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$32.00 pledged of $15,000 goal
$32.00 pledged of $15,000 goal

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WAVY has a graphite colored suede-like texture, and "landing gear" shock absorber feet
WAVY has a graphite colored suede-like texture, and "landing gear" shock absorber feet



An early version WAVY being enjoyed
An early version WAVY being enjoyed

The world of bubbling ocean gardens is now available on your desktop! The WAVY® bubbling ocean garden from Santa Monica Filtration® makes REAL garden soil air, lake air, or salty beach air, and it purifies this air as only nature can do. WAVY can also grow a sea vegetable that you can use in many natural and healthy ways such as skin care, baths, fertilizers, and pet foods.



WAVY is almost big enough to be a room decoration (WAVY is grey now, not black)
WAVY is almost big enough to be a room decoration (WAVY is grey now, not black)

Air from WAVY can be just like breathing real garden soil in a garden, or real ocean air at the beach, because it IS real (imagine a deep red flickering sunset too). You control the aroma by how you operate it. We build WAVY right here in Santa Monica, California, USA (a beach town in the Los Angeles area) so that you can have some of the same ocean air we have.

Each WAVY uses real salt water, and real living and growing phyto nutrition from sea vegetables, to make true garden soil aroma (but without the soil), lake aroma, or beach aroma. Phyto nutrition is considered "super" nutrition, and WAVY can make it in orange and many shades of green (from pastel to almost black). If you like black soil in your garden, you'll love the garden soil scents.



Click image for video
Click image for video


Lots of red light when you open the lid! (WAVY is grey now, not black)
Lots of red light when you open the lid! (WAVY is grey now, not black)

You can put WAVY nearby, far away, or even on the floor depending on how much aroma you want. And you can adjust the aroma to be more like garden soil, lakes, or the beach by feeding more or less fertilizer.



Here's how WAVY looks if you have the lid off. The pattern on the lid reduces bubbling sounds on the inside
Here's how WAVY looks if you have the lid off. The pattern on the lid reduces bubbling sounds on the inside


WAVY is grey now, not black
WAVY is grey now, not black


Kids love playing with real seaweed
Kids love playing with real seaweed

WAVY is like aromatherapy from a garden or beach, but it’s not super strong or overpowering like perfumes. And it doesn't blow in your face like a fan. Instead it’s a very light drifting of air, and a very subtle aroma (like a flower), which gets more noticeable the nearer you get to it. Speaking of aromas:

WAVY grows living phyto nutrition just like the ocean does, and the aroma from this phyto nutrition is what can give the ocean (and WAVY) a fresh ocean air beach fragrance. Phyto nutrition is a class of "super organic" that contains basically perfect natural ingredients. Most people don’t realize, however, that phyto nutrition in oceans and lakes come from seaweed. Yes seaweed!


Most people think seaweed smells bad. But actually only DEAD seaweed smells bad. Just like food. When fresh, however, seaweed can smell wonderful. And when it’s alive and growing, it can smell like garden soil, or a fresh lake, or like the beach depending on how much you fertilize it. Indeed, in the open oceans it’s micro size seaweed particles that give the ocean its ocean aroma. And on the beaches near shallow water, it’s bigger pieces of attached growing seaweed that give most of the salty fragrance. It’s these same big pieces of attached growing seaweed that WAVY cultivates for you. 

How does WAVY do it? WAVY sends air bubbles up from a reservoir of fertilized salt water, and blasts the water with super bright red light. The air bubbles rub against rough white strings which cause seaweed to start growing on them. The white color then reflects light back to the seaweed, causing the seaweed to attach even more strongly so that it can grow without washing away. The result: A basket of living and growing ocean seaweed! (Orange or green, light or dark, or black colored).

If you lift up the lid of WAVY, there’s more. The bright red light that WAVY uses to grow the seaweed is not only like a flickering sunset but also is the same color preferred for red-light skin therapy (phototherapy) in spas. And the salt water that WAVY uses is the same real salt water that is used for salt water skin treatments (thalassotherapy). And the salt mist that you can breathe in from WAVY is the same (actually better, because it’s fresh) that salinizer breathing therapy machines use (halotherapy). Even the bubbles themselves function as bubble massage therapy and sound relaxation. And let’s not forget the seaweed itself, which can be used for skin care (algotherapy) and many many other uses.

Here the growth basket is taken out
Here the growth basket is taken out

WAVY is the only device which puts red lights under bubbling seaweed. This is so the lights face upwards for you to get ocean garden aroma, bubbling, salt air, salt water, red light, and phyto nutrition by just opening the lid and getting near the bubbles (but close your eyes, and wear the included goggles). 

