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Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.
Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.
Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.
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    1. Scanse Creator on

      @Shotaro Morimoto - The motor torque is sufficient for most applications. We designed sweep to have the maximum torque possible while keeping the power draw low enough to be powered by USB ports. Please contact us at so we can further assist you with your application!

    2. Shotaro Morimoto on

      Because the rotation torque of the brushless motor is weak, it immediately steps out and stops and restarts.
      Can you improve on software soon?

    3. Scanse Creator on

      @Michael Kershaw - We are sorry that the taxes and duties for EU are so high. We tried to describe our product as accurately as we could according to applicable laws. To avoid this burden in the future, we are working on establishing international distributors.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Kershaw on

      71 euros import duty in France.
      Shame you guys didn't think about this and look at the options. There are ways around it; how the item is described, how you declare its value, how you ship, etc. etc.
      I get stuff from China with the same value but no charges.
      A long wait and then a sting in the tail.

    5. Scanse Creator on

      @Brian Levinsen - We're really sorry to hear your import taxes and duties were so high. We are shipping everything directly from the US and everyone will experience different rates. Unfortunately Sweden is very much at the high end.

    6. Brian Levinsen

      Hmm, this is a bit disappointing, I just got an SMS from UPS that I have to pay $106 to receive the package, that is quite a high amount for a pledge of $245+$30 shipping.

    7. Scanse Creator on

      @Jatin Pandya - We are shipping units every day, though at a little slower pace than we hoped for when we posted our shipping kickoff update. You will get an automated email with your tracking number when you unit is shipped.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jatin Pandya on

      Can you please inform me as to when you are shipping my scanse? I was supposed to have received it by now.

    9. Scanse Creator on

      @Michael O'Dwyer - you can now purchase our 3D scanning add-on kit at

      @Michael Hurst - We did ship​ a few units a little out of order to those backers that expressed specific urgent need. We are shipping units every day and yours will go out soon.

    10. Michael Hurst on

      Scanse, sent you a direct message 9 days ago asking about shipping information for my pledge. I'm #659 so based on the below thread I think I should have seen a shipping notification by now.

    11. Michael O'Dwyer on

      Hi, I am #755 - can you let me know when to expect it in Ireland, also interested in adding the 3D scanning kit...

    12. Scanse Creator on

      @Stephen Eaton - Thanks for the feedback! We are really excited to see what people can do with this sensor!

    13. Stephen Eaton on

      @creator, very easy up and running with the visualiser, very impressed well done (big pat on back)

    14. Scanse Creator on

      @Backers - Please message us directly with your questions. This is not the right place to post your shipping information and questions. We will be posting another update soon with a shipping status update.

    15. Stephen Eaton on

      @createor Just received mine today thanks

    16. Missing avatar

      tahara junichiro on

      Hello, sweep lidar staff
      My name is junichiro Tahara.
      My Backer Number is 798.
      When do you send this to me ?

    17. Missing avatar

      joe ho on

      my Backer Number is 1010,
      my address is correct.and Hong Kong is no County Code,and phone number area code 852-xxxxxxxx
      anyway still waiting start shipping

    18. Scanse Creator on

      @Ken Kensington - Your reward will ship Monday.

    19. Scanse Creator on

      @Andy Baker - We will message you to handle this.

    20. Ken Kensington on

      Update for shipping please. Backer Number 728.

    21. Andy Baker on

      Any chance of buying another set of the black USB cable, UART->USB adapter and the black UART cable please? My current set will be firmly installed on my piDrone, so I could to with a second for testing, debug etc. Thanks

    22. Scanse Creator on

      @Zhiyu Duan - Please submit a support request here: so we can better help you. Your macbook has been black listed by chromium.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zhiyu Duan on

      "Fatal Error: Failed to create WebGL context"
      I've got this error on my macbook air 2011, any suggestion?

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Arrived today - first tests are positive. Well done Scanse :-)

    25. Andy Baker on

      #437 arrived today in the UK. Just FYI, I exchanged the Scanse Sweep for £55.71 import duty and tax with the UPS delivery guy. I'm glad we have a free trade agreement with the EU to avoid this - oh wait, no, argh - BREXIT! }:-{(>

    26. Scanse Creator on

      @Jatin Pandya - Your reward will ship by the end of next week.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jatin Pandya on

      My backer number is 887. When do you think it is likely to ship?

    28. Scanse Creator on

      @Kota Weaver - Yes! That estimate is in line with our current pace.

    29. Missing avatar

      Kota Weaver on

      @Scanse Thanks for the update. Since I'm #849, I probably have about a week before you guys will ship it off?

    30. Missing avatar

      Ritchie Wilson on

      WARNING to all UK backers. This has been sent through UPS and they are charging £58 for the privilege in cash on the doorstep.

    31. Scanse Creator on

      @Kota Weaver - We should be shipping out the remainder of the $239 tier tomorrow. The per unit assembly time has been slowly ramping up as we continue to refine our assembly line.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kota Weaver on

      Hey, thanks for the great work! Do you think you could tell us what number you're at for shipping? I'm very excited to receive my sweep!

