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SCANDY turns your smartphone into a fully functional scanner. With SCANDY you can make scans of documents and 3D objects.
SCANDY turns your smartphone into a fully functional scanner. With SCANDY you can make scans of documents and 3D objects.
383 backers pledged $20,087 to help bring this project to life.

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Dear Backers,

we are excited to anounce that Scandy has been shipped out today. The estimated delivery time is between 8 days and 20 days. We did not choose a low-cost, slow-boat shipping way. All Scandys are sent via air freight, and within the air shipment offerings we went for a more expensive but more reliable trackable solution.

It will take a few days to get the tracking numbers of the individual parcels. After that we will send each of you a personal message with your tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment.

We are looking forward to see Scandy at your desk.

Greets & have a nice day.

Last Chance To Update Shipping Details

Dear Backers,

the Scandys are about to be shipped. In case you need to update your shipping details, or have not submitted your shipping details at all, please do so now. To change your shipping details, please send us a message through Kickstarter.

Due to the shipping package we booked, we have to send out all parcels to a certain regions of the world at once. For that reason it will be very difficult to ship individual parcels at a later stage. There is still a number of backers who have not yet provided shipping details. Please help us by doing so now.

We are sincerely looking forward to see Scandy serving you at your desk.

Greets & Thanks for your support.

The Real Thing

Dear Backers,

Please check out this picture of Scandy. It's the real thing. No renderings - no monkey business with photo shop.  Just a pic.

We love it and we'd love to hear from you what you think about it.

We want to post more updates in the coming week as we manage to collect some actual production footage.

Have a sparkling day!

T1 Injection

Dear backers,

On Monday Urs and Kevin had a long meeting with the toolmaker and studied the results of the T1 injection. The click mechanism works perfectly now but the sliding of the tube still needs to be improoved. In the current version the friction is not stable enough to ensure a smooth sliding caracteristics. We are now waiting for an updated time estimate from the supplier until when this can be improoved and will update you on this. Another point that needs to be optimized is the stability of the clamp. For this we found a solution which is to add glass fibre into the material mix for the injection.

Now with the clamp attachment in black we get a much better idea of the final look of Scandy. Also from the T0 injection the metal screw has been added.

Our best greetings to all of you!

T0 Injection

Dear backers,

today we are very happy to share with you that the first test injection from the actual production tooling is ready. Please check out the pictures below. The tool maker states that the injection tooling still needs some fine tuning which they can complete until March 15th. It is great to see that the first test injection came out in such a quality already. This means that the risk of encountering serious problems during production reduced a lot.

Scandy is coming, and we thank all of you for your ongoing support.