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A film projectionist falls for a girl who attends his cinema while on a journey to be accepted by his peers.

Thankyou for coming by the Kickstarter page for Le Projectionniste. I'm going to tell you a little about what we're going to do, how we're going to do it, and if you want you can get involved.


The film tells the story of a cinema projectionist, who seems to go relatively unnoticed by everyone. He’s relegated himself to the projector room, spying on the audiences from the back of the cinema, fantasizing about the possibility of life being like what he sees on the cinema screen. Then one day while he’s packing up he happens to bump into a girl who’s a regular at the cinema and there’s an instant connection, and it’s this moment that kicks him out of his rut. He decides to create a film for the festival that’s happening in his cinema in an effort to be accepted by his peers, and he decides to try and win the girl. But as the film progresses things start to take a slightly different turn as the line between reality and the projectionists desire begins to waver. 

Sight & Sound

This will be a somewhat silent film, the main characters will never audibly speak, instead we’re relying on the soundtrack and the non-verbal interactions between the characters to tell the story, it’s very much a film of sensation. As such we're putting a quarter of our budget into making the film look and sound right.

Cast & Crew

The whole project will be shot on location here in Northern Ireland and we’ve got a great cast and award winning crew on board already whose work has been screened at festivals all over the world:

The Projectionist: Anthony Cozens

Anthony Cozens was born and raised in Winchester. He trained at the Oxford School of Drama.  

Some of his Film & TV credits include: Dementamania (Stealth Media); National Lampoon's Van Wilder 2 - The Rise of Taj (MGM); The Origins of Evil (CBS), Sherlock (BBC); Waking the Dead (BBC); Holby City (BBC); The Bill (Talkback Thames); Casualty (BBC); Judge John Deed (BBC).

Anthony has also appeared in several short films including Speechless, winner of 5 awards."

The Girl: Dearbhail Carr

Born in Newry, Northern Ireland, Dearbhail studied Drama at The University of Ulster and completed her Actor training at The Gaiety School in Dublin. Her most prominent early role was playing 'Shirley Jones' in a production of Moira Buffini's 'Jordan', which received critical acclaim from Irish Theatre Magazine and Irish Times.

Some of her film and TV credits include: Magpie (October Eleven Pictures); One Night (NI Screen/ Doubleband films); Two Little Boys (NI Screen);The Fall (BBC); Pajanimals (Jim Henson Company), Idír Mná (Midas Productions); Tosser (NI Screen/De Novo Pictures); Marú (Stirling Productions); The Deal (BBC).

The Writer/ Director: Samuel Steele

A little less bearded now than he is shown here, Samuel is an award winning writer who studied Film & Theatre at the University of Kent. Coming from a writing background he had his first one act play performed in The Grand Opera House in Belfast when he was 15. Since then he has gone on to write and direct two short films including 'Redemption' which won best script at the Cinemagic Film Festival 2011, and 'The Shot' which received it's premiere at Boston Irish Short Film Festival and went on to screen at festivals worldwide including L.A. Irish Film Festival and Fastnet Short Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Film at the Cinemagic Film Festival 2012. He is currently working on a short experimental film entitled 'SEE' which is part funded by NI Screen and replicates on screen the world as a person living with blindness perceives it.

The Assistant Director: Murdo MacLeod

Murdo is from Scotland, where he studied Digital Film and TV at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He specialised in Production Management, and has overseen several short films which have gone on to win awards with BAFTA, RTS and the Celtic Media Festival, and which have been screened at festivals from Beijing to Chicago. In Scotland, he worked with BBC, STV, ITV, Kudos, Shed Media and Hopscotch Films. Now based in Northern Ireland, Murdo is continuing to work in the film and TV industries, and is developing his own projects for DVD and the web

The Editor: Brian Philip Davis

Brian Philip Davis is an established editor of film and television with over ten years experience. His feature film credits include 'Pumpgirl' starring Geraldine Hughes (‘Gran Torino’) and 'Made in Belfast' starring Ciarán McMenamin (‘Primeval’), while television credits include ‘Big and Small’ for Cbeebies and ‘Pajanimals’ for NBC and the Jim Henson Company. With over twenty short films under his belt Brian has also edited a number of music promos for artists including Two Door Cinema Club, The Winding Stair, Tom McShane and Oppenheimer.

So if you like the sound of the project and would like to get involved then please have a look at our rewards, they range from copies of the soundtrack, to exclusive artwork from our illustrator, to exclusive t-shirts designed by our friends over at Plain & Simple. If you can’t donate to the project please do help to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, we really appreciate it and we look forward to making this film with you.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

At the minute our biggest risk and challenge is securing the funding, if either the crowdfunding campaign fails or we don't secure funding from a third party body we may not be able to complete the film.

Already we have had interest from a funding body and are currently in talks to secure funding from them however it all rests on our crowdfunding campaign. If it doesn't succeed our film simply cannot go forward.


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