    33. Scanse Creator on

      @Toshihiro Morio - We will continue communication through your support ticket, thank you!

    34. Missing avatar

      Toshihiro Morio on

      I can not connect a Sensor to my MacBook Air by using Sweep Visualizer BETA v0.11.0.
      I confirmed an USB cable was connected firmly and clicked "SCAN PORTS" but the Sensor did not show up in Sweep Visualizer. I use macOS 10.12.4. What should I do?
      It seems FT230X Basic UART is not working.
      I also submitted a request with a screen shot at your Support page (

    35. Scanse Creator on

      @Bradley - Thanks for the feedback and the good question! We just put together a theory of operation article in the support section of our website that should answer your question:
      We also highly recommend reviewing the other articles in our "Getting Started" section.

    36. Scanse Creator on

      @Gavin - Glad you received your Sweep! Yes, taxes were not included in the reward amounts. We are shipping to 90 countries and the taxes vary too greatly for us to have chosen a flat amount.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gavin on

      Received my Sweep today! One thing to note is that I had to pay import taxes.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bradley on

      Got mine today. Very nicely packaged. I like the additional cables that came along with the tiny USB-to-serial adapter.

      Question: Can you describe what increasing/decreasing the motor speed and the data sample rate does?

    39. Missing avatar

      Technical Systems on

      Thank you Scanse team for shipping the sweep unit. I received notification today from UPS. Eagerly waiting for Sweep to arrive. Thanks once again for developing Sweep.

    40. Scanse Creator on

      @Technical Systems - Your unit was shipped earlier today. You should see an auto generated UPS shipping notification within the next 12hrs when your packaged is processed by UPS. We hope you enjoy our product!

    41. Missing avatar

      Technical Systems on

      I am backer no. 181 and assured of my reward getting shipped this week (ref: April 18 reply by Scanse team) . I wonder if these commitments are made seriously or there are still unresolved hiccups with production/assembly yet. I am getting this feeling for I have not received any shipping update yet despite the shipping math presented in last update by Scanse team

    42. Scanse Creator on

      @Matthias M. - As our device does not have any wireless transmission components, therefore we do not have a FCC ID. The pertinent laser safety and power safety regulations that we are accordance with are now listed in the "Caution" section of our new user's manual (went live in the downloads section of our website yesterday). Our device underwent and passed the following FCC and CE tests. If you need a copy of the reports for import/export purposes, we can provide them:
      - FCC Part 15 Subpart B/ICES-003 Class B
      - EN 55032:2015
      - AS/NZS CISPR 32:2015
      - EN55024:2010
      - EN 60950-1:2006+A2:2013

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthias M.

      (Sorry for sending the message twice, I got a "bad gateway" error from the platform the first time)

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthias M.

      @Scanse: You wrote in january that "Our CE/FCC testing was finally completed last week". Could you please provide the FCC ID and CE certification?

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthias M.

      @Scanse: You wrote in january that "Our CE/FCC testing was finally completed last week". Could you please provide the FCC ID and CE certification?

    46. Scanse Creator on

      @Technical Systems - We plan to post another update soon. We've been running burn in tests on the units we built last week to make sure all the bugs are worked out. So far they look good! We'll be sending our first second-run Kickstarter units out tomorrow! Yours should get shipped this week.

    47. Missing avatar

      Technical Systems on

      The last update by Scanse team on April 6 says that shipping will begin next week. Its almost two weeks then after but no update on shipping yet. Please post updates about shipping schedules... Having done a wonderful successful project, the Scanse team should keep the backers updated, in absence of which there is frustration among those whose project deadlines have really streched too far and cannot really plan further as per committed goals. Hope scanse team does understand this.

    48. Missing avatar

      Matthias M.

      I am happy that shipping will start soon!
      Could you please provide documents (CE declaration of conformity, EN/IEC 60825-1 2007) that the laser is save to the eyes, as you stated in the FAQ ("Yes, Sweep will be CE certified. We are getting all the appropriate certifications to sell Sweep globally.") to avoid problems at customs.

    49. Scanse Creator on

      @Andy T - We are very close to releasing a full set of designs and assembly instructions for the 3D scanner add-on. This will include a huge upgrade to our 3D visualizer, that will allow you to control the scanner wirelessly. We currently have the parts list and 3D printable files for the 3D scanner available on our project page. To make it easier and less expensive to build the 3D scanner, we are also planning to make kits of parts, which will include the 3d printed parts, available for pre-order in about a week (there will most likely be a pre-order button on the Hackster page). More details on the kit price and lead time will be posted on the Hackster page as they become available:…

    50. Andy T

      Everybody has a project for this. Yours isn't any more special than mine, and mine is not any more special than anyone else's. Wait your turn, like everyone else is.

      @Creator: How do we go about getting the 3D scan capability in place? Do you have a set of printable files, a kit, or....? It would seem to me that, with shipping imminent, those of us wanting 3D should be apprised of its implementationat this point.

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