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Candid interviews with a talented tattoo artist, Kay, who shares his experiences transitioning from female to male.
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Sarah Boris

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One Love

Hi folks! Welcome to another project update. It’s your producer Sarah again, and I have more great news this week. With 10 backers, the project is now at 40% of its total funding goal! I would like to extend my sentiments of immense gratitude to all of you project backers out there. I really can’t suppress my excitement over the fact that my brother, Matt Boris, pledged $700!! OMG Matt – ‘thank you’ doesn’t begin to express my appreciation!

As mentioned in my last update, I saw Kay on the 18th for another immensely enjoyable session. I know, I’m a bit weird – I enjoy the tattoo experience. While tattooing, Kay and I discussed documentary logistics such as potential shoot locations, shoot days, and a few non-project related things as well. I’m so lucky to have such generous friends like Kay in my life. I’m confident that we’ll genuinely enjoy shooting this documentary.

Just a friendly reminder ~ With just two weeks left to reach the funding goal, please help spread the word to more potential backers. Every bit helps!

That’s it for this update, thanks for reading!

One love ~ Sarah