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Run Beautiful People Incorporated and build your self enhancement empire in our cynical, complex take on the lemonade-stand.

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That’s Why You’re Not Ugly is a Rich Item-Shop/Economics Simulator with an ironic post-modern twist. From a cardboard box outside a Russian dock to an Interplanetary network of satellites, take the reins of Beautiful People Incorporated, and make everyone beautiful.

Nostalgia Remixed

Everyone knows the lemonade-stand.  Most of you played it in school. All the economic ideas that you thought you mastered are now re-mastered for your older, “smarter” brain. Build your empire from the ground up, opening bigger and better stores, mastering the needs of the varied customers who frequent each shop, and battling supply, demand, and the inevitable force of entropy. 

Research and Upgrade

As you progress through the game, discover new beautification products, upgrade your shop, and milk more money out of the unsuspecting public.  Remember, if there is money in their wallet, they could be less ugly.

Evolving Characters

Right When You think you’ve gotten everything figured out, your customers will evolve, with different wants, needs, and wallet sizes. Your Baby Brittany might just walk in with X-Fed in tow. And if you don’t adapt to the changing market, the Beautiful People will leave you behind.  


So you’ve grown your empire and the lower-end stores are generally working but you don’t want to spend tons of time micro-managing them? Well, hire a manager to run the store for you.  But be careful, because a new manager might end up costing you money before he gets the hang of the job. 

Perception and Policy

Shape the public perception by publishing “scientific” papers, lobbying the government, and brainwashing the public with advertising.  Strengthen your brand by creating a false message of science and policy. 

Special Events

Go to trade shows, county faires and intergalactic beauty conventions. Outperform all the competition with your glamor and glitz, earn bonus cash and improve your reputation. 

Rich Game-World Content

Get to know the extensive Beautiful People Incorporated product line, meet the clientele in the “Customary”, familiarize yourself with the managers through their personal interviews, and learn about the products through videos and audio presentations brought to you by your friendly neighborhood BPinc. representative.  

Beautiful People is People

Once you’ve managed to get the customers under your control there is only one last thing to do.  Make. Them. Products.  Transform your most loyal customers into the pinnacle of beautification.  You may even find a customer who wants nothing more than the stuff that made up your customers’ dreams. Or skin.    

Releasing the Beauty

Our plan to get the game out is simple. In about 5 months, we will be releasing a closed beta for our Kickstarter supporters; with an estimated release date approximately a month following the beta. Though we will certainly be distributing the game over our own website, we hope to utilize popular distribution platforms for all our convenience (Steam, Desura, ya know...). Finally, and this last one is important; we will be releasing for Windows Only at launch. (But we really want to add more platforms based on interest). 

Perks of the Product

Ok, so you’re digging our game, but want to know more about what you get for helping us fund it.  Onward as we plumb the depths of what each reward level is!

$5 - Not Ugly

First and foremost, for giving us a fiver, you’ll get the finished game.  But wait, there’s more!  Act now, and you will also get beta access to early playable builds of the game through our website.  You will be able to provide us with feedback if you so choose, giving you the opportunity to help us shape the final product.  Also will have access to download the game for any additional platforms we port to (Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) for no additional cost.

$25 -Beautiful People Poster-Person

You get the Not Ugly pack above, as well as an 18”-24” poster of a Beautiful People Incorporated product.  (Final design of poster coming soon).

$50 - Bottled Beauty Collector’s Edition

You get the $5 digital game level, the $25 BPinc Poster, and at $50 you will get the Bottled Beauty collectors edition of the game.  This Version of the game will contain (1) Bottle of Bottled Beauty, a physical copy of That’s Why You’re Not Ugly, and a Beautiful People incorporated collectors box.  Each Bottled Beauty Collector’s Edition will be numbered, and following the Kickstarter campaign, we will not produce any more.  Additionally, this edition is available ONLY to $50 contributors.

