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Pine Ridge is the poorest Reservation in the whole US, If we haven't tortured these peple enough, we now built a town to kill them.

Pine Ridge is the poorest Reservation in the whole US, If we haven't tortured these peple enough, we now built a town to kill them. Read More
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Jim Red Cloud, despite living off the reservation, was grandson to Chief Oliver Red Cloud. He had a vision of taking thousands of modern day warriors off the interstates and onto the backroads of America, breaking them down and forcing them to face numerous obstacles and ultimately themselves. His vision took thousands of people from around the world through every state except Hawaii and over 30 Indian reservations in hopes of bringing awareness to the plight of his people, the Oglala Lakota band of Sioux, who were the final stand off with the US/Indian Wars and are still paying a price over two centuries later.

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The documentary

The documentary takes an unusual look at a dying breed of a magnificent culture. One Sioux man, grandson to the chief, had a vision to create a motorcycle race around north America. His goal was to bring awareness to the plight of the sioux by bringing together men of all races to reconnect them to the beautiful land that we call home.

Our film will juxtapose these incredible images of america with the claustrophobic images of how the Sioux currently live on Pine Ridge. The contrast is startling. The land reminds us why we love this country but the Sioux remind us of its dirty history and how at times we still turn a blind eye to human injustice.

After taking people on two journeys, two vision quests around the country, big jim red cloud realizes that some people only care about themselves. In many peoples' eyes, the race ends in a mess of greed and controversy. Even Jim thinks he’s failed, but there are things he has set into motion he never knew were happening.

Through the intimate eyes of the the challengers we learn about the beauty and horror all that lie within our country. We will learn how our the native people currently live, how they die, and how their future as a race now sits at a crossroads.

The Hoka Hey is a Vision Quest for any man, they can leave the world as they know it, so they can strip themselves of all the things they thought were important, and on that road discover who they really are... and maybe find god.



Me and my family were brought to the Pine Ridge Reservation to meet the creators of the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Upon meeting members of the Red Cloud family and Chief Oliver Red Cloud we learnt and witnessed the unimaginable suffering of the Sioux people on the reservation. We realized that the history of our beautiful country that we learnt in school left out many shocking and gruesome facts about the legacy of colonialism. In our history we became aware of horrific acts of genocide, like massacres of women and children, forced sterilization, removal of children from families, starvation policies, banning of religion and native language to name a few. We also saw the conditions and struggles of today felt by the people of Pine Ridge and started to ask our selves; "We would not tolerate even one of these statistics to remain in our society, yet how it is alright for the native people of our country to be forced to endure ALL of them?".

Despite all the adversity, we do believe - What we can't do alone, we can do together. With your help we hope to secure the funding to continue to return back to Pine Ridge to capture the beauty, hope, determination and daily struggle of the Sioux. 
We hope to bring awareness once again to their issues and with their support incite meaningful change.
Our documentary not only hopes bring awareness to yet another part of mankind's dark past, but more importantly incite tangible change for the people on the reservation and shed light on the issues plaguing many indigenous populations around the world. 

Every cent will go towards production; mainly the continued filming and editing of the project. We fight to maximize every dollar. Our years of experience in the industry, allow us to utilize every favor, connection and resource we have to make sure we get the best services for the best price. Many people have donated or reduced their rate simply because of the cause and for all this support we are eternally grateful. We now hope to make a film for the people, funded with the help of the people. This issue doesn't just effect the Sioux, it is common to many native populations around the globe.

You get it back. Yes sir.

First, you can find comfort in knowing that it is very likely that your donation and thus this film will get a lot of attention and the best possible chance of maximum exposure. David Roma has had enormous success as an activist film maker. His first documentary "Off The Chain" about the world of pit bull fighting, not only helped minimize this cruel industry but also set a Supreme Court precedent for 5th Amendment rights as the film was seen as an important example of the depiction of animal cruelty in order to make the world a better place. His last documentary "Gasland" was nominated for an Oscar and brought the horrific facts of hydraulic fracking for natural gas to the attention of the world. Today, the film's success is still effecting legislation, corporate policy, public awareness and of course the fight still continues. 

Second, this film at its most basic level is about the good of humanity. The public has often supported the Native American voice but the institutions of our government have failed to take adequate action. In fact, many people of all races are now feeling the effects of greed and man's inhumanity to man. The Native American's were the first to suffer from this mentality and are now in the final stages of their fight. We feel that if we let this to continue to happen to them, it is not unlikely that eventually it will happen to everyone.

We will always make socially conscious films and fight to make sure people's voices can be heard. Please help us continue to do this as best we can, one day we might be fighting for an issue that directly effects you.

The current state of affairs on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is electric at the moment. The people are actively protesting and fighting in any way they can to try to make a change for the betterment of their people. Every week we hear both tragic and inspiring stories from our sources. The NY Times just recently wrote a piece on White Clay and public attention is growing every day. We have worked very hard to build trust and relationships with people on the reservation and we must continue to do so in order to do any justice to their story. Apart from the events in Pine Ridge, we also hope to capture any future political events, UN delegations, legal cases etc the Sioux are involved in. 


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