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Instant control of Hue lights, smart devices, apps, and more — all from a beautiful mahogany remote.
Instant control of Hue lights, smart devices, apps, and more — all from a beautiful mahogany remote.
Instant control of Hue lights, smart devices, apps, and more — all from a beautiful mahogany remote.
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    1. Cameron Bailey on July 26

      Glad to hear the LIFX support is there, albeit not HomeKit which is not your fault. Just bought another 4 version 2 lifx lights and want an easy way to turn them on and off.

    2. Rick on July 12

      Thanks found the link, will play around with the app a little.

    3. Samuel Clay Creator on July 11

      Hey Rick, in order to use the IFTTT integration you'll need to visit a secret URL on IFTTT's website to enable the beta Turn Touch channel. That URL is in the release notes for both the Mac and iOS Turn Touch apps.

      Probably next week I'll offer 50 prototypes and then you'll be able to use the remote together with IFTTT.

    4. Rick on July 11

      Cool really looking forward to get one of these bad boys!

      What trigger u use in IFTTT, u got your own or do u use the Button widget?

    5. Samuel Clay Creator on July 10

      Hey Rick, I just had my first day in the wood factory last Wednesday and it went great. We hooked up my prototype fixtures and ran the machine. We were only testing the setup, so we didn't fully mint any new pieces, but it looks like the production process is ready to get started. I am now designing an expanded fixture to machine 30 remotes at a time. This should take a couple weeks and will be the production fixture we use to make all 1,000 remotes.

      And I just shipped LIFX support in the form of IFTTT support last week for both Mac and iOS. I have an LIFX bulb in my desk lamp and while IFTTT takes 2-3 seconds to activate, it works great.

      Thanks for continually posting and keeping me on my toes. I really appreciate it and look forward to sharing progress and photos in an upcoming update.

    6. Rick on July 7

      How is the progress going? Are you still on schedule?

      And Did u have any time to look into Lifx support yet?

    7. Samuel Clay Creator on June 26

      Hi ErstO, multiple remote support is built into both iOS and macOS apps. Right now all of the remotes connected to a single device all perform the same actions. That list of actions and modes can be different between different devices. So for instance at home I have a remote connected to my iPad and it's used exclusively for Hue lights (and a bit of wemo batch actions so that when I turn on my lights or change colors, the christmas lights and dumb lamps connected to wemo also turn on and off). I have another remote connected to my Mac and that's used for music, alarm clock, video, and news reading.

      For version 2 or 3 of the app, I plan to support multiple remotes with multiple button configurations. It won't take a huge amount of work to support since I built the original version knowing I would expand it one day.

      HomeKit is also coming soon. I just finished IFTTT support for the Mac app yesterday and plan to unify IFTTT actions between iOS and macOS later this week. Once that's done, HomeKit will happen shortly afterwards.

      To be perfectly frank, it'll happen soon if only because I bought Nanoleaf lights off the Apple Store a few months ago and absolutely love them. They're run on HomeKit and to turn them off I have to manually do so and that just doesn't fly in my apartment.

      Calling them woodies reminds me of the Beach Boy's Surfin' Safari:

      Early in the morning we'll be startin' out
      Some honeys will be coming along
      We're loading up our woody
      With our boards inside
      And headin' out singing our song

    8. ErstO
      on June 25

      Samuel, thanks for the clarification on how multiple remotes need to be connected. I ordered the 3 pack

      Is this just a limitation the application you wrote, or a firmware limitation in the Turn Touch?

      I can deal with it, I have mutable devices at home, just need to start planing.

      Last question, you mentioned you may add “Home Kit” integration in the future, any further thoughts on this? Admittedly, Apples Home Kit is not the best home automation app out there, but in the Apple world it does seem like thats were everyone is going.

      Looking forward to the little woodies.

    9. Cameron Bailey on June 17

      Thanks @Samuel, I have a few connected Macs so it should be fine then.

    10. Rick on June 16

      Great thanks for the links!

    11. Samuel Clay Creator on June 16

      Hi Cameron, right now if you have two remotes connected to the same device (phone, ipad, mac) then they will perform the same actions. What I do at home is have two remotes hooked up to different devices.

      One of my remotes is my lighting remote, with all four apps being setup for Hue but with different randomness and scene settings.

