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This project was successfully funded on February 16, 2014.

About this project

Dwarven Destroyers march across Midgard, laying waste to all before them.

Brave human warriors abandon clan and holdfast to bond themselves to the bones of dead giants, hoping to push back the Destroyers. 

The Runescribed harness the magical power of the sacred Runes, wielding magics that could level cities.

Seers advise and divine the future, but the fate of the world is murky and dim.

Jarls, thralls, and warriors fight in common cause, shouting "victory or Valhalla!" as they charge into battle.

Ragnarok has come. The War of Metal and Bone. Will you dine with the gods in Valhalla, or dance with the dishonored dead? Choose your fate.


In the summer of 2013, I ran the Kickstarter for Iron Edda: Sveidsdottir, the inclusive story of Sigrid, the Valkyrie-blooded Bonebonded warrior. Sviedsdottir was my chance to write a story in the world of Iron Edda. Now it's time for you to tell your own stories.

Built with Fate Core™, War of Metal and Bone lets you tell the stories of brave warriors, Jarls, Bonebonded giants, and their defense of their holdfasts.

In addition to the awesomeness that is Fate Core™, War of Metal and Bone adds some exciting features:

  • Be whomever you want: Bonebonded or seer, thrall or Jarl, War of Metal and Bone is designed to let everyone play side-by-side using the same excellent Fate mechanics.
  • Create your own holdfast and add to the world. Every campaign begins with the creation of your own unique holdfast. Every session will see you adding to the map you've made. This is your world and you get to see how it changes.
  • Form bonds with your party members, celebrate your warrior clan, and honor your history with your own sacred item.

The war with the dwarves and their constructs rages across Midgard. What role will you play?

The Book

The book for War of Metal and Bone will clock in at around 22,000 words. With art and layout, that should be anywhere from 120-140 pages at 6x9 folio size. The PDF will be full-color, while the softcover book will be in black & white.

The book includes everything that you need to build your part of the setting, and create characters. There is an extensive section on the world of Midgard, as well as a section for GMs. Additionally, the core book will contain three adventures, one each written by Quinn Murphy, Lillian Cohen-Moore, and Ryan Macklin.

Any backer at any level gets access to a preview, pre-edited version of the game text. Please look at it, play it, and give feedback on it. With your help, this game will become the best that it can be. 

The World

A diverse and inclusive setting that strives to make it so anyone who sits down at the game table will find a place for themselves.

Midgard and the lands that surround it are based loosely on our own world. The lands of Midgard reference Viking culture and Norse myth, but with fantasy twists that make it unique. The lands around Midgard are cultural analogues to the cultures that Vikings interacted with: Rome, the Celts, Eastern Native Americans, and Arabia. The inclusion of those cultures helps emphasize the diversity of the setting that is so important to me.

Each of the these cultures is explored in the core book from the viewpoint of the people of Midgard. As stretch goals get unlocked, there will be additional books that focus on the lands that surround Midgard, giving you a look into those cultures in greater detail.

A Place for Everyone

The setting of the game is one wherein I want any gamer of any background, age, gender, ability, culture, or sexual orientation to be able to find a place for themselves. The art features peoples of different backgrounds and body types, all positioned as residents of Midgard. No matter who you are, I want you to feel comfortable playing in the world War of Metal and Bone.

Want to See it in Action?

About Me

My name is Tracy Barnett,and I run Sand & Steam Productions. This is my fourth Kickstarter, and my third game project. My first game, School Daze, won a Judges' Spotlight ENnie in 2013.

I believe in openness and transparency. If you back this Kickstarter at any level, you'll get access to the first draft of the game text. The same is true for any stretch goals that get unlocked: all of them will have early previews as soon as the authors being work on them. I'm always open to feedback and having more people look at and work with the text helps make the game stronger.

The funds for this project will go to the editing and publishing of the Fate version of Iron Edda. Here's a breakdown:

Layout: 1500
Editing: 750-1000
Video: 500
Video Art: 500
KS Art: 400
Words: 1250
Art: 1000
Jess Banks Mythology Primer: 250
Editing Jess: 200

I've got an amazing team working on this project. John Adamus is the editor and has decades of editing experience. He's responsible for editing the shiny words many wonderful projects, both RPG and fiction. Tiara Lynn Agresta has done layout for Smallville, among others. She knows how to make words and images beautiful and accessible. 

Lance MacCarty did the art for the video and will provide the art for the book as well. Additional art is being provided by Theo Evans. Claudia Cangini provided the art for the cover.

All of the header graphics, the infographics, and the Iron Edda logo have been provided by Brian Patterson of Without his work, this campaign would not look half as good as it currently does.

The Rewards

 This one gets you in the door. A digital, full-color copy of the War of Metal and Bone PDF. And as more stretch goals are unlocked, they'll be added to this tier for no additional cost!

 It may seem odd to have the International tier lower than the Domestic tier, but hear me out: I'm using DriveThruRPG to do the printing of the books. And DTRPG has printing facilities in England. Those who back at this tier get a code to buy the book from DTRPG at cost, meaning those backers will pay for the shipping themselves. This works out to roughly the same cost as the Domestic tier where I do the shipping. A better value for everyone!

 Here's where I order and ship the book to you. You also get the PDF and all digital stretch goals. This is for backers in the US only. If you're an International backer, you need the International tier, above.

 For this tier, you get a special, limited-edition full-color, signed hardcover of the core book. The PDF and all digital stretch goal are, of course, included. These will only be produced as part of this this Kickstarter!

Game stores are a hugely important part of our hobby. They advocate for the hobby, get games in front of people that might not otherwise see them, and provide us a space in which we can game. This tier lets retailers buy copies of the game to re-sell at a decent margin. Thank you for all you do.

 Want to game with me? Back at this level and I'll come to you anywhere in the continental United States. I'll run a session for you and your group, and  you get full-color, hardback print editions of every book that gets unlocked. Pretty sweet. 

 This is the same deal as the Midgard tier, but I'll fly anywhere in the world to fulfill it. Get an amazing book, and get to game with the creator!

Now You Can Get Sveidsdottir as an Add-On!  

$15 US gets you a code to buy the book at-cost from DriveThruFiction, you pay shipping. You also get the digital versions of the book (PDF, ePUB, and MOBI).  

This is just like getting War of Metal and Bone for International backers, but extends it to everyone. Once this Kickstarter ends, I'll get your info in the survey and you'll tell me what add-ons you selected. Sveidsdottir is on track to be published in June of 2014. If you want to get it, this is your chance!

Stretch Goals as Add-ons!

Everyone above Thrall gets the PDFs of all the stretch goals as they're unlocked. If you want print copies, here's how it works:

International Spearbearer:  Add $20 (per book, if more unlock).

Domestic Spearbearer: Add $30 (per book, if more unlock)

Bonebonded Warrior: Add $70 (per book, if more unlock)

Merchant Trader: You can split your 10 books into groups of 5 if you wish, getting five of one book and five of another. And additional $150 needed, per 10 books.

This Kickstarter has some fantastic stretch goals lined up: Different systems in which to play the game, and more setting material for you to use!

Each stretch goal is a new book, system or setting, that clocks in at 22k words - the same length as War of Metal and Bone.

With the system goals I'm doing things a little differently. Every system has certain things that make it standout and come alive. To give you the best Iron Edda can offer, I'm empowering each developer to give their own take on Iron Edda via the system they're using. This means every stretch goal isn't just a new part of Iron Edda, but a completely unique game experience every time a system stretch goal is hit.

For the setting books, the authors are empowered to give you the details of different cultures in the world from the perspective of people from those cultures. This will give each setting book a very different take on the world, allowing you to see the setting of Iron Edda for the diverse, multifaceted place that it is!

 World of Metal and Bone - UNLOCKED

Next up is Cam Banks' Bloodlines of Metal and Bone! Generational gameplay using the Pendragon system. For those curious, yes, I've secured the rights to use Pendragon for this adaptation. As well, it's one of Cam's favorite systems, so I'm excited to see him work on it!

The List

Text Version for the Visually Impaired 

War of Metal and Bone (Fate Core™/Tracy Barnett) - $10,000
World of Metal and Bone (Dungeon World/Paul Stefko) - $15,000
Bloodlines of Metal and Bone (Pendragon/Cam Banks) - $20,000
Blind Guardians of Midgard (Setting/Elsa Sjunneson-Henry) - $25,000
Age of Metal and Bone (13th Age/Shoshana Kessock) - $30,000
Savage Metal and Bone (Savage Worlds/Joel Sparks) - $35,000
Legions of Petruvia (Roman Setting/Jessica Banks) - $40,000
Hearts of Metal and Bone (Cortex Plus™/Filamena Young) - $45,000
Secrets of Metal and Bone (Gumshoe/Ruth Tillman) - $50,000
Threats of Midgard (Setting/The Masked Mollusks) - $55,000
Forests of Midgard (Elves/Nature setting/Tristan Tarwater) - $60,000
Memories of Metal and Bone (A/N/N/Jeremy Morgan) - $65,000
Paths of Metal and Bone (Pathfinder/Tracy Hurley/Vivian Abraham) - $70,000
Isles of Mist (Celtic setting/Kate Connover) - $75,000
Edge of Metal and Bone (WaRP/Rabbit Stoddard) - $80,000
Hope of Metal and Bone (Our Last Best Hope/Mark Diaz Truman) - $80,000
Dwarves of Midgard (Dwarves setting/Matt Jackson) - $85,000
Living Metal and Bone (LARP rules - /Josh Harrison) - $90,000
Desert Traders of J'Goll (Arabian setting/Marissa Kelly) - $95,000
Heroes of Metal and Bone (Mutants & Masterminds 3rd/James Barlow) - $100,000
Odyssey of Metal and Bone (Odyssey/Will Hindmarch) - $105,000
Beyond the Hnitborg Mountains (Native American setting/Brennan Taylor) - $110,000
Sparks of Metal and Bone (Spark/Jason Pitre) - $115,000
Legacy of Metal and Bone (AD&D-OSR/Nathan Panke) - $120,000
Ashes of Metal and Bone (HERO System/Shane Harsch) - $125,000
Village of Metal and Bone (Ganakagok/Bill White) - $130,000
Terror of Metal and Bone (Dread/Epidiah Ravachol) - $135,000
More money for all writers and the editor - $150,000

Yes, it's ambitious.

And I want to see how far it can go. If a book doesn't get funded here, I've got ideas about how to produce one or (many) more of the above in the future. 

All of these books are available as add-ons once they unlocked. Check the FAQ for more info.

Risks and challenges

This project is more ambitious than anything I've ever attempted. I think that it will be a good test of my project management capabilities. If this project succeeds in unlocking every stretch goal, there will be well over 20 books added to the Sand & Steam library. I'm a one-person outfit and that's a lot to handle. To handle these risks and challenges, I've assembled an amazing team. Without them, I'd have no chance of making this a successful project.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter



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