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The new Swivl is a multipurpose robotic platform for iOS and Android devices plus DSLRs.
The new Swivl is a multipurpose robotic platform for iOS and Android devices plus DSLRs.
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    1. John Link on

      I bought the Swivl to do DSLR time-lapse yet there is still no version available for Android.

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      Michael East on

      I'm also having problems with tilting when using a 24-205L lens, is the updated mount still available?

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      Mikey Reynolds on

      Is there a way of getting the new DSLR mount that you made for a few below? As since i have got mine i have made very little use out of it due to the tipping issue with heaver lenses.

    4. Ilya Terentyev on

      Hi! I would like to receive correct camera (contact me for new address) mount and see 2 fixes in software:
      1. Possibility to choose more than 20 degrees per turn. I'm shooting 360degrees panoramas with fisheye and only 4 pictures are needed. Now I'm forced to shoot 19...
      2. Ability to disable tilt calibration - I fix the base with tape so my heavy camera won't tilt under its own weight

      Ps not to mention I'm waiting for android dslr app too

    5. Steve Johnson on

      I I bought Swivl mostly for using it with my DSLR and there are a couple of annoyances.

      Firts of all, you can't temporarily ignore firmware updates. Because of this, when there's a great moment, it isn't always possible to capture it.

      Secondly, when I turn the Swivl on a popup asks whether I want to open Swivl Capture, even though I'd much rather open Swivl DSLR.

      Finally, multiple partners were announced during the funding phase, which would implement Swivl into their apps. I actually got a couple of the apps from the announcement, but I never heard anything on this subject again, which is a let-down.

    6. Satarii Creator on

      Thanks for the comments. Please contact us if you are looking for an Android DSLR App. The development for this is on hold and we're working with backers individually to resolve this.

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      Geoff Price on

      Mirroring my review in the ap store, please make when the picture is taken relative to movement a setting and mirroring the pro android comments below, please get a move on with the android dslr ap.
      While I'm very happy for you that you've managed to pivot to the classroom and cloud storage, you're still a little way away from satisfying this dslr based backer.
      Please send me the new dslr attachment too, I might be able to work around the long exposure means shutter still open when swivl moves with my heavier prime lenses, but the ap still needs to control that, and needs to be on android!

    8. Peter Luxem on

      I'm also in the case of Oskar, No Apple device and anxious to try it out on my vacation in September, any chance for a beta testing phase of the Android app?
      I know mine works as I tested it with an IPhone from a friend, but he wouldn't lend his Iphone for two weeks :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Oskar on

      Hi, as far as I can say, swivl works fine BUT could you please update me whats the status with the android DSLR timelaps app. I got no Apple device and DSLR movement is the only reason I backed you guys so I got no use for swivl until this point. It's collecting dust und my cupboard... Hope to hear from you soon.


    10. Satarii Creator on

      @Dan, I sent you a private message so we can figure out what's happening - as far as we know everything is working fine. Let me know via PM and we'll get to a resolution!

    11. Dan Raine on

      Can anyone actually get on the site to download the software, it has been down for weeks

    12. Satarii Creator on

      @Chris: Right now, no. But it has come up from two other backers recently and we're getting to work to add that function. You are right, it's just a software feature.

      @Scott: Interesting. Can you send us a sample clip at support(at) Can you confirm if it is happening when tilt is moving up (opposite direction)? I have a lot more questions, but it would help me understand better just to see it first. Thanks.

    13. Scott Magin on

      I am just getting back to the Swivl after a couple of weeks. I still need to try the larger 85-205mm lens out to see if I need the additional mount. I haven't yet as I am trying to get a working time lapse on the unit first. I'm struggling with pans the that use the vertical axis. I am getting a noticeable "step" effect in the footage when it drops a degree down. I am playing with the time intervals, etc to see if its a software/config issue or hardware. Thanks again for all your hard work...

