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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Stephen Weessies 22 minutes ago

      Is the android app coming out soon? Right now it is pretty much useless until I get some kind of app support for android. Looks cool at least.

    2. Untitled.small

      Creator Eric Slight about 4 hours ago

      Just received it, will test it this weekend. Looks really nice and pro....Very impressed with the overall packaging and finished product. Unfortunately, I am less impressed with the 300$ custom declaration with netted me a nice useless extra 60$ of import taxes for a 100$ bid. This said, I can't wait to fully test it out! Good work!

    3. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii about 20 hours ago

      Yes, it is confirmed.

    4. Pictures_156.small

      Creator Nick Martin 1 day ago

      Hi, Can I just confirm we still get the 'Carry Case' for the Swivl? Many Thanks. Best Regards

    5. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Rob Elliott on April 15

      Having spent last night manually panning a DSLR to capture the Lunar Eclipse, I'm looking forward to tinkering with the new device on a tripod to get close to tracking stellar movements for timelapse. Any thoughts / hints on whether anything software-wise under development will help me with this?

    6. Missing_small

      Creator KRIS on April 13


    7. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 12

      We've got a preliminary Android version of the Capture App that is coming out in 2 weeks. We'll start working on other Android apps once that App reaches feature parity with the iOS capture app.

    8. Missing_small

      Creator KRIS on April 12

      When do you plan to release the Android App?

      I luv my iPhone 5, but if the iPhone 6 isn't much of an improvement, I plan to switch to Android. Been and iPhone user for 6 yrs. But Apple really need to catch up on technologies that other cell phone makers are producing.

    9. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 12

      That is correct. Every backer is getting 3x mounts for varying size mobile devices, and a standard tripod mount (1/4-20) for cameras. This is every solution we make and should cover the majority of devices Swivl can be used with.

    10. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jacobi on April 11

      i don't remember making any choices on accessories> I don't believe I was ever given an option

    11. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 11

      Just put NA in the upgrade field. That will work fine. For accessories, everyone is getting everything we make. So you should be all set.

    12. Missing_small

      Creator Pascal on April 11

      OH and how do I let you know the mount accessory of choice? Is there a choice to make from a list ? Sorry if this is a stupid Question.


    13. Missing_small

      Creator Pascal on April 11

      Hi There,
      Quick question: received the survey but do not want to pay an extra 50 Dollars for the upgrade, how do I complete the survey?
      It does not let me move on until I have entered the 9digit code.


    14. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Steve Johnson on April 11

      Hi Satarii, just like Greg, I'd love to see a GoPro mount as my "mounting accessory of choice".

    15. Missing_small

      Creator KRIS on April 11

      Just completed the Survey

    16. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 10

      For those of you following the dialogue about the Swivl Capture app framing...the new version was approved today. You can download it and give it a try here:…

    17. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 10

      Yes, we will.

    18. Missing_small

      Creator RG Mich on April 10

      May we have an April update in the Updates section?

    19. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 9

      What you desire to do is the core use case for Swivl. It is what we designed for first and foremost. The issues noted will be resolved in an app update that will be out imminently (whenever Apple approves it). And we will continue to address bugs or questions in a similar fashion to improve the product both before and after delivery. Greg's input has been very constructive and we will continue to work with backers like him to make improvements. I think most of us would agree that this is what Kickstarter is about.

    20. Pictures_156.small

      Creator Nick Martin on April 9

      @Creator - Thank you for your comments, I understand a little better now but you failed to answer my question regarding, if the new Swivl would be suitable for my needs as laid out in the scenario below. Is it possible to achieve what I want with the New & Upgraded Swivl? - I'd appreciate your answer.

      I'm also pleased that the issues Greg were having are now resolved, can I expect for those issues to be eliminated for use out of the box? As I understand it, it was an iOS App issue causing the display issues - is that correct?

      Finally, just a little advice from an old man, in reading back through the comments its obvious that any time anyone has any sort of constructive criticism, a complaint or an issue with the way you have handled the Project or with the Swivl in its current iteration, your immediate reaction is not one of compromise or of apology but one of almost 'arrogance' and your immediate response is to offer a refund & then praise your 'supporters' that have decided not to come forward in the public forum!

