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A collaborative roleplaying game about high school. Tell awesome stories, and make high school fun again!
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Where Things Are Now

I wrapped up the writing of the History of Trowbridge High, the list of the Teachers and Administrative Staff, and the four alternate settings. The words are in the capable hands of my editor even as I type this. Once she has them edited, then it's off to layout, and we're that much closer to seeing School Daze as an actual factual product.

As with all parts of this project, these last weeks have been interesting. Here's a rundown of what has gone on thus far:

  • Quoted out a new logo for the website, to say Sand & Steam Productions. Also, new business cards.
  • Got my Vendor's License, and sent off the paperwork for Sand & Steam Productions to become an LLC
  • Wrote over 6,000 words for the History of Trowbridge High, staff, etc as mentioned above
  • Sent off the pattern for the custom dice bags to Dragon Chow so production could begin on them
  • Got a quote back for the printing of the physical books, and was pleased with the result (at least $3 less than expected)
  • Set up a system to track my expenditures so I know where my money is going
  • Sourced a bunch of stuff for the Back-to-School Kits for the two folks that bought them

And all of that is in addition to the time I spent working to secure myself a job following student teaching. It has been a good set of weeks, that's for sure. A lot has gotten done, but that much more is waiting in the wings. Once the words for School Daze are edited, I'll be posting them here for free, like with the playtest documents. Then, it's all in the hands of other capable people.

I'm very excited to see what wonderfulness comes from the layout and the art. I'm confident about the words that are going into the book, but having Daniel Solis and Brian Patterson bringing them to life? Yeah, it doesn't get much better than that.