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      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    15. Satarii Creator on

      We'll get one out to you today, Shahram!

    16. Shahram Shokrian on

      Yeah not too thrilled that I can't use my 5d. When will you be sending out the correct mounts?

    17. Charles Conner on

      I received mine thank you so much, though I haven't had time to even try it out, I am looking forward to doing so soon.

    18. Satarii Creator on

      @Barry - We'll have one sent out today. Can you clarify whether the battery was low, or not reporting any charge? If you go to the "Swivl settings page", it should report detailed battery level. Charging for hours should be more that sufficient. So let's debug whats going on. The icon with the arrows is for direction of rotation. If you think of it as looking down on the top of the Swivl, the rotation directions should be reasonably straightforward.

    19. BarryG on

      can you send me the mount too please... also is there a light or some way to know when the base either needs charging or is fully charged? I charged mine for hours and then tried to use the DSLR app, but it said the battery was low.. Also, when I go to the instructions page on the app, as I tap the buttons on the right- images (for number), Step size for degrees, the icon under that one does not do anything when I touch it... can you let me know what that one is for, has arrows right and left, but again no new screen when I touch it...

    20. Asterix on

      Great - Thanks! I'll try it with the D7000, the D800, D4 and several lenses - will let you know how it works out.

    21. Satarii Creator on

      @BarryG - Great. Looking forward to it.
      @BackerRZ - We have a modified camera mount to send you. Should address your needs. The motor is quite strong, but it just needs the weight more balanced to work properly. And from the sounds of other backers, we didn't quite nail that with the first mount. Good news is we already have a solution. We'll have something to you in about 1 week!

    22. Asterix on

      It has arrived here in Ontario, Canada! Installed all new firmware and it works well with the iPad. All Pan Tilt, follow and mic functions, etc. worked.
      However when I tried it with one of my lightest DSLRs: Nikon7000 with 18-200mm lens it was not able to tilt upwards. It tilts downwards and stays stuck there. The pan does work and the interface with camera as well. Total weight is of camera+lens is 3.2lbs which is well below the 6lbs limited you mention..? Anything I can to do to fix this? The lens pointing downwards makes it pretty useless for time lapses.

    23. BarryG on

      Thanks for the reply!! Can't wait to try it out this weekend.. I'll call you the beginning of the week once I try it with the telephoto lens, and thank you again.

    24. Satarii Creator on

      @Barry: Thanks for the positive comments. There are a variety of resources to check out here: One of them is a video that shows how the camera mount works. So that should get you going with the hardware. We're still working on App guides. But so far it has been relatively straightforward for folks to get going (or you are welcome to connect with us by phone to walk through it 1-888-837-6209). I'd recommend you give the telephoto lens a quick weight check to see how it does. It depends on a few variables as to whether you need the camera mount or not. If it ends up that you do, we'll be happy to send you a modified mount to help make it work for you.

    25. BarryG on

      Finally got mine today.. looks beautiful, and well built.. Is there a video that gives some help in putting all the pieces together to use my DSLR ? Will be using my Canon EOS T4i with 18-135 typically, as I don't think from what I read it is ok to use my telephoto due to the weight and balance? That's a 75-300.

      maybe a get started video, and once assembled a quick tutorial using the apps for time laps etc.

    26. Scott Magin on

      @Satarii - Thanks again. Will try the new firmware, great to hear their is a proposed fix! I should be able to get out (raining alot in Florida lately) and try the larger lens. I will let you know if I am a candidiate for the alternative mount. Thanks again for the support!

    27. Satarii Creator on

      @Ken's - Fedex is reporting it as on the truck out for delivery as we speak. We sent you a shipping notice a few days ago. I'd check your spam folder as we use Mailchimp for our email service, and they seem to be having trouble with avoiding this. I'll also give you tracking in DM.

    28. Ken's Lil' Sister

      Can I have an update on my shipping?