      Perhaps you could 'relax' a little and try to help answer questions without immediately showing the Backer 'the back door' (pun not intended!) but be more responsive to their issue, a little courtesy goes a long way! Yes, I've had cause to criticise but it has only been constructive, & with your best interests at heart. I would far more appreciate a civil answer without the resoundingly simply reaction of a offer of a refund! We're a community here, we take the good with the bad - remember you're the one that has made all the changes and are some nine months late in delivery - that's not a criticism - it's a fact! And that's no bad thing when the delay has enabled you to bring a better end product to the marketplace. We've stuck with you this far - we're not gonna jump ship now! Just a thought...

      I await to here from you re my scenario - Many Thanks - Best Regards, As Always, Nick

    21. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 9

      As you can see on this page, we are posting virtually daily as of late. While we haven't posted through the "update" portal itself, we are engaging with our supporters, providing status and more. With regards to the modest adjustment of features earlier in the campaign and delays, we have expressed our regret and offered full refunds to whomever has asked. The rewards still represent significantly good values. They will cost us more to fulfill than we received in support from our backers. So please do not feel like you are being treated unfairly, ignored or forced into supporting our campaign. We do greatly appreciate the patience for those that remain and will deliver value.

    22. Barry1.small

      Creator BarryG on April 8

      Really disheartening to now be almost a year past due, from promised delivery date and instead of giving us more or at least what was promised - like speakers- especially those of us that paid extra , we seem to be getting less and waiting more.. Also you promised to have more frequent updates, yet your last one was almost a month ago.. It should have been under promise and over deliver, but you've managed to over promise and under deliver... Very poor business practice in my opinion.

    23. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 7

      Hey Greg,
      Sounds good about the conversation. For device mounts, our plan is to ship 3 different thickness grips (or mounts) for varying thickness devices standard. This will cover newer/older iOS devices as well as a range of Android devices. This likely already came in the box sent to you since it is a standard kit and everyone will get it. The only other mount we've tooled up and is ready to go is a standard tripod mount. This will cover DSLR, Video cameras and things like GoPro (although you will need their tripod mount). You'll get this soon as our first shipment of these are coming this week. A custom GoPro mount is not currently in the works. But we'd welcome hearing if there is interest here.

    24. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 7

      Hey Greg,
      Apologies. I got ahead of myself. The vertical framing was off. We caught that it was wrong after the initial release, fixed it and re-released it. However, it is in the usual 1-3 week App Store review process by Apple. I had mistakenly assumed it was already out. I'll post here when it is ready. You can download it and try it once you have the version I am looking at and using today. Thanks for your excellent picture demonstrating this!

    25. Avatarspeed.small

      Creator Greg Maiser on April 7

      I just got your message with direct contact, so I'll take the rest of that conversation offline, except where it seems appropriate to share with the Swivl backers at large.

      However - one question that I have (and is probably shared by other backers) is that in the offering, it was stated there would be a "...carrying case and mounting accessory for iPad, DSLR and additional device of choice." What additional device mounts are available, or in development? One obvious choice might be for GoPro, but I couldn't find this topic discussed or mentioned anywhere...

    26. Avatarspeed.small

      Creator Greg Maiser on April 6

      @Satarii - it DOES get cropped vertically, quite a lot, in fact, and only from the bottom! But what's worse is that the preview isn't centered, either.

      I've attached a screen capture of what is actually captured. on which I've outlined the preview area in white. The green outline would be my recommended preview area (keeping the same ratio as the existing preview.)
      I would expect most people will set up the Swivl by watching the preview, expecting to capture what they framed during setup. With the right software, someone could crop out the extraneous video, but that's not a typical end user capability. A frequent Swivl user will learn over time to expect that the end result is different from the preview, but the occasional user will have to relearn it every time...

      I'm not able to embed a picture here in the comments - but here's the URL:

    27. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 6

      Thanks Greg. You are correct that what is displayed in our Capture app during capture gets cropped laterally (but not vertically). This is both because the video is in 16:9 format and the display is 4:3 leading to some cropping, and because we have a few menu items on the side which further crop a bit more. In theory, we could scale the preview down and get no cropping. But we felt that it was better to see a larger image. Let me know your thoughts on whether this was the correct approach after you play with it further. Either way, we are adding this issue to our FAQ as we speak, and will put it on our list of things to update our manual with. Thanks for pointing it out!