WAVY is large enough to set on the floor, but small enough to put on your desktop. You can operate WAVY with the lid on so that you only get aroma from the air outlet, or you can remove the lid and get the full effect of the sound, lights, bubbling and salt (the water is not hot at all). 

One thing to keep in mind is that WAVY is like an ocean garden, and like a garden it will take time to grow the seaweed and the aroma that you want. So your first month with WAVY will be watching and nurturing, and it will have varying aromas of garden soil, lakes, oceans and beaches as it develops. Eventually you will get it the way you like it.


What's included
What's included

And that's about it for the basics! Everything farther below is just details. So get a WAVY for you or an ocean-loving or garden-loving friend. The instruction manual and our help forum will get them on the right track to operate it. If you want to ask us a question before backing, you can do so after registering on our forum here:




How about the bubbling and light coming from WAVY? Will you like it on your desk, or in your living room or bedroom? Well, WAVY is not designed to be silent; it's designed to give relaxing bubbling sounds that can range from barely audible to fairly loud. More HERE



 WAVY needs salt to make the salt water, and fertilizer to fertilize, so a starter package of both are included with your WAVY.

An air pump, which pumps air into the water, is needed. It can be purchased separately HERE

You will need two of these pumps for each WAVY, but they are only for 120 volts in North America, and they are shipped separately from WAVY. For countries besides USA, we have provided THIS LINK for you to easily find good air pumps to choose from.

A timer, to turn the lights on and off (usually 18 hours on, 6 hours off, each day), is also needed to simulate daytime and nighttime for the seaweed. 

If you get our pumps (with the larger pledge, or from our site), we will include a simple mechanical timer for 120 volt North America. But you can get them in any hardware, electronics, or home improvement store, or online.

Each WAVY is hand made here in our office in Santa Monica, California, USA, and some blemishes and marks might be visible as if it were an art project. But WAVY's are made with extremely heavy duty parts. The water reservoir itself is a thick indestructible 3 gallon (11 liter) BPA-free industrial drinking water containment tank that is hand-finished into a soft suede-like surface. You can stand on it, or throw it out a window, and it will not dent. Also, being 3 gallons, it will be a while before you have to add water. A half-gallon a week is normal.

We hand finish the outside of WAVY by grinding and sanding, but you can easily decorate WAVY the way many people decorate vases. You can paint it, wrap paper or plastic around it, or even re-grind it into your own pattern. But we'll soon be offering a decoration that sets on the top, so you might wait to decorate your until you see ours.

Ocean Air: The air on a beach is good for you! “The age-old wisdom that being near the seaside is good for your health may be true, studies suggest”...


And here is a two-decade long study showing how breathing beach air is beneficial: 


In addition to the water vapor (humidity) and water droplets that blow on a beach, how does seaweed make the beachy aroma the way it does? It’s actually something seaweed makes, called dimethyl sulfide (or DMS), which goes into the air to make the fragrance. There’s a whole category of marine, ocean and aquatic perfumes and oils based on DMS, but they are just chemicals to simulate the real thing, and they certainly are not living and growing like WAVY is. Beaches have a stronger aroma than the open ocean does, because of a higher amount of thick attached seaweed, and this same thick attached seaweed is what WAVY can grow. Here is a nice story about the aroma of DMS at the beach: “DMS dissolved in seawater begins to waft into the air, and register in seabirds’ nostrils”... 


DMS is used in many foods and drinks to give a more tangy, earthy aroma. And since DMS is heavier than air, it’s aroma stays near you in your room without floating upwards to the ceiling. DMS might even help the weather: “Oceanic emissions of dimethyl sulfide (DMS) represent the largest natural source of biogenic sulfur to the global atmosphere, where it mediates aerosol dynamics and may affect climate”...


Salt Air Therapy: Since WAVY makes bubbling salt water, it of course gives off some salt. With the lid on, and with the spiral light blocker placed inside the air outlet pipe, air comes out of the pipe but it also has some salt vapor mixed with it, which is part of what can give it a real beach fragrance. If you take the light blocker out of the pipe, you get even more of this. And if you remove the whole lid (especially if you close your eyes, put on the goggles, and get near the bubbles) you get some actual salt water droplets hitting you in the face like splashing waves. “Halotherapy” is the breathing in of this. 

Hippocrates is said to be the first to use salt air inhaling. Workers in salt mines too, notice better breathing after being in salt mines. And people who have breathing problems often use salinizers, nebulizers, inhalers, or atomizers to breath in salt as a remedy. Salt has no side effects or drug interactions, and is known to be anti-bacterial, mucolytic (loosens mucus and phlegm), and anti-inflammatory. Here is a nice short article from Time Magazine about it: “People are breathing in the salt mineral, instead of eating it, in order to treat respiratory ailments”...