    29. Satarii Creator on

      @Ken, I just sent you your shipping information directly. Its looking like it'll be delivered by Friday.
      @Scott - Let us know how adding your larger lens works. We can send you a prototype mount that should expand what Swivl supports. The powering down issue believe is a bug with our trigger interface. Our power saving software had a bug, and confuses things when using this (PTP is ok). We have a firmware update for Swivl you can go download today here: It will be updated through our Apps as well in 1-2 weeks. This should get you going!

    30. Missing avatar

      Ken Smith on

      Just looked at your comment from June 16 about all domestic units being shipped or in the qued. I haven't seen mine yet. Would someone check on my order and me me know when I should expect it. I'm going to Las Vegas next Sunday and would love to take it along. Thanks!

    31. Scott Magin on

      I have gottent eh remote shutter. Thoise looking for a cable for the Lumix series, the cable/remote I mentioned a few posts back works great, and is about 1/2 the price of the Panny cable.

      I have tried the Swivl with my Lumix G6 (DSLM) with the kits14-42mm, 50mm and 105mm. All are fine with the standard base, handling the weight fine. I have not tried the larger 85-205mm yet, but it may be too long is my gut feeling.

      I have not yet been able to take a timelapse though. I have started it 4-5 times to no avail. I went to a local bay and tried to take a timelapse. I set the tripod/Swivl on a jogging path right in front of some water, and was parked in a spot behind the path, prob 15-20 from the camera. I would start it up using the DSLR app, and get the first few pictures snapping. As opposed to standign next to the camera for the next 45 minutes, I would wander to site onthe car hood or seat, just onthe other side of the path it is on. It would drop connection, and the timelapse would stop. After 5 attempts and drops (full charge on Swivl) I gave up. I wish if I need to go back to my car I didnt need to leave my phone with my camera at all times. Is that an expected caveat not being able to leave the immediate area? Thanks again, looking forward to my first timelapse with the unit as I take them all the time just with the G6, and really hoping to step my timelapse game up with this unti....

    32. Satarii Creator on

      @Nicander - I don't think this is right, unfortunately. You can only charge Swivl with the included battery charger.
      @Rob - Thanks for setting that up. Interesting idea on the Gigapan app. We'll start looking into it (but would welcome the 3rd party solution as well)
      @Rocky - Thanks! Glad it worked well for you.
      @Scott - Thanks for the positive and constructive feedback. Documentation is definitely something we could do better with. We'll get to work on it.
      @Steve - Most remaining units are out as of today. We'll make sure you get a modified camera mount.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nicander on

      do i get this right? After firmware upgrade, its possible to charge the base/marker using usb charger ?

    34. Rob Elliott on

      Come talk with us fellow users Scott.

      I'd be interested in your thoughts on Gigapan also - I believe it would work fine with the mount depending on the lens length. From what I've seen the controllable small angle of rotation would suit what you need. What may be missing at the moment is the ability to, say, rotate 90 degrees at one level of tilt, adjust the tilt up automatically, then rotate back 90 degrees, then repeat. However you could drive that manually until someone comes up with a third party app to do what you need.

    35. rockyromero on

      I completed an over 2 hour Swivl recording of a presentation last week. Priceless!

      Everything that I hoped for and more.

      Now with IOS 8 and the time lapse feature built in, I won't have to envy DSLR cameras.

      Just use my iPhone 5 and go!

    36. Scott Magin on

      @BrianFink. I have to agree. I have been very excited (literally for years) to receive my unit. I got it two weeks ago and havent done anything but charged it because didnt know aboupreresiquites. So, once I got the unit, persued the the sparse info it ships with I realized I cant do timelapses without additional investments. Which, had I known ahead of time I could have purchsed in the interim instead of being deflated after opening it. I have the Lumic G6, and had to find a remote shutter cable. I believe the one I got should work ($23, includes wireless remote -…).

