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YerTurn! is a family-friendly board game where players mold objects using modeling dough while others guess the creation.

YerTurn!: The Charades Board Game is a charades game for children using modeling dough to shape and guess creations without using words. Players use modeling dough to mold creations in order to gain spaces and move throughout the board. Land on a turn space and receive an action card, these may be of assistance on the chase to the final space. It’s YerTurn! to play this family-friendly board game with modeling dough.  

About the Game

YerTurn! is a family-friendly board game created for 3 to 8 players, ages 4 and up. YerTurn! is an educational game targeted for children and families. YerTurn! is manufactured in the USA, this includes all game pieces, printing and supplies.

How to Play

In YerTurn! each player, one at a time, draws a “create” card and attempts to mold the object featured on the card with modeling dough. Other players attempt to guess the object the creator is molding. The player who guessed the object and the player who created the object will advance on the board. Special “turn” cards are drawn when a player lands on a YerTurn! space; these cards include actions (double up, smash, lose a turn, etc) for use immediately or to save for later. Play consists of moving through the spaces on the board and being first to the final space! 

YerTurn! Includes:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 8 Packages of Soy-Yer Dough
  • 60 Create Cards
  • 40 Turn Cards
  • Instruction Booklet

YerTurn! is great family fun and with your help, we hope to mold this dream into a reality! Please feel free to leave comments on how you think this board game can be better. We are always open to suggestions!  

Check out the Exclusive YerTurn! T-Shirts:

Names of ALL our backers at the $50 and above will be printed on the shirts. We have sizes YS-AXXL 

*Shirt design may change  

Where Will The Money Go?

At bare minimum, for a full production run and keeping costs down to our supporters and future fans, we need to reach $6,800 in pledges.  This will ensure that the game is published to a high quality and is made in the USA.  Our pledge levels include shipping to your door in the US with additional charges for International shipping.

How this works:

  • We need some $$$ so we can start producing and distributing YerTurn!
  • Kickstarter allows people with great ideas a chance to execute them with help from supporters like you, i.e. a small donation.
  • Kickstarter will only charge your card and disburse the money to us if we reach the $6,800 goal by the deadline.
  • Also, it's quick and easy:
STEP ONE: Sign into Kickstarter - just need an e-mail and create a password. 

STEP TWO: Sign into Amazon (if you already have an account you're good to go)
STEP THREE: Kick us $1 or more and your card will only get charged once we reach that $6,800 goal!

Why Soy-Yer Dough?

Soy-Yer Dough is a Gluten-Free modeling dough. The leading modeling dough that we all grew up with is wheat based, which causes children with an aversion to wheat to feel completely left out. Modeling compounds stimulate a child's mind and inspire creativity, but kids with celiac disease, autism, ADD and ADHD are forced to find other means of creative inspiration. Now, with Soy-Yer Dough, all children can experience the benefits of handling a modeling compound that is gluten free, non-toxic, and fun scented. Yes, FUN scented meaning each color is scented to complement the color. We offer eight colors and scents in YerTurn!

Please follow us:

Twitter: @SoyYerDough

Facebook: Soy-Yer Dough

A Message from the Creators

We hope to continue to service our customers with the upmost customer service and strive to continually improve our company and products. We hope to hear from you, please contact us with comments, questions or concerns! With your support, we hope to encounter thousands more individuals over the upcoming years and thank those customers who have helped us along the way to our current success!  - Sawyer & Sammie


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