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It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android.
It's Sim City meets The Walking Dead. Rebuild civilization one building at a time in this strategy game for Win, Mac, iOS, & Android.
2,226 backers pledged CA$ 41,330 to help bring this project to life.

Only 2 days to go - new $40k stretch goal added!

Posted by Sarah Northway (Creator)

The Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville Kickstarter campaign made its first stretch goal with no time to lose! I’ll be adding 3 extra faction, including the 1337cREw gamer faction who were so busy having a weekend lan party (do people still have those?) that they didn’t even notice zombies filling the streets outside. Here’s Dara, their leader:  

And here’s Madison, a bit of a rebellious youth who joins The Pharmacists. Not for the drugs, not for the protection, but because he likes their style:  

Now there’s only 48-ish hours to go, but in a fit of crazed optimism I’ve added another $40k stretch goal: Relationships & Kids. Somewhere in all this killing-the-zombies, saving-humanity, rebuilding-civilization, people surely must be getting on with the daily friendships, feuds and flings that make life worth living.

The basics are: the more time two survivors spend together, the more they’ll like one another. If something bad happens to a person (for example, they’re ripped to shreds by ravenous undead), their friends will be sad. But if someone is happy, they’ll give a happiness boost to their buds. And if two people really, really like eachother, and happen to be opposite genders, perhaps like magic a baby will appear!

Kids will stay safe in the fort of course, we’re not going to send them out to crawl into those tight little spaces and scavenge everything their tiny fingers can grab until they’re at least 14. Maybe 13. It’s a tough world out there.

Okay, on a less depressing note – here’s a sneak peak at one of Sara’s zombies, who she calls Cutter. I think he must have gotten into a face-biting match at some point, but I can’t quite tell if he lost or won.

Thanks for all your support everybody! Wish me luck (with your TWEETS & FB POSTS!) with the last 48 hours!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dedo on

      @Sarah - lol - Yes, memories fade and we forget the past. Sorry if I was overly passionate, but I do not have a mobile device and I think Seasons would be cool since I never played that aspect yet. - Thanks And keep up the good work!

    2. Herm on

      Perhaps these disputed features could be made optional in the game settings, so that the people who vote otherwise and really don't want Feature X can be kept happy. For example, if seasons are turned off then the farms produce an average amount every day instead of high in summer, low in winter, and if kids are turned off the arrival rates of new survivors can be tweaked accordingly. I know that'd be a bit of extra work to implement, though.

      (Besides, we all know what happens to pregnant ladies in zombie films...!)

    3. Missing avatar


      Seasons in the last game were interesting for variety and extra challenge, but for me they didn't add depth the way that character relations could. One thing that made Rebuild unique was the sense of real personalities that formed (even if mostly in my imagination) around the characters. If this new version is going to let us send out survivors in teams, it's a natural evolution to extend that sense of personality to friendships, couples, and family. After all, why are we working so hard to "rebuild" if not to fill it with something meaningful?

      I'm grateful Sarah is so open to our feedback, but at some point I think we should ease up and trust her to make the game that fits her vision. Suggesting art tweaks is one thing, but demanding she abandon entire plot ideas is another. That's just stifling creativity. And who's to say what doesn't belong? Relationships, kids, pregnancy, scavengers falling in love? The Walking Dead books are all about relationship. Self-aware zombies? George Romero's done it. Sarah's proven she has the style and storytelling instincts to stay true to zombie lore while giving it her own twist. I admire that she's willing to put it up to a vote, and although I will be voting for relationships, my true vote would be for her to do whichever interests her more as an artist.

    4. Chris Angelico on

      @Narq: It depends what they're drinking. Remember the old saying: Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder?

    5. Narq on

      "The more time two survivors spend together, the more they’ll like one another." Funny, I think it would be just the opposite!

    6. Peter Jacob on

      Relationships - Maybe, can see some good coming of that. After all, why should the player care if even the characters don't?

      Zombie - ^_^ Much better. Could go darker but still a vast improvement. Biggest flaw now is that they are still green. I'm mostly sure that green zombies spawned out of censorship of video games back in the day because games were 'for children' and realistic depictions of zombie slaying (ala Hollywood) were too much. I think we can move past that now in this day and age. All us kids grew up and we're still gamers.

      I'm about to order a 13 year old girl to put a chainsaw through the skull of a reanimated, mad, cannibal corpse that is probably already missing some of it's parts. For this action I will be positively reinforced with xp, equipment and security. Later she will gun down murderous biker priests and loot their bullet riddled corpses. What part of that is so childish and innocent that we must pallet swap the zombies to have green skin?

      Seasons - Awesome. Weather?

    7. Sarah Northway Creator

      @Andrew lol "NO Weasley Crushers!". Wow, am I so old now that I didn't even think of it turned out that way. Okay peeps, I'mma change the new stretch goal: now if we make it, you will vote for either Seasons, OR Relationships & Kids. Personally I thought relationships would be more interesting, and seasons are already in the mobile version... but okay! :)

    8. Zombra on

      Glad you blasted so far past the original goal! Looking forward to the game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Woolfe on

      PS I like Dara :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Woolfe on

      The concept of relationships is not as bad as people make out, its not like Mass Effect or anything. In theory it should just be another area where morale could take a hit or bonus depending on people living and dying. Kids, also could be interesting in that the negative affects of having all your kids caught and eaten would be huge. Or you take out the Judgement gang, and rescue a bunch of female prisoners. However you then have to deal with the consequences of them all being pregnant etc.
      Kids eat too..

      That said. I'd rather the weather affects before Relationships and kids.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dedo on

      Exactly - It's a Survival game. - Seasons add to the challenge of Survival - NO Weasley Crushers!

    12. Aleema Masu on

      I think adding pseudo relationships would bring some more realism to the game. I'm all for adding another layer of consequences! I think it's a great idea.

    13. Stacy Read

      I love the idea of relationships and kids. Modeling realistic artificial behaviors is the focus of my current research, so of course I would add it to every game if I could. Kudos, Sarah!

    14. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      Seasons. Seasons. Seasons. Seasons. Seasons. Seasons.

      Kids and Relationships? To put it simply, too complicated for a tablet game. This isn't a simulation game, it's a survival game.

    15. Joao Balarini on

      How about an option button that enables and disables the relationships and kids features... and that so wanted Seasons feature...

      That would totally make a lot of people happy...

    16. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dedo on

      I would seriously consider lowering my pledge to prevent "relationships and kids" from being a feature. I feel that strongly against it.

      Seasons is much better.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dedo on


      This is a zombie apocalypse game! Not a zombie soap game.

      I'd rather have season - winter is cool - relationships in games suck.