      Once I get it in place I can finally start uising this and see if it supports my lenses. I will be trying the kit 14-42mm, 50mm, 135mm and a 85-205mm. Hopefully with the lighter G6 I can use these lenses...

      Again. Hoping for Gigapan functionality as a possible software future. And, looks to be a great product (love how engaged you are with user feedback), but I wish I had known what I know now so could have hit the ground running, and had more documentation on the unit. I really had to hunt when nothing more than a couple page quick start guide was included, and had to really hunt to find any more support. Looking forward to user groups so we can help each other to fill in the gaps in the usage and documenation.

    37. Steve Johnson on

      Hi, I assume I'm one of the international backers you haven't been able to send the package to yet, since I haven't had a shipment confirmation yet. I'd like to request a modified camera mount to be sent with my Swivl right away, since I bought it as a time lapse platform I'd love for it to work out of the box once I do get the Swivl.

    38. Satarii Creator on

      @Stefan Check the App store again :) Version 1.1.0

    39. Stefan Stevkov on

      Any news on the iOS DSLR Timelapse app update for the tilt option? In your last update it was coming out last Thursday but the App store haven't got any updates.

    40. Satarii Creator on

      @Franz & @Scott: No reason to get jumpy. We've shipped 900 units so far and the risk of you not receiving your Swivl is exactly zero. It's coming and very soon.

    41. Rob Elliott on

      Facebook kindly reminded me that we can have a more friendly link!

      It will be great if we can share any good usage hints and tips.

    42. Franz Schuier on

      Yes, could you please send those 100 people a mail? Been patient for 16 Months now, but I am getting jumpy as well. Thnx

    43. Missing avatar

      scott parsons on

      Hi there, regarding the 100 international units you are still trying to make arrangements to send. Could you please notify those of us on that list as I am just getting nervous that I will not end up getting one. I have had kick starter rewards not turn up before so I am jumpy.

    44. Satarii Creator on

      @Brian: Please check your email or spam folder on gmail for some responses from our support. We uploaded new firmware to our website support page which fixed the shutdown issue you had.

    45. Satarii Creator on

      @Alistair - Thanks for the thoughtful and constructive comments. To address your projection questions, go here: And in general, there is a reasonably lengthy set of support documents just below the FAQ you can find here:
      @Rob: No toe stepping concerns at all. Appreciate the initiative. Happy to set something up on our side too. If this is of interest, let us know. If you prefer to do the FB thing, let's make sure it is linked up properly so that everyone can find it.
      @Mark: Thanks for the positivity! And we'll start looking into your feature requests.
      @Brian: Good news. If you go into the settings menu on the DSLR timelapse app - and set the Camera Interface to Trigger Port (vs. USB Port), it will do exactly what you want to have it do already. We are working on an improved mount. We currently have prototypes that users are testing. Would you like to receive one?
      @Stephen: Thanks for the comments. We'd like to send you a modified camera mount as well for testing. We'll get it on its way to you this week. We did not do the Arca Swiss as we had some conflicts due to the design of the Swivl to make that work. I'd encourage you to send us a note at support(at) about the connection issues. I think there is a combination of camera and app settings that will get you up and running and I am sure my engineer can help you out there.

    46. Satarii Creator on

      Good news. All reward units should be in transit or queued up today with the exception of about 100 remaining international units. We've been getting absolutely gouged by Fedex on rates (ex. >$100 per unit delivery) and are looking at some alternate options for these remaining units. But that should be resolved this week and they will be on their way.

    47. Jay on

      Any shipping updates to Australia?

    48. Alastair Leith on

      Hey @Rob Eliot, I cannot find you or your Swivl Users Group on Facebook. Maybe I will start another group and we can mete when one gets enough critical mass to be found in a text search!

    49. Franz Schuier on

      Hows the shipping going? Still haven't received mine and my next journey is in two weeks. (Backed looking forward to use it for my china tour in march 2013)

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