      The other one of my remotes is for music, lighting, wemos, and the Mac itself.

      I built the app in such a way as to allow per-remote settings one day, but that will be at least v2 or v3.

    12. Rick on June 16

      The remote is 52mm x 52mm x 18mm, but how thick are the bottem and top half?

    13. Cameron Bailey on May 31

      This may have been asked before but if you have two remotes can they do different things? i.e is each remote provided a unique ID or similar?

    14. Missing avatar

      robertshepherd on May 28

      +1 for updates on all the features you've mentioned! There aren't many wood-based projects on kickstarter that have your level of attention to detail, and it would be great to hear all about your adventures in manufacturing! Can't wait to control my new apartment with these beautiful devices!

    15. Rick on May 24

      Really looking forward to see the latest models!

    16. Cameron Bailey on May 21

      I love the idea of a Fulfilment beard, I am sure your Mum/Partner/friends can't wait until fulfilment date! I know it would be a motivator for me!!

      I am glad I was the first one to ask for an update, I actually enjoyed your updates, one of the reasons I like Kickstarter is learning about the product building process. On other projects, I have learnt about injection moulding and FCC approvals. I would never have learnt these had it not been for Kickstarter.

      I would have loved to have heard the stories behind each of those points!! Shame really.

      I would like to suggest a better way to distribute the prototypes; start with people that asked for updates!!! ;-) I think that is the best way!!

      I am looking forward to using this with my Plex Media Player, I hope I can get it to work, by the looks of things I reckon it will work well and look great in my house at the same time!!

      Keep up the good work and I think a mega update is in order including pictures of the beard!!


    17. Samuel Clay Creator on May 19

      Oh, and how could I forget. IFTTT support is now in beta. Oh man, every single one of these should have been an update. But if I'm not shipping yet, I don't feel it's appropriate to announce anything. So once I ship, expect these updates as they come.

    18. Samuel Clay Creator on May 19

      Hey Cameron, I'm so glad you asked! If it were up to me I'd be posting an update oncee a week or at least every other week. But some of the feedback I've heard is that I may have gone a bit overboard during the campaign. So I decided to dial it back until somebody asked for an update, which took exactly two months!

      I'm going to post an update next week with all of this good stuff, each one could easily have been its own weekly or biweekly campaign update:

      1) Redesigned models are nearly done. Two months of painstaking work to get them ready for production. I was hoping to finish today but it's going to probably take another day or two in the woodshop, which is scheduled for next week. I've got plenty of great photos to show the differences between the 100 prototypes I built and what the production run will look like. It's going to be an in depth look into how to make better buttons.

      2) I just signed a wood CNC factory. This is huge news and took months to put together and find the right fit. More on this later.

      3) Turn Touch will be 100% made in America. Also huge news and makes my life easier to boot.

      4) While I've [nearly] finished the redesign, I've still got 50 prototype units left. That means 50 lucky backers will get a free remote immediately. Haven't decided how I'm going to choose who, but it will probably be a survey and I'll just sort by # of Hue bulbs in descending order.

      5) I've been growing a fulfillment beard (stopped shaving on the last day of the campaign) and I've got quite the look now. I get to shave it when I ship, which I hope is in 2-3 months.

    19. Cameron Bailey on May 19

      How is this project tracking? Will you meet you timeline?

    20. Marco Ruiter on May 17

      Please make the survey before shipping also capable to fill in my VAT number. So I don't have to pay taxes

    21. Rick on April 1

      Did u have time to look into Lifx support yet?

    22. Missing avatar

      DLV on April 1

      An addition that would have been nice to have is an acceleromater, to control action by gesture

    23. Samuel Clay Creator on March 24

      Thanks Rick! The apps are works in progress but for the most part they are a full demo of the apps that are currently built. I'm planning to add a bunch more, with IFTTT support and HomeKit support coming up next.

    24. Rick on March 24

      Trying out the app, it looks wonderful very easy set-up yet full options to make it your own way

    25. Missing avatar

      Chew on March 10

      Regarding VAT and customs: You don't have to do the payments, Samuel, but it would be REALLY REALLY nice if you could attach openly visible to the package what's in there and what's the value. This can already save trouble because then you don't have to go there with a printed bill or just send them the money. The most trouble always is an opaque package where noone knows what's inside, then you have to go to the customs and open it while a customs officer is present and looking. At least, that's how it goes in Germany.

    26. Missing avatar

      Chew on March 10

      You did it, congratulations! However, no HomeKit support :'-( I really really hoped for this since I have HomeKit Bluetooth (no WiFi) devices...

    27. Torsten Stelling
      on March 10

      Congrats to you. Now get the CNC machine running. This looks really awesome. Thanks.

    28. Cameron Bailey on March 10

      Congratulations, not that you needed to hear that as you knew for a while that it was funded but its still an acheivement. Well done.

    29. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      @Samuel: No problem at all here. Thanks for clarifying.

    30. Samuel Clay Creator on March 9

      Buyers are responsible for VAT and customs payments. It's just not possible for me to pay that, at least not at this stage.

    31. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      I know here is another question: Do you ship EU friendly without customs payment foe us?

    32. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      Great. Please put stickers inside with the logos. ;) sounds dumb but I know customs well and they may reject it when they don't find them. :)

    33. Samuel Clay Creator on March 9

      The bluetooth module has CE and FCC certification. It's Raytac MDBT40. Here's the relevant document: And there's a bit more about certification in the datasheet:

    34. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      And as far as I know: in European union is a no trash can symbol also mandatory

    35. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      I meant small not stall ;)

    36. Torsten Stelling
      on March 9

      Just a Stall question? Will Turn Touch get CE and FCC Labels on it? They are needed for EU Import. I live in Germany and it's very important.

    37. Cameron Bailey on March 8

      You could TOTALLY tell!!

      Look forward to seeing the completed product.

    38. Samuel Clay Creator on March 8

      Hey Cameron, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it. I love working on what I get to work on and this livestream video was easy to shoot because I get to show off that passion.

    39. Cameron Bailey on March 8

      Hey great video, really showed your passion!! I cant wait to get one of these bad boys!! Really annoyed that I missed the Valentines Day offer, just saw it, Rosewood looked amazing and at $49 for those lucky backers!!

      I love that you get to meet the designer/developer on Kickstarter, keep up the good work and I hope this is indeed more profitable than the RSS feed market!!

      Thanks again!!

    40. Samuel Clay Creator on March 6

      Hey João, I will probably implement HomeKit support soon, but because I have not yet hit the stretch goal, it will be prioritized depending on demand once the remotes are out there.

    41. Samuel Clay Creator on March 6

      Hey Rick, the remote will only give feedback if you are using the Mac app. The feedback is a small chime when you switch apps and it comes from your Mac. Otherwise you should just assume that a half second button hold will switch apps.

    42. Missing avatar

      João Barbosa
      on March 6

      Any chance of homekit despite being short for that goal?

    43. Rick on March 6

      Does the remote give feedback on pressing a button with vibration or does it remain silent?

    44. ErstO
      on March 1


      “two halves connected by magnets”

      That sounds like a great idea, better then snaps, tabs or little screws that would get lost.

    45. Samuel Clay Creator on February 28

      Oh, and to answer your question about how to insert the battery, the remote is two halves connected by magnets. You just pull them apart and you'll see the battery inside.

      To be honest the magnets are one of my favorite physical features on the remote and I did not do them justice in the campaign. However it's not clear how to show off the beauty of the magnets without investing in a video and that takes time and money, so I punted on it.

    46. Samuel Clay Creator on February 28

      Hey Steven, Turn Touch uses a standard CR2032 coin cell battery. It's 220 mAh at 3.3V and runs for about a year before needing to be replaced.

    47. Missing avatar

      Steven Lee on February 27

      Dear Creator, may I check what is the battery type used and how is it being inserted into the device?

    48. Adam Ernst on February 23

      I really want to use this device with my Wink hub. I've written them requesting support for Bluetooth 4.0 GATT support — the device has the radio, so it would require a software update. I encourage any backers to do the same!

    49. Samuel Clay Creator on February 22

      Thanks Rick! I can assure you LIFX support will happen, I just had to choose between finishing the software, which I can return to after the campaign is over while waiting on manufacturing to begin, and finishing the hardware. But the hardware is finished (thank goodness), so I can finally address all of the feedback that I've received on the iOS and macOS Turn Touch apps.

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