    28. Avatarspeed.small

      Creator Greg Maiser on April 6

      @Nick - Please let me clarify: the tether (or lanyard) is just a leash to hold the remote marker - the marker itself has wireless connectivity to the base. (IR for positioning - so that is restricted by line of sight, and RF for the controls and audio feed, I haven't tested the range on those.)
      The mic-audio is transmitted to the base, which must be plugged into the capture device in order to record it. (Whether that's a phone, tablet, DSLR, or whatever.)
      My issue was that the remote, which is about the size of a package of gum, has no way to clip onto a lapel, or whatever - it appears, however, that a clip-on attachment is in the works.
      I do agree with you about the loss of speaker being a disappointment, but I personally don't care what color it is. The functionality isn't affected by that, and it DOES still look pretty nice in white.

      @Satarii - I must retract my concern about the off-center framing. It seems that was a bit premature on my part. When I reviewed the recording, I discovered that the on-screen preview shows only about 50% of what is being captured - so while the marker IS off center, it's within the middle third of the frame, instead of out of frame, as the preview seemed to indicate. (You may wish to update the manual to warn users of this - I expected that the preview was substantially representative of the capture.)

    29. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 6

      The marker has a built in mic AND can have a lavaliere mic plugged in for use. You are confused about models, so I will restate it again for everyone's benefit. The backers with the "silver edition" get the 3in1 tracking marker which includes tracker, remote mic and remote controls. The "white edition" does not get this and simply has Bluetooth controls only. The premium paid is for the tracking/mic/remote control functionality. You can't buy a wireless mic alone like ours in the market for anywhere close to $50 (and ours is much more than a mic). We hope you see this as a good value. In summary, you are not getting a downgraded model and you are getting more than your money's worth in return for your backing (yes, most rewards will cost us more to fulfill than we received in backing). If the modest changes we've made to our campaign rewards compromise your interest in the product, we've always had a policy of providing 100% refunds to anyone. No questions asked. We deeply appreciate our supporters and have worked day and night for over a year to deliver for them.

    30. Pictures_156.small

      Creator Nick Martin on April 6

      Hi, So I can I just get this right - please excuse my ignorance if wrong - but doesn't the 'Marker' have a built in mic, like it shows on the video & says in the main body of text?

      My interpretation was that I could clip the marker with built I mic. to the top of say, my tie or shirt, & then do a piece to camera where the Swivl will follow my movements & the mic.would pick up the sound - is that not possible? Being a journalist I wanted to be able to send live links from the 'field' without having to have a whole crew with me - Swivl will be my cameraman in effect & the marker & built in mic. my sound guy. Is this not the case to be able to achieve upon opening the box? If not I've completely missed something all these months! What a waste of time! It was bad when we lost our speaker & now I read the 'luxury look of silver' has changed to a 'white for all' look! What was the point in me paying the extra for?! I do hope that it operates as I thought but hearing stories of having to stay 'tethered' to the device or not being filmed in the 'screen centre' does make me a little nervous?!

      I'll await any replies with baited breath!

      Many Thanks.

      P.S. Just a thought - What do I now get for paying $50 more for the Luxury Edition if we are all getting the downgraded model now? Also, instead of benefiting from the sleek 'Apple-esque' silver design, the speaker and the remote mic'd marker all being dispensed with what extras have you loaded it with to compensate? I've had Projects delayed as long as yours but it's normally because they've UPGRADED some features but not only have we had features removed & a degraded replacement in return! Share the love Guys! What gives? Oh it's not the free case is it?! QVC or what?!

      (Please see the irony tangled in with these comments!)

