-up.

Next we pick aspects from some of the different sketches that we like and move on to the next phase where the line-ups are more on theme, but with slightly different directions.

This is the more Roman style, arrow shooting gunner.

Then we explored a more magical version.

Next we try out different helmet treatments to see what works best for her.

Then we try out different color schemes, tweaks to the armor and weapon here and there, and animations created.

And she's ready to be in-game!  This enemy will be iterated on and evolve along with the game, changing and improving when and where it's needed.  

We're entering the final stretch with just one week to go and still pretty far off from our goal.  We're not giving up and will do all we can for this last week of the campaign.  THANK YOU to all the loyal warriors that stuck with us the whole time, we really do appreciate all of your support!

Early Version Video


Hello warriors!

Todd Alderman here.  Today we wanted to share with you a video showcasing the early playable version of To The Death that we put together at Scary Mostro before hooking up with Section Studios. You can really see how much has changed!

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We hope this gives a little bit more insight into the full scope of the game.  You can get a glimpse into how big and open the Crawl overworld is supposed to be, a few more types of enemies like the runners, and a very early concept of the scale of boss fights could be.  

To The Death Wiki

We've teamed up with the great people over at Curse and  opened up the official To The Death Wiki!  This will be the central place to find info, guides, walkthroughs, and everything else To The Death related.  Check it out at:

Keep spreading the word!  More to come.  THANK YOU!

Funding Update


Hello warriors!

We've received a lot of questions regarding our funding goal and how the funding will be used. In this update we'd like to address those questions and talk about where we feel the project is currently.   

With many, there's been a misconception about what the totality of the game is and we're trying to clear that up. We've received a lot of comments that had concerns about the game's animations and it's simplictiy as a side-scrolling shoot'em up. 

We thought it would be best to share early prototype gameplay footage showing the potential of what the combat will be like, instead people tend to take it as a representation of the final product, which it is not, just a peek into what it will be like.

We still have over a year worth of features to implement and in order to bring the project up to the level of quality and polish the game deserves, we need to bring other talented developers onto the team. That's what brought us to Kickstarter.  

Here is a breakdown of how the Kickstarter money is scheduled to be divided up.

As you can see, most of the money goes directly into the game, with some of the funding to take care of Kickstarter costs, and the rest for business fees.

We hope this clears things up a little bit. We came to Kickstarter with a bit of an avant-garde idea: a heavy metal, exploration filled beat'em-up/shoot'em-up hybrid side-scroller made by passionate first person shooter developers. Not your typical pitch, but something we do believe in, and hope that Kickstarter could be the right platform for launching such unique game.

More to come.  THANK YOU!

Hardcore Demo


Hello warriors!

Todd Alderman here.  Today we're releasing an updated demo.  We're calling it the Hardcore Demo because this time you only have 1 life, and 1 health.   There's a new level, your score is prominently displayed after you die, some tweaks have been made to the AI to make the experience a little fairer, the overpower trigger has been made easier to see, as well as a few other tweaks and fixes here and there.  You can download the demo below:

7 Ways to Not Die

Frank here and I want to share a few tips and tricks that will help you maximize your kill count.  

  • 1. Dodge when the going gets tough. Dodging actually makes you invincible for a short time allowing you to escape from the onslaught of enemies and projectiles. Be careful though, dodging to quickly can leave you stunned. 
  • 2. Shoot your way out. Your guns may not do much damage but they're great at pushing enemies back and giving you that extra room you need to mount an offense. 
  • 3. Keep that blade sharp. Having a sharpened blade gives you twice the damage, so get it sharpened ASAP. Once sharpened it'll last until your next death. 
  • 4. Time your swings. Overpowers are a great way to clear the screen. The overpower timer continues to run during blocking and shooting. This allows you to keep the enemies at bay while you prepare for your next swing. With gamepads you just need to release the block/shoot trigger to go straight into the swing. 
  • 5. Get in the rhythm. The Overpower timer is always the same. This makes it possible to time each attack to trigger an Overpower without relying on the visual effect. 
  • 6. Position yourself. By always keeping on the move you can align the enemies and create combos by knocking enemies into one another. It also helps align incoming projectiles that can be knocked back for easy kills.
  • 7. If you have a gamepad, use it!  While keyboard and mouse is certainly viable, the gamepad controls are little more refined at this stage of development.  A wired Xbox 360 controller works well on Windows while a PS3 controller will do the trick in OSX.

User Videos

Here's another YouTube playthrough of the previous demo.  Let's get some YouTube videos up of the Hardcore Demo!  The more out there, the more the word spreads.

More to come.  THANK YOU for hanging in there with us!