$250 - Forever Thin Collector’s Edition

$5 Digital Product, Check. BPinc Poster, Check.  At this level you get the Forever Thin collection, containing (1) Vial of SlimNOW!, (1) Vial of Inner Strength, and (1) bottle of Love Yourself, as well as a physical copy of the game and a beautiful Beautiful People Incorporated case.  Each copy of this edition will be numbered, and only produced during the Kickstarter campaign.

$1000 - You can be a Beautiful People Too!

You get everything from the Forever Thin level.  Digital copy, Poster, Forever Thin Collector’s Edition.  Then you get the opportunity to have one of the characters in the game designed in your likeness.  We will take a photo of you, and have a developer on one chat to learn about you.  We will then create an in-game character that matches what we have learned about you.  Be prepared, because we will probably make fun of you a ton, but show off to your friends the fact that you are in a videogame (if possible we may want to use your voice for the character speech).  

$10000 - That’s Why You’re Not Ugly, LIVE

If you think this is awesome, but want to see where it all began...  At this level, you get 2 Forever Thin Collector's Editions of the game, 2 Beautiful People Incorporated Posters, a digital copy of the game, a character designed after you, and we will fly out to your city, we will bring with us everything we need to perform the That’s Why You’re Not Ugly stage show in your hometown at the venue you provide.  We will go to a bar with you, have a dance party in your living room, you know, normal stuff.  Just your average live show video game release party. (This level is Continental USA only).

Thank you for checking out the campaign.   Don't be a fatty fatty no fun, and help us make this game a reality!


  • Well, we have an anonymous matching donation of $22,500, which, with the Kickstarter backing will bring us to an even $45,000. That money will support two of us to work full time for 6 months, as well as allow us to hire some support staff for things like the music.

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  • At release, game will Windows only. As long as there is enough demand, we would love to also develop TWYNU for Mac, Linux, Mobile Devices, and Sega Genesis.

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  • At this time, we cannot commit to distributing on Steam. We are very much hoping to make that work, as well as other platforms, such as Desura.

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  • Our names come from when the two of us were touring as the fire breathers, En Flambe. We played Finn and Flynn Scarlett, which is also where our company name comes from. We like the names, they’ve stuck, so there you have it.

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    Not Ugly! Digital Copy of That's Why You're Not Ugly when it is finished. Copies of the game for download additional platforms as available. Beta Access.

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    Beautiful People Poster-Person - Everything in the Above pack, as well as an 18"-24" poster of a Beautiful People Incorporated Product.

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    Bottled Beauty Collector's Edition - Both of the above groups, and a copy of the Bottled Beauty Limited Edition of the game. The BB Limited Edition contains (1) bottle of Bottled Beauty, a physical copy of That's Why You're Not Ugly - The Game, and a Beautiful People Incorporated Collector's box. Each of these will be individually numbered, and will only be available to the people who buy this specific level.

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    Forever Thin Collector's Edition - You get the Digital game (Not Ugly level), the poster (Beautiful Person Poster-Person level) and the Forever Thin Limited Edition of the game. This version of the game contains (1) Vial of SlimNOW!, (1) Vial of Inner Strength, and (1) bottle of Love Yourself, as well as a physical copy of the game in a beautiful Beautiful People incorporated case. This edition is individually numbered, and will only be available for people who contribute at this level and above.

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    You can be a Beautiful People too! - In addition to everything that you get at the $250 level, we will take a photo you provide, chat with you for a little while, and add our version of "you" into the game. Immortalized for all your friends to mock eternally.

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    That's Why You're Not Ugly, LIVE - In addition to getting 2 copies of the Forever Thin Collector's Edition, 2 Beautiful People Incorporated Posters, and the digital copy of the game, we will fly out to your city, and perform the original That's Why You're Not Ugly in the venue you provide. More than that, this will be the launch party for the game, in your backyard if you so desire. (Continental US only on this one)

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