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By commissioning art from a diverse set of artists and releasing to the Creative Commons, we'll change how fantasy heroes are depicted.
By commissioning art from a diverse set of artists and releasing to the Creative Commons, we'll change how fantasy heroes are depicted.
297 backers pledged $6,416 to help bring this project to life.

New Artist, New Backer Reward, the Future, and More

We’re most of the way there at 92% funded and with over 230 backers! That’s not all the news I want to share however. I’m getting emails daily from artists who want to work on this project and the concept of inclusive art in RPGs has been a recent topic on a number of sites including (reposted on io9 and Boing Boing). This issue is an important one for many people for many different reasons. Thanks for all of the support!

Illustrator Julie Dillon joins our artist pool

We’re really excited to announce that Julie Dillon joined our artist pool and agreed to create something for this project. Julie has worked for a number of clients including Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and Tor Books. You can find examples of her work on her website If you’re interested in illustration, she has a tutorial with information on how she approaches her work. I love hearing from writers about their work flow and I’m guessing artists like to learn more too. 

Character art by Amy Houser

Amy Houser, another of our artists, offered to do character art pieces as a special backer reward. She’s worked on a number of projects including Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, Suzerain, and Dresden Files RPG. She also designs toys for companies such as Hasbro, Disney, Crayola, Mattel, Jakks Pacific, and Toys"R"Us. She’s offered to do 4 and it’s a reward for the $100 tier of backers. Here’s an example character drawing. 


Some people are donating art including Kaitlyn Peavler and Jared von Hindman. Kaitlyn gave us permission to incorporate most of what is in her deviantArt gallery, so if you see something you like, point it out and I’ll work on getting it incorporated. Jared do a piece especially for us and you can find it here.  If you have art you’d like to donate, please let us know.

Website and the future

That last link point to another part of this project. I’ve been hard at work creating a rough website for hosting the artist directory, artwork for the collection, and more at It’s not pretty yet, I hope to be able to work on that part over the summer, and the functionality is still limited, but I wanted to give everyone a chance to see the progress and make suggestions. We’re creating badges people can use in their projects to show that they are using the Prismatic Art Collection files. I’m also talking to a number of companies about perhaps getting their art released to the collection after they publish their products. With the announcement by the Dungeon World and Farewell to Fear teams that their games will be released under Creative Commons as well, I’m hoping that our art will work help people who want to release content for those games.

Livestream Hangout

The fine folks over at Thoughtcrimes are hosting a role-playing game chat. They invited me to come on and discuss what inclusivity in gaming means and how the Prismatic Art Collection project aims to help with it. The chat will be Friday, April 27th at 9 pm and more details are here.


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