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$41,058 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Samuel Clay
$41,058 pledged of $25,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Adam Ernst 1 day ago

      I really want to use this device with my Wink hub. I've written them requesting support for Bluetooth 4.0 GATT support — the device has the radio, so it would require a software update. I encourage any backers to do the same!

    2. Samuel Clay Creator 2 days ago

      Thanks Rick! I can assure you LIFX support will happen, I just had to choose between finishing the software, which I can return to after the campaign is over while waiting on manufacturing to begin, and finishing the hardware. But the hardware is finished (thank goodness), so I can finally address all of the feedback that I've received on the iOS and macOS Turn Touch apps.

    3. Rick 2 days ago

      Then ill keep my pledge for now! Keep us updated �

    4. Samuel Clay Creator 2 days ago

      Hey Rick, I haven't built in LIFX support yet but it will be there. I have an LIFX bulb in my office and have an incentive to get that support built soon.

    5. Rick 2 days ago


      Does thuis remote support Lifx bulbs? Its shows Herenthout the app is supporters but when u look al the website its bot listed.
      Thanks in advance!

    6. Samuel Clay Creator on February 14

      Daniel, thanks for upgrading but don't forget to add shipping as well. 2 remotes = 2 shipments.

    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel Francisco Valdez on February 14

      Thanks for extending the Valentine's offer! Just to be clear, I added $49 to my original pledge for the rosewood so I will get a mahogany and rosewood remote, yes? Thanks!

    8. tedder
      on February 9

      Yeah, that makes sense, Samuel, that's why I had the Raspberry Pi idea.

    9. Samuel Clay Creator on February 9

      Hey pgallaway, since it's bluetooth you are able to piggyback on it and use it like any other bluetooth accessory. If you know the bluetooth stack, which isn't terribly complicated you can use this remote for whatever you want. It will send you tap commands, double tap commands, and hold commands. It will also tell you which buttons are tapped and held at the same time, so it's up to you to decide how you want to extend it.

    10. Samuel Clay Creator on February 9

      Hey Tedder, bluetooth is how Turn Touch is able to live for a long time (about a year) without changing the battery. In the future I'd love to introduce a stand alone hub that the remote talks to, but for now I'm limiting it to your iPad or iMac.

    11. Missing avatar

      pgallaway on February 9

      As it's Bluetooth and a remote, curious if the remote commands are visible to the Linux kernel? Thinking RPi based systems. Don't currently have IoT devices so I'm looking at it more for traditional media control.

    12. tedder
      on February 9

      What makes me nervous about the Turn Touch is that it's effectively paired to me (phone, laptop, etc), not to my house (wifi or BT via a raspberry pi or something). Thoughts?

    13. Samuel Clay Creator on February 7

      Hi Danny, there is an app called the Custom App, which allows you to hit a URL at the press of a button. It also counts how many times you've hit it. Would that work?

    14. Missing avatar

      Danny Lane on February 7

      +1 for android support.

      Would it be possible to pair with a server using bluetooth in future, for providing input to something like openhab or domoticz ?

    15. Samuel Clay Creator on February 7

      Hi Emiel, in terms of support for non-Apple devices, not yet but it is planned. Android will be a stretch goal. I wish I could have launched out of the gate with it, but I just cannot afford to unless I hit certain numbers.

      But keep spreading the word about Turn Touch and if it gets popular then Android will be the first platform I expand to.

    16. Missing avatar

      Emiel on February 7

      This looks cool! Any support for non apple devices?