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A comedy in the vein of Hitchiker's Guide, Adventure Time and Archer. We made a 25-minute pilot, help us animate episode two! Read more
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A comedy in the vein of Hitchiker's Guide, Adventure Time and Archer. We made a 25-minute pilot, help us animate episode two!

About this project

Animated 4-minute preview:

As seen on:

"Sam Sweetmilk" uses science fiction adventure to tell the story of two exceptional characters with incredibly fluid animation, and layered with smart, subtle humor throughout."

- Channel Frederator, creators of Bravest Warriors

What is this?

The full 25-minute animatic/animated episode:

Following the exploits of Sam Sweetmilk - cocky amnesiac and captain of the starship Goldfish - his long-suffering robot first mate Ghostworth, voiced by Kevin R Mcnally (Pirates of the Caribbean, Supernatural, Downton Abbey) - and a young alien heiress named Vela, voiced by Tricia Pierce (Bleach) - Sam Sweetmilk is a sci-fi comedy cartoon series chronicling the rising significance of the only human in a huge and uncaring galaxy. Our influences include the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Archer, Adventure Time, Cowboy Bebop, the Venture Bros and Red Dwarf.

With the release of our 25-minute animatic episode 'Classic Ghostworth', containing 4 minutes of full-quality animation, we're looking to Kickstarter to fund a fully animated sequel episode, 'New Ghostworth'. This will both complete the story arc and demonstrate to networks that we can not only pitch Sam Sweetmilk, but that we can produce it as a studio on-deadline and with minimal resources.


- Our Youtube channel has been adopted up by Channel Frederator - makers of Bravest Warriors and Bee and Puppycat - and we will now be publicised by them!

 - The pilot was on the front page of Laughing Squid, and they tweeted about us to 443,000 followers!

- We hit the front page of Reddit and got 73,000 views in one night! We also did an AMA!

- We got a great write-up in Gorilla Mag!

"Believe it or not the comedy elements are actually funny... ...containing 4 minutes of full-quality animation (and it looks very sexy indeed"

- Someone bought our top $4000 tier, and their name will now be a swear word in the Sam Sweetmilk universe forever!

Who are we?

Jason Lee Weight.

Writer/Director/voice of Sam

Stephanie Turner.

US Producer.

Toby Nicholas Clayton

Concept Artist/Character Designer

Haakon Ziegler.

Lead Animator.

Michał Golec.


Patrick Gleeson.


Nathan Fustec.

Sound Designer

See our pilot's credits for a long, long list of further talented people.

Risks and challenges


Getting our current episode to completion took one year, and ran over deadline by 2 months. This was due to one thing: financing. It's hard to make a cartoon in central London on a zero-budget.
By planning our budget meticulously, creating a tight and well-informed production schedule and strictly keeping to it, by employing economic animation technique and by presenting ourselves professionally and reaching out to production companies during the episode's creation for help and extra funding, we can sidestep the problems that caused delay during Classic Ghostworth's production.


One challenge which does not directly risk the noncompletion of the project but is just as important is the quality of our episode. In observing what does and does not entertain our test audiences during this production, it's become apparent that certain elements of our pilot reached short of the standards we aim for, due in part to financing and certain disagreements during the storyboarding process. With this next episode we plan on realising our potential in ways we weren't conscious of before, with robust, nuanced delivery in voice acting, audio that always has foreground and background, depth of field and an engaging range of motion in storyboards, more visual and audio gags, and better understanding and exploration of the relationship between the characters.


This caused minor delays during production (though not in the same way as the financing issues).
Work contracts will be in place this time around that ensure this does not happen again. The contracts will go both ways, of course, protecting artists by guaranteeing pay and nullifying the contract if payment is not delivered.


This may have been the case five years ago, when violence, irony and general adult themes were less common in mainstream animation. Thanks to the headway made by the Adult Swim subnetwork, Archer and Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, there is now a solid 18-35 animation audience. Archer has even disproved the theory that animated shows can only survive in groups, riding to success on the FX channel. Admittedly the UK is still catching up to the US on this, but luckily we're currently online-only and can entertain an international audience.

The underlying theme in our cartoon is the importance and fragility of memory, which extends at one time or another to every individual character. While we realise that the episode we created doesn't always maintain this concept - it'll be farcical at one moment and violent the next - further episodes focus heavily on character growth. We hope our series can grow outward from its initial form and into something more complex and gratifying. The potential for animation as a medium is limited by the public's perception of it as suitable only as being for light sitcom, or something solely for children. We want to help change that.

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    (That's ~£3 if you're in the UK) - THANK YOU! You are buying us a cup of coffee; a subtle but important step towards realising the episode.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $16 or more
    About $16 USD

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    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE EPISODE ON RELEASE + ART - We will send a delicate, DRM-free expression of our electronic feelings for you, along with concept sheets for the main characters. The file size will likely be 500MB to 1 GB for 1080p so make sure you have space before clicking the email link, when the time comes.

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    ALL ART + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - All the visual concept and production material of the first and second episodes (episode soundtrack, concept designs, pre-animatic, animation tests, scripts, background paintings in wallpaper size + alternative concept art) for you to download, PLUS your name in the credits of 'New Ghostworth'!

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    Pledge $49 or more
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    DVD OF THE EPISODE, INCLUDING EPISODE ONE "CLASSIC GHOSTWORTH" AND OUