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Karthun holds mystery and wonders for any daring enough to travel there. Help us unlock its secrets!
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Physical Copy Shipping Update

Posted by Tracy Barnett/Exploding Rogue Studios (Creator)


I wanted to get this update posted last night, but a combination of Mother's Day activities and planting a new garden left me wrecked. That said, I have good news:

Shipping is beginning soon!

Domestic US backers can expect their shipments to begin arriving soon. The first books should go out tomorrow (Tuesday). Give it a couple of weeks before you check on the status of your book. And if you logged in to see this update and was you still have a survey not filled out, please do that ASAP so we can get your book to you!

International backers will have to wait a bit longer for their books. When we launched this KS, we had no way of anticipating the rate hikes that the USPS was going to enact. So EHP is going to be working over the next couple of weeks to find a method of shipping the books that costs less than $60 per book for almost anywhere but Canada. We want to avoid asking international backers for additional funds, and this delay should help us avoid just that.

As well, the top-tier backers (those at $250 and above) will get their books just after Origins, about a month from now. The reason for that is because Brian and I want to really go all-in on signing your books and thanking you. He and I will both be at Origins, so that makes sense as a time to do that. If that's an issue for any of you, feel free to reach out and we'll find a different solution.

And, I've gotta say: there books look amazing. I think you'll love them.




For the rest of the stuff, we've got things working behind the scenes, and we'll lift the curtain on those things when we're able to. We're excited about where Karthun is going to go, and we're looking forward to sharing those details with you.

Thanks for sticking with us. *cues up We've Only Just Begun*


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    1. Lorne Lehrer on

      Karthunmas is here!
      Thank you so much for making this project a reality!

    2. Tracy Barnett/Exploding Rogue Studios 8-time creator

      @kouta - If you still have a survey link at the top of your KS page, you can still submit your address. if you don't see it there, send us a message with your address info.

    3. Missing avatar

      kouta on

      I was really late to do my backer survey, will I still receive my book sometime in the future?

    4. Craig Mistlebauer on

      Mine appeared on my doorstep like a gift from Santa Brett! Thank you for all your hard work! Now to frame the map :D

    5. Missing avatar

      Steven Hamilton on

      I got mine yesterday, I love it!!!!!!

    6. Jason Kahle on

      Mine arrived today. Amazing looking book. Love the feel of it. Can't wait to give it a go.

    7. ChaosDrakner on

      Looks like it is time to find a glorious frame for that map!

    8. Dylan Baldanza

      Copy received. Guys. GUYS.

      It was worth the wait. SO worth it.

      Thank you Brian and Tracy!

    9. Josh Rensch

      Thanks Tracy

    10. Russ Luzetski on

      Shiny -- thanks! :-D

    11. Tracy Barnett/Exploding Rogue Studios 8-time creator

      @Josh - The last PDF to go out was the one you're referencing. The changes were minor, so we're waiting to give the final-final until Evil Hat puts the PDF up for sale on Drive-Thru RPG. We wanted to avoid too many updates with "vital" links.

    12. Josh Rensch

      I missed the PDFs unless it's the same link as the one you sent out to get feedback on.

    13. Russ Luzetski on

      Glad to hear! Did the PDFs go out, already (and I missed it)? (Just checking, as they weren't mentioned.) Thanks!