    31. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 5

      Shoot us a video clip at and we'll take a look at the centering. What you describe sounds different than how most units test out. As previously mentioned, the small motions should be resolved in an upcoming firmware update.
      It is hard to make the case that any lanyard solution is "elegant". This is why we made it an accessory to the marker instead of built in. But it is a very useful solution, particularly for some of our biggest use cases like teachers capturing lectures and lessons and wanting quick and easy setup. It's also worth noting that no clip/lanyard were integrated directly into the marker form factor as another a primary use case is to simply hold the marker and use it like a presentation clicker (see this video as an example and explanation - We are working on a direct clip on marker accessory. For those looking for the most elegant (ie, hidden) solution, this will be the best option as you can use a laveliere mic, then place the marker in a less obtrusive place lower on the body. We're happy to work with supporters in any constructive way that improves our product. So we would be pleased to hear you follow up thoughts. Thanks.

    32. Avatarspeed.small

      Creator Greg Maiser on April 4

      Thanks for the quick clarification on some of the issues.

      Regarding the marker being off-center, it's pretty much at the EDGE of the visible area, and sometimes completely off-screen. (And it does hunt at times - giving the little jerky movements...)

      Mic: I knew the jack was on the marker to be used with a proper lav - but the marker would still need to be 'in sight' of the base, so a clip would be best. Frankly, the lanyard seems rather inelegant, in comparison to the rest of the set. As noted - I hadn't really played with audio yet, just unboxed it for a first look.

      FWIW - I have done beta testing for several hardware and software vendors, and the early feedback is often the most helpful. While I'm generally compensated for it, and didn't expect to fill that role on a product that I purchased, I don't mind sharing some thoughts and impressions. It won't be a full report, but I am making some of my own notes about UX, and the public forum probably isn't the best way to share that with you. While it's too late to make changes to the hardware, the manual and software can be updated relatively easily. You should have my full contact info available - feel free to contact me directly, if you'd like to take this conversation offline.

    33. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 4

      Hey Greg, glad you got it and got into things. Let me address a few items:
      - There are more clip attachments planned for the marker. Also, the marker has an audio in jack that allows you to use a traditional lavaliere mic with Swivl.
      - Left/right buttons are currently used to change slides in the Swivl Capture app. More functions will come with other applications.
      - The audio cable between base and device/camera is necessary for the marker mic to work. We are not using Bluetooth for quality reasons (and iOS limitations)
      - Centering is not dead on in the center. There is a dead band, and then it tracks you to return you to the dead band. This is to avoid lots of minor motions to small inputs and results in better looking video. At the same time, we'll be looking for early input from backers to help us tune this. So keep the feedback coming. We can adjust with firmware with updates and have plans to do this.
      - The small motions and ticks are a firmware bug that we've resolved in the last week. This will be fixed in an app update (firmware is delivered by app) in review by Apple as we speak. Should be available in the next week.

    34. Avatarspeed.small

      Creator Greg Maiser on April 4

      I'm a Dev backer as well - and my Swivl showed up on my doorstep today.

      Had a bit of time this evening, so I opened it up. Unit is white, as mentioned before, and sadly does not include the speakers as originally promised.

      None of the attachments were included, but there is a note inside promising those will be shipped with the additional marker within a couple of weeks. I hope that the case will be part of the follow-up shipment.

      Build quality on the unit and marker appear to be pretty good - although the marker tether looks like something from the dollar store. The marker has no clip - it appears the only way to secure it to yourself is the tether. That's a bit of a disappointment, as I'm looking forward to using it as a lav mic. (I'm hoping that there may be a clip attachment for it in the works???)

      The marker has a couple of left/right buttons, which appear to do nothing. The start/stop button, and 'action' button work fine - I haven't tested the marker mic yet, though the iOS app doesn't allow me to change audio-in from the default iPad mic setting. (This setting might become responsive once the included audio patch cable is plugged in?)

      My biggest concerns are these:
      (A) The Swivl does not center on the marker - it tracks it, but it seems to think the marker belongs at the outer margin of the screen.
      (B) The base makes a lot of little jerky adjustments, when the marker is motionless. When the marker is close (under 3 feet) it overshoots when tracking, and then swings back, overshooting in the opposite direction. (Like a pendulum, it eventually settles down to off-center tracking, as noted above.)
      (C) The base seems to make a fair bit of noise when moving. And it 'ticks' while sitting still. I will plan to run it side-by-side with the first gen unit to see how it compares.

