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Help us turn a vacant plot of land in Kathmandu, Nepal into a vibrant urban green space with gardens and an outdoor arts area.

Help us turn a vacant plot of land in Kathmandu into a vibrant urban green space with gardens, outdoor arts areas, and structures made of reused materials. We've been improving the space for the past 3 months with friends and community, and now we need your support to complete Hariyo Chowk this spring and summer. Start where you stand and be a part of Hariyo Chowk. 


In Nepal, a chowk is a public square or courtyard. Chowks are community spaces and social hubs, centers of activity where goods and ideas are exchanged. Over this spring and summer, Sattya Media Arts Collective is setting out to transform our courtyard space into a modern adaptation of the traditional chowk - Hariyo Chowk, a ‘green square’ that will be a space to share art and knowledge about sustainable living.


Sattya Media Arts Collective is a resource network for artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creative types of people in Nepal. It aspires to be a hub of DIY culture, collaboration, inspiration and learning for emerging media artists and the community at large. We have been around since 2010, and in our current space for over a year.


As Kathmandu rapidly urbanizes, there are fewer and fewer green spaces left in a city that was not very long ago known for its strong tradition of urban farming. Building on this tradition, Hariyo Chowk will be a place to experiment, demonstrate and educate about topics like organic gardening, composting, recycling, building with natural materials, and simple low-impact technologies. In addition, it will also be a much-needed gathering and exhibition space for artists and the community.


Our space is a 40 x 45 ft. plot of land just outside the Sattya building in Jawalakhel, a lively, fast-evolving Kathmandu neighborhood. In 5 months (April - August 2012), we will create:

  • An outdoor pavilion, built affordably and sustainably with recycled and natural materials. Here, people can gather to exhibit creative projects, hold workshops, and plan new initiatives.
  • An organic garden, where vegetables, fruit, herbs and medicinal plants will be grown by and for those who care for the space. We will be using many innovative techniques such as raised bed gardening, vertical gardening, food forest gardening and more.
  • A composting area to manage our food waste and produce fertilizer for the garden
  • A workshop area for arts and fabrication
  • A rainwater collection system that will reduce our reliance on city water
  • A sunken fire pit for outdoor gatherings on chilly nights
  • A pizza oven made out of mud bricks
  • And more features to make the space useful, artistic, and vibrant!


In keeping with Sattya's tradition of workshops and skills sharing, we will conduct an open workshop series based on do-it-yourself urban sustainable living as a part of the process of creating Hariyo Chowk. Workshops will cover topics like planting your own garden, composting, rainwater collection, creative uses for found materials and more.

CATALiST is running a Hariyo Chowk internship program with a team of young Nepali architects and students. Through this program, interns will gain experience in sustainable design and building, and explore how designers can partner with their communities in the development process.

We are also building relationships with many individuals and organizations that are involved in sustainable agriculture, design, and community development. We hope to develop long-term joint programming with some of our new friends and partners to be hosted in Hariyo Chowk.


For the next 5 months, Sattya will partner with CATALiST, an interdisciplinary design and community development organization. CATALiST uses the design process to educate, develop collective vision and transform communities through collaborative, eco-friendly building projects.

We will all be in there digging, making adobe bricks and planting, with the help of volunteers and community groups.  Check out some photos from the work we have been doing these past months!


We will be using as much reclaimed material and volunteer effort as possible. We will also be asking community members to donate time, used items, plants and other things to help build and sustain Hariyo Chowk, but we still need your support in making it all happen.

Help us make Hariyo Chowk come to life this spring/summer!

Don't forget you can follow Sattya and Hariyo Chowk on Facebook for updates. Check out our blog for tons more details and photos!


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