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Help San Anto Cultural Arts bring Eric Fuertes to San Antonio to build a custom printing press & share his unique style of printmaking.

San Anto Cultural Arts is a non-profit arts organization located on the west side of San Antonio, Texas.  Our mission is to foster human and community development through community based arts.  Our community mural and public art program has produced 44 murals throughout the San Antonio area.  Through painting murals we have taught countless young people skills in 2-D design, drawing and painting.  Participants work alongside professional artists and learn problem solving, the importance of creativity and build self-confidence as they hone their skills and abilities.  This ain't no macaroni art!  The murals produced by our program are real public art works.  Many have become iconic symbols of the neighborhoods they represent.  Our participants have gone on to pursue higher education and many have developed successful art careers.  We will continue to provide arts education to the youth of our community by offering opportunities for them to learn from passionate and innovative, art professionals.  

That's where Eric Fuertes and Dumbo Press come in.  We want to bring Eric to San Anto Cultural Arts to teach a press building workshop for our participants.  Through attending San Anto's press building workshop our young artists will learn skills in 2-D and 3-D design, sculpture, drawing, printmaking performance art and wood working.  They will learn a DIY approach to art-making, which will teach them the value of collaboration, team work, experimentation and innovation.  Eric brings much passion and high energy to our program.  He has also agreed to leave behind the custom press he will create with our students so that San Anto can continue to use it in our printmaking program for years to come.  This will be an invaluable teaching tool for future generations of San Anto participants.  The monies raised through this campaign will go towards paying to have Eric travel from Illinois to San Antonio to teach his innovative workshop.  They will also go towards purchasing all the materials necessary to build a custom rocker press along with the printmaking supplies we will need to create woodblock prints.

When it comes to innovation, Eric Fuertes is at the top of his game.  As a sculpture and design professor at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois, Eric is an expert in metal fabrication, foundry and various other sculpture techniques.  His students see him as an amazing resource with his vast knowledge of tools, materials and mechanics.  His friends see him as being just a little bit crazy with his quick wit and quirky sense of humor.  

Through combining printmaking, sculpture, installation, performance art and music, Eric has taken the fine art world by storm with a revolutionary new way to create prints!  Gone are the days of hand cranking your prints through a big cumbersome etching press.  Now you can create beautiful hand-made masterpieces by using man-power (or woman-power) and your very own body weight to create pressure!  Talk about interactive art!  The first press that Eric created in this manner was his pink rocker press.  Viewers could mount the press like a horse and create prints by rocking back and forth!  The aluminum mascot on top of the press was taken from old playground equipment.  It just so happens that the animal Eric chose for his press was that cute, floppy-eared, elephant from the disney cartoons and thus Dumbo Press was born.  (see the video below, but please excuse the music.  I told you he had a quirky sense of humor, didn't I?)

The Dumbo Press surpassed even Eric's own expectations.  Not only could it produce high quality prints, it was a blast to ride and the reaction from viewers was amazing!  People go absolutely bananas for this little pink elephant press!  Since the first rocker press was created, Eric has gone on to create many other amazing printing presses including the UFO Press, the See-Saw Press, The Pyramid Press, the Potato Press (which makes prints AND french fries AT THE SAME TIME), the Dental Press and the ever controversial Bed Press.  

Eric's innovative creations have been embraced by the printmaking community, many of whom are experts in their field.  His unique perspective has allowed him to create techniques and presses that push the boundaries of traditional printmaking.  Each new design showcases not only Eric’s expert craft and problem solving skills, but also his style and sense of humor as well.  He has travelled the country spreading the love and spreading the ink!  Through Dumbo Press, he has achieved his own personal goal of making art more accessible to the public by bringing fine art to the masses in a way that is both educational and entertaining.  

Now it's time to bring Eric and his unique brand of art-making to San Antonio.  Let's make this happen together!

The Official San Anto T-shirt (available at the $55 level)
The Official San Anto T-shirt (available at the $55 level)

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Years of research and development have gone into the creation of these presses. Both Eric Fuertes and John Medina have MFA's in sculpture. They also have years of experience in sculpture and printmaking. San Anto Cultural Arts works with many very talented artists and craftsman who are available to help us troubleshoot if we run into a problem while building the rocker press. As for the prints, our team of participants and volunteers will help us to ensure that our printed gifts will be printed correctly and in a timely manner. If you donated at the 500 dollar level and wish to have a wheat paste mural installed at your site, please contact John at to schedule a consultation. For our 1,000 reward, we will schedule appearances on a first come, first served basis. If you donated at this level, please contact John at to schedule your event.


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    For your donation you will receive our sincere gratitude and your name will be featured on the San Anto Cultural Arts official website as a donor for the Dumbo Press project. That's some serious bragging rights, homie!

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    For $25 dollars you will receive an original handmade fine art print that has been printed using our custom rocker press! Our printing method is totally unique! Nobody in the world makes prints like us! We will hoot and holler, ring our cowbell and use our ample body weight to crush that ink into that poor little sheet of paper! The image will be carved by either Eric Fuertes, John Medina or one of the many amazing and famous artists we work with (you will be allowed to choose the design once we have them)! Hang it in your home or office! Every time you look at this beautiful work of art, it will remind you of all the enchiladas we had to eat to create enough pressure to make your print! Orale! You will also receive reward #1.

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    Fifty bucks will get your name on our website and the original handmade print. You will also get a super fresh, screen-printed, San Anto Cultural Arts T-shirt! You're gonna look good strutting around with that San Anto logo on your chest. It shows that you are a patron of the arts, an appreciator of culture, an advocate for education and a lover t-shirts. Wear it with pride, homie! You deserve it!

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    For a hundred dollars you get your name on our website, the original print, the screen printed San Anto T-shirt and a SECOND Handmade, One-of-a-kind, T-shirt printed using an artist carved woodblock and our very own custom rocker press! We will give you a choice of design, you choose where the design will be placed on the shirt and we'll print it using our unique printing method! There are very few people in this world that can say that they have a t-shirt printed by Dumbo Press. Now you can be a part of that elite group of art collectors!

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    We'll make you hollar for two hundred and fifty dollars! That's right ladies and gentlemen! You will receive admission for you and one guest to the San Anto/Dumbo Press VIP Printmaking Extravaganza! This is a one night, exclusive event where you will have the opportunity to meet the artists and see our brand new rocker press before it's officially unveiled to the public! You will be one of the very first people to ride our powerful little printing press! That's right! You can ride it! Bring a t-shirt and we'll gladly print one of our original, hand carved designs on it! But that's not all! It's a printmaking party, right? What printmaking party isn't complete without a collaborative wheat paste mural?!!! VIP party guests will help Eric and John create a unique wheat paste mural using prints that were made using our rocker press! In addition to the rocker press, you'll also get the chance to see some of Eric's other fantastic creations! We'll have music, we'll have food and we'll have a whole lot of fun making art! At the end of the day you'll have your very own print to take home, that YOU printed YOURSELF and one heck of a story to tell! Just think, when our rocker press becomes famous you'll be able to tell your friends that your butt touched it first! YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaAAAAW!!! (VIP Party will take place in San Antonio)

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    Five hundred dollars is a lot of money. We understand that. We would be eternally grateful to anyone who would be willing to donate this much money to our cause. In return for your generosity you get your very own wheat paste mural, installed by the mural professionals at San Anto Cultural Arts. This 8'x8' mural will consist of original art prints created using our rocker press. The prints can be arranged in a variety of ways to compliment the space. Once the composition is decided the paper prints are applied to the wall using acrylic Novagel, in a manner that is similar to applying wallpaper. Once installed you will be able to enjoy this unique mural for years to come. It would make the perfect addition to your home, office, studio, business, garage, man cave, classroom.....where ever! You choose the location and we will install a custom wheat paste mural to compliment the site. Bring a little San Anto flavor into your life! (available only in the San Antonio area)

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    For $1,000 we wanted to offer something VERY special. As a token of our appreciation we will bring our rocker press and a printing crew to your private party or corporate event! Your guests will have so much fun as they pick their favorite, hand carved, design, ride our custom rocker press and create their very own print! We can even print on t-shirts if you want (*you provide the shirts)! There'll be plenty of hootin' and hollerin', not to mention cowbell ringin'! We can even bring a boom box and play some music while we interact with your guests. People love printmaking and they love riding our press! Got a quinceanera, fraternity party, birthday party, super sweet sixteen, baby shower, superbowl party, bar mitzvah or corporate event coming up? This is a great way to provide your guests with a unique experience they won't soon forget! Every time they look at the print THEY created THEMSELVES, they will be reminded of the great time they had at YOUR party! That's baller status right there all for a thousand bucks! That's "friend price" holmes! If you try to book us later the price won't be this low. Consider this an early bird special. *price includes 2 hours with our rocker press and crew. We will provide ink and paper. Keep in mind it takes about 2 minutes to create a print from start to finish, which means about 30 prints per hour (give or take). (Available only in the San Antonio area)

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