    35. Tdr_portrait_small.small

      Creator Paul Massey on April 4

      Thanks for the quick reply; I've been extremely busy lately and haven't kept up with Kickstarter so was sure I'd missed something.

      Don't care if it's white or silver in colour, realised that it was the right thing and it's far better than Swivl v1 both in design and build quality.

      The movement is vastly improved, far smoother and seems much more accurate in my initial tests - I'll have a good play with it next week and try out everything I can.

    36. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on April 3

      Yes, in our rush to get them out the door for developers....we had not set up our ship notification system yet for backer rewards. So...surprise! Our hope is that there are worse surprises in the world. Not all accessories were available at time of ship either. But we were eager to get things going early with developers and will be completing rewards as they become available. As noted on our comment January 13th, we will only be offering one version commercially - it is cosmetically white but includes the full featureset of the Silver. White edition versions purchased on KS will be sent with a few features custom removed from the standard package that result in the stated featureset as a reward for those backers only. But they will not have alternate cosmetics. Hope that clarifies things and we looking forward to hearing your further thoughts.

    37. Tdr_portrait_small.small

      Creator Paul Massey on April 3

      My Swivl arrived today; Developer backer - didn't know it was shipping it anything but it's here.

      Bit confused as it's white but has the tracking remote - don't remember reading that the silver would be white in the end or did I miss something?

      Didn't get the carry case either; should I have got that?

      Very confusing but the hardware does look very nice and feels well made an sturdy - haven't had time to have a proper play with it yet.

    38. Missing_small

      Creator Thomas on March 27

      Just hope to receive this before iPhone 6 hits the headlines!

    39. Missing_small

      Creator arckal on March 25

      How and when shipping address need to filled?

    40. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on March 20

      For those of you looking for shipping timelines, I'd encourage you to read our last update. We have already shipped to select developers in the campaign and will continue to work through backers as quality units come off our line. Production is now running at a slow rate and a limited quantity of units are passing our specifications. These will be going out to backers in the next week. We are not yet providing specific delivery dates for the remaining backers as it is dependent on speed of producing good quality units.

    41. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on March 20

      Rocky, Zackary, The new apps are designed with iOS7 in mind with compatibility to iOS6 built in. So you are all set. Supporting iOS5 would only be with a separate app.

    42. Ida_icon.small

      Creator Shahram Shokrian on March 20

      Yeah my patience is starting to wear thin as well. I didn't expect this product to deliver 18+ months later. Please give us a better time line of what to expect.

    43. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator rockyromero on March 11

      I just updated to iOS 7.1 on my iPhone 4 to use with the Swivl.

      Hoping this works well still.

    44. Missing_small

      Creator Zackary on March 11

      Supporting OLD versions of iOS put limits on what apps can do and make it so that applications cannot take full advantage of new hardware and software features.

      The iPhone 4 will run iOS 6 and iOS7 (with the 7.1 update) just fine.

    45. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on March 10

      Thanks for the inquiry Cheng. I would be interested in hearing how many supporters are on iOS 5 or below. It is on our radar, but there is a large amount of work required to support below iOS6 (which our new app supports). So right now it is planned for later and we are focusing on completing our core set of apps and getting Android options going. If anyone is of the same perspective as Cheng, please let us know!

    46. Missing_small

      Creator CHENG on March 10

      Hi, i've got a question that i can't ignore.

      As you guys are working hard to developper the app for iOS, i don't know if the app is still support the iOS 5.1.1 or not. Because i'm a iPhone 4 user, and i'm not planning to update to iOS 6 or 7. I think maybe i'm not the only user of iPhone 4. If you guys can make the app works for iOS 5, that's great.


    47. Thumbnailnew.small

      Creator Satarii on March 9

      Just heading into our factory now to observe the latest on our production ramp. Will snap some pics and have something posted by end of day - China time.

    48. Missing_small

      Creator RG Mich on March 9

      Update please

    49. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Scott Magin on March 7

      I'm pretty sure the unicorn I ordered will get here before the Swivl.....

    50. Missing_small

      Creator Peter on March 7

      Can we return to bi-weekly updates, please. Even if your update says "No updates." Regular updates will give us more confidence in you. And hopefully we won't drive you to a point where you want to burn all the Swivls in an alley.

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