Salt Water Therapy: WAVY uses salt water, and since you can put your hands or face in it (close your eyes, and wear the goggles), you can experience “thalasso therapy” which is the use of seawater for cosmetics and health treatments. Salt softens water like water softeners do, and the concentration of salt in seawater is amazingly the same as it is in your body. Almost everyone loves a dip in the ocean, and since the red LED lights of WAVY heat the water slightly (lukewarm), it’s like a day in warm beach water. It’s nice too that the bubbling can feel like waves or natural springs. 

The Romans made great use of salt water baths; the city of Bath in England is even named for it. And natural water baths or springs (especially salt mineral ones) are what spas are actually supposed to be. As a matter of fact it was the natural springs in the old town of Spa, Belgium that gave all spas today the name. Spas of course offer many things, but here’s some interesting benefits from the Journal of Coastal Research: 

“Seawater bathing, whether in the actual sea or in bathing tubs, had become fashionable in England during the 19th century.” 

“Based upon five personal direct tests, thalassotherapy and thermalism are beneficial.” 

“Since seawater is the first medium in which a living cell appeared, a biological identity exists between seawater and human plasma.” 

“Thalassotherapy is alone in using algae, seawater, and only the aeration thereof.” 

“Thalassotherapy no longer limits itself to use of the maritime climate, but involves [...] sprays of water, pounding effects of waves, and heated seawater baths.” More can be found in the long article here:


Aromatherapy: Most people already know about aromatherapy, and might even have an “essential oil” diffuser. WAVY is sort of an essential oil diffuser of garden soil or ocean scents, but much more subtle, and without the oil. And of course it’s living and growing. The aroma is adjustable too, as shown in the Fragrance Wheel above.

Interestingly, essential oils come from photosynthetic plants, and WAVY’s seaweed is photosynthetic too. But traditional essential oils are highly concentrated, and some can be harmful to your skin, and certainly to your eyes; some can even be toxic if swallowed. And coming from plants, many oils were sprayed with insecticide. WAVY however is just ocean water, and you can put it on your skin as much as you want; it won’t do anything more than taking a dip at the beach would. This also makes it very safe for kids who want to touch and play with all the growth.

The type of seaweed that can eventually grow in WAVY is the type that attaches to rocks at the beach, and of course the beach has high tides and low tides. 

One of the neat things that seaweed has learned to do is keep itself fresh when it’s out of the water at low tide; you can take fresh green "angel hair" growth out of WAVY, and it will stay smelling like the beach for a week or more. Just keep it damp, not wet, maybe in a little sachet made of screen or stocking. Once it’s in the sachet, you can take it in your car, or to school, or to work; it will not drip because it is only damp, not wet. The more sachets you make, the more beach smell you get!

But what if you really like the “oil” in essential oils? Then just make your own seaweed oil. Take some growth out of WAVY and blend it with your favorite base oil; the result is a very subtle beach fragrance oil for your massages or diffusers.

Maybe you like to make your own candles? Not many people have access to real, living seaweed to make fresh candles, but you will. Other products use algae paste, or packaged seaweed from Asian food markets, but you can harvest from the real ocean water in WAVY and make your candles with living orange or green seaweed. Or maybe you like making soaps?

Well, soaps go in water, and water is what WAVY is all about. Especially if you make little soaps and use them within a week or so of making them, the seaweed will still be living inside. You can blend the seaweed to get the most aroma, or you can put whole pieces of seaweed in so they fall out into your bath.

Questions? You can ask on our forum:


The red light that WAVY uses to grow seaweed can be imagined as a deep red flickering sunset (but close your eyes and put on the goggles), and for some people, can even help with seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) which is common in northern areas that rain and snow a lot. More HERE



The best part about the red light that WAVY uses is that it has NO UV! That’s right, the red LEDs have no ultraviolet light at all. UV is the damaging part of the sun; so without having to worry about UV, you can just enjoy the red light by itself.

Fans of seaweed no doubt already know about the phyto nutrition that is packed inside seaweed, and how it can benefit the skin. Seaweed is already used in many (expensive!) beauty products for the skin, and even for hair. One thing about seaweed, you can’t get a more natural skin or hair product. The role of phyto nutrition in plants and seaweed is to protect them from disease, injuries, excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, and poisons and pollutants, and it’s becoming apparent that many of these benefits can be applied to human skin and hair too. More info HERE

We all know how good bubbling hot tubs feel. Well WAVY has four bubble outlets, and they bubble up directly through the seaweed. The bubbles are actually what make the seaweed grow, but if you are wanting a massage for your face or hands (especially with salt air and beach aroma), then these bubbles might be all you need. The water in WAVY does not get hot; it only gets lukewarm (or a little above the temperature of your room after the red LED lights have been on all day). So you don’t have to “get used to it” first like a hot tub; just start your bubble massage right away. 

When doing your bubble massage, you can leave the red lights on or off. If leaving them on, be sure to put your goggles on, especially if massaging your face. 

If you do a WAVY bubble massage to your face, you will feel the rubbing of the seaweed (and the strings they attach to) on your skin. This provides a very mild exfoliation effect, and it can be daily because it's so subtle. And it’s a physical exfoliation, not chemical, so no toxicity or harshness occurs. Many dermatologists prefer mild daily exfoliation over a rough weekly one, because the skin is dug into less deeply.

Just like massaging, exfoliating can be done with the red lights on or off. With the lights on (and your goggles on, and eyes closed), you get your mild exfoliation, bubble massage, beach aroma, phyto nutrition for the skin, soothing bubbling sound, and flickering deep red sunset images all in one.


And now for a fascinating aspect about seaweed: It purifies the air! As a matter of fact seaweed is probably the biggest air purifier on earth; half the oxygen on earth is already made by seaweed (the other half by plants, grasses and trees), and half the CO2 on earth is already consumed by seaweed; but the oceans have the added purification benefit of particles falling down onto it, or particles being washed down onto it from land, including particles that wash off of plants, grasses and trees. WAVY does the same thing, on your desktop. And there are no filters to replace, and no harmful ozone; it’s a living filter that does not expire, fill up, or run out. It just keeps growing. 

Indoor air quality is usually worse than outdoor air quality. Areas near cars are more in need of filtering too. Well it just happens that seaweed removes the exact pollutants that are in these locations. And unlike plants, you can put your nose directly over the air outlet of WAVY and get all the purified air; the air is not dissipated around the room like it is with plants or other filters. The seaweed in WAVY filters the air in two ways: direct uptake, and physical trapping. More info HERE

Although we did not pay for FDA testing, some people eat green seaweed anyway, just like with hydroponics. More HERE

Growth Control System:  Much more powerful and accurate than a smart phone control. More HERE

History:  How the idea for WAVY came about, HERE


WAVY weighs about 30 pounds (14 kg) when filled with water, so make sure the table or desktop you put it on can support it. WAVY can also go on the floor if you want.

The size of WAVY (it is grey now, not black)
The size of WAVY (it is grey now, not black)

Fill the reservoir with water from your sink, and add one salt package.

Slide the cable guide over the edge of the reservoir, and set the lid down on top of it. Connect the 4 air pump tubes to your air pump(s), and let run overnight to evaporate any chlorine from your tap water. The air pumps run 24 hours, always and forever.

The next day, add the bottle of ocean water, and 10 drops from the fertilizer bottle.

Plug the power supply into your timer, and set to "ON" for 18 hours, and "OFF" for 6 hours each day; if you don’t have a timer then just plug it straight in without a timer, and try to get a timer within a few days.

WAVY's red lights work on 240 and 120 volts
WAVY's red lights work on 240 and 120 volts

Now just let WAVY run, and check back in a week to see the first thin growth! Turn the red light off when checking, and use a regular white light to look inside. More installation info HERE

Air Pumps: HERE are some air pump suggestions if you are not in North America.


WAVY needs a little attention to keep it producing its nice garden soil, lake, ocean or beach aroma:

Water: The water usually never needs changing, and does not need anti-microbial inserts because mold will not grow in saltwater. However the water that evaporates, and the seaweed that you pull out, does slowly lower the water level in the reservoir. This water needs to be refilled periodically, and a half gallon once a week is typical. Water from your tap is fine, if you let it set overnight first to evaporate the chlorine.

Salt: Through normal use, especially if you take big handfuls of seaweed out, some salt gets removed too. You will need to add salt, a few times a year. A salt measuring device is included for this.

Fertilizer: Like a garden, fertilizer will need to be added periodically. More HERE 

Shipping:  Ships to any and all countries (no P.O. boxes). Please include a phone number. You will probably need to pay customs duties; details HERE 

Intellectual Property:  HERE



Thank you!

Risks and challenges

Since we are already building and selling our SURF, HOG and DROP brands of aquarium filters, the WAVY air filters will use the same labor, office space, and techniques that they do, however it is not known how well the public will enjoy ocean or garden soil scents on their desktop once they get WAVY operating, since this has never been available before.

Also, it's not quite known yet the fastest way to go from dark growth, to green growth (some people prefer beach scents). So recommend amounts of light, fertilizer, and harvesting will be experimented to do this.

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