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It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android.
It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android.
2,226 backers pledged CA$ 41,330 to help bring this project to life.

$40k stretch goal will be a vote: Relationships OR Seasons

Posted by Sarah Northway (Creator)

Apparently you aren't all as excited about adding Relationships & Kids to Rebuild as I am. And as much as I'd love to keep up the controversy a bit longer (I considered joking about adding a system to pick the color and decor of buildings next), instead we're going to put it to a vote.

If we make the $40k stretch goal, all backers will vote for EITHER Relationships & Kids, OR Seasons.

I'm not promising there won't be any children in the game regardless (there's always Rufio and St Micheal's School for Boys), but I hear ya, folks. And as apology for not testing the waters before I dropped that bomb, here's another of today's zombie sketches from Sara:

She calls him "One-Armed Willy" though from this picture I'd call him "One-Eyed Abraham". He's one of the Rotten faction who lost more than most of them in the brain department. If you're desperate enough to pay them a visit, I'd keep an eye on this one.

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    1. Nix on

      I would like to be able to breed an army of babies to combat the zombies.

    2. Nix on

      Relationships please

    3. Alex Wierzbicki

      I vote for relationships

    4. Missing avatar

      James Sanders on

      Actually, thinking about it, relationships would be nice if the characters have a lot of depth and personality (that is, vastly more than the previous games). If not, it would just turn into an overly-complicated way of implementing a "new people appear at random" mechanic and would be ignored.

    5. Missing avatar

      James Sanders on

      I vote for a compromise. Baby snowmen in the winter and snorkels getting it on with sunflowers in the summer. Ooh, and big zombie orgies at Halloween.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian K.

      As it stands, relationships sounds like a luck-of-the-draw deal where seasons sound more strategic planning. If there is a strategy element to relationships, I'd vote for that. If there isn't, seasons please. Though both would be rad!

    7. Missing avatar

      Corinne Minshew on

      Please add seasons ... not relationships! Or at least have the option to turn it off, or allow me to send every pregnant woman out to clear unscouted buildings very far away from the city walls.... women do not need to be burdened by that!

    8. Jacob Stolte on

      relationships hands down I don't want freak hailstorms destroying my crops( to much farm summer work XD) but also I like relationships in games and besides apocalypse is a great social barrier destroyer for relationships in most mass media entertainment ;P

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Babb on

      To be honest I'll vote for relationships. I liked seasons on the mobile version of the game but I think relationships in the middle of a zombie apocalypse would be more entertaining lmao

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Wykstra on

      I vote for relationships. Based on how you say you're going to implement them, the comparisons to the Sims seem unwarranted. Instead, it seems like an interesting dynamic that will force players to be smarter and more cautious when it comes to strategy: you won't want to sacrifice multiple survivors to get your hands on some supplies, because those supplies won't compensate for the morale penalty your characters will suffer as a result. It could also create an interesting dilemma when you try to pick a survivor to send on a dangerous mission- do you pick the guy who's been around forever, and has leveled up so many times that he's likely to succeed? Or do you pick the guy who just joined your group, since he's less likely to give everyone morale penalties if he fails? I like the ideas of both seasons and relationships affecting the game, but it seems like relationships would make the game more tactically complex in more difficult-to-predict ways.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nigel Wright

      open minded relationships please.

    12. Missing avatar

      Ben Wells on

      Seasons, hands down.
      I'm not playing a zombie game so that I can develop a sim-like relationship. I want to concentrate on killing zombies and worrying about whether or not I'll starve. I couldn't care less that my survivors are love sick.

    13. Missing avatar

      Giulio Galdi on

      I'd love to see relationships :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Kaja Rainbow on

      I was excited to see the prospect of a relationship mechanism, but then immediately after I saw the email about you reconsidering it and actually felt a little disappointed. Please don't let kneejerk reactions discourage you. Both features sound cool and I'd really like to see them both in the game. However, if it was to come down to a vote between relationships or seasons, I'd vote for relationships. Not many zombie games have something like that, and something to add more humanity and personality to the survivors is good. Ultimately, the best zombie stories've always been more about humans and their stories than the zombies. Also, please don't worry about adding such "mushy" and "girly" touches. It's probably a bit caustic to say it this way, but video games are too testosterone-dominated as is.

      In the end, you'll have to decide how best to implement your vision in the time and budget you have. It's fine to be open to feedback, but ultimately you'll have to be the one making the judgement calls. If you decide that seasons'd be a better use of your time, I'm perfectly fine with that, as much as I'd like to see relationships.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ciara Evangelista on

      Relationships would be cool.

    16. Jose Trujillo on

      I'll be voting for relationships as well.

    17. Joshua on

      Relationships would be awesome.

    18. Missing avatar

      Moira McAnally on

      Relationships. There are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of games (including zombie games) where there are challenges like seasons, where you shoot ect... so add seasons to that type of game.

      Rebuild was never about that... and I think relationships make more sense. There are plenty of other challenges in the game.

    19. Rob Irvine on

      This is a hard choice.. kids for your fav survivors will make you more invested in the game, but seasons will present different challenges.. I'm gonna vote for relationships because im pretty sure we will all work out how to "hunker down and wait out" the bad seasons.


    20. Peter Jacob on


      Can you keep a paypal box open for X amount of time post KS? If enough $ keeps coming in within your dev schedule maybe you could have both.

    21. Michael Cordoncillo on

      I vote for seasons.

      Both features would add interesting elements into the game, but I think season's would have a bigger impact and also be a bit more enjoyable, while relationships and such might appeal to a niche crowd (not going to lie I would absolutely love to have it since I'm a Sims kinda guy albeit this is nothing like Sims). Nonetheless, seasons seems like it'd add an additional sense of urgency and danger, depending on how you implement it, going off of the idea that winter would make it harder for zombies to move around but also make food nearly impossible to grow so you'd have to scavenge more and stuff like that...

    22. Missing avatar

      G. Schultz on

      Include me in the group that loves the relationships idea. I think it would be a fascinating addition. Show the love!

    23. lk on

      Shoot, now I wish I'd checked in earlier. While I am psyched to see what Seasons brings, Relationships would also be fascinating and add a realistic difficulty factor. Heck, in 2, I developed enough attachment to one or two characters that they somehow never ended up on the really dangerous missions.... and that was pretty much just based on name and appearance.

    24. Missing avatar

      Shinard on

      Y'know, I do like the idea of Seasons, and I can see some flaws with the Relationships idea, but one of my favorite features in all zombie fiction is the survivor's relationships. It worked so well in The Walking Dead, comic, show and game, so my vote has to go to relationships. That said, it would be really interesting if the survivors could start to dislike each other, resulting in a bit more strategy in picking teams for missions to try and make sure everyone gets along. Plus, y'know, homosexual relationships would be a good thing to implement, though obviously no kids. Thinking about it, would it be possible to have a $50,000/$60,000 stretch goal implementing the other feature if the $40,000 goal is reached?

    25. Missing avatar

      Alex Hill on

      From what I read last time I’d vote seasons although I like the idea of relationships more. If it were more complex, not all couples were heterosexual and not every woman chose to have kids relationships would 100% have my vote.

    26. Missing avatar

      Paul Segers on

      Seasons would definitely get my vote. I don't care if they are "already in the mobile version" for a prior game that I did not buy, this is Rebuild 3.

    27. Brendon Faulkner on

      Hey, will the ios and steam versions of the game be able to talk to each other? any plans to make a multiplayer version where you can pick which faction you want to start as?

    28. Missing avatar

      Zangi on

      My vote goes to Seasons.. unless...

      Love/Friend/Dislike/Hate Relationship, no kids:
      Kids are unnecessary, game timeline is probably not going to be decades, unless it is, then survivors need to die of old age. Why add love/friend relationships and neglect hate? Does it always have to end in love? (Seriously, don't make it so every unpaired character absolutely has to find someone to love.)

    29. Missing avatar

      Andrew Crystall on

      Seasons tbh :)

      It's easily going to make 40k at this point, gratz

    30. Voronwer on

      I agree with the person who said that it's still your game and you should do what you think feels right for the game. If that was relationships, you should go with that. A lot of gamers seem to think they need to hate anything concerning relationships, but if it's done right (and it sounded well thought of), then it can be awesome. Listening to feedback is nice, but don't let it completely change YOUR game.

    31. Billy on

      Not having played the mobile version, I'm partial to seeing how season would affect the game. I actually think adding relationships between survivors (love or hate) could be an interesting dynamic. Yet if the time scale is being expanded in such a way that pregnancies and the raising of children becomes a real concern, I would think the addition of seasons would actually be even more important as a way of invoking a real passage of time. In the same amount of game time it take to give birth and raise a child to an age of interaction/benefit (even if that is only 13), you would (and should in my opinion) see and feel the impact of numerous changes of the seasons.

    32. Alexandre Collard on

      Both but I'd choose seasons!

    33. Imaan Asri on

      I don't suppose that joke about color and decor could transform into a factual yet humorous statement? I would be down with that.

    34. Michael Holtan on

      Relationships and kids!

    35. Missing avatar

      Sonia Koval

      I vote for Seasons!

    36. Vivian Lundgren on

      Both, Seasons seem easier to implement. As long as the base game is fun to play and awesome (it will be) I don't really mind. So Excited for 1337pwners gang!

    37. Missing avatar

      UnknownSeeker on

      I ll vote for seasons since I think it will add a lot more strategy then relationships.

    38. AitchThree on

      I would love to have both! But if I had to pick, my first instinct is seasons.

    39. Missing avatar

      Neowildstar on

      Well while it's a shame we can't have both, I would have to say I would want to have Relationships be what is implemented. Though if at all possible weather shouldn't be scrapped, it should be added at some other point later on down the line, hopefully. Both mechanics are very much useful for making an enjoyable game, but since it's come down to a vote, I would have to say that relationships wins out.

    40. Missing avatar

      Y.C. on

      I'd like to see relationships in Rebuild 4. It sounds like it really needs a lot of work put into it to do it justice.

      I think the challenge with this game is making it not monotonous to play. I liked the cyclical tension that the Hordes give. I also liked how I face different types of problems as I progress in the game, such as expanding borders requiring more defense, running out of places to scavenge, and riots erupting. (I liked Rebuild 1 more than 2, because these factors were more pronounced) Seasons seem like more of that factor that I like, creating changing circumstances that you have to adapt to, making each of the turns require different considerations.

    41. Nicolas Brassard on

      I like both but if I have to pick then... seasons!

    42. Christopher C. on

      I hate the thought of 'OR' but if I have to vote for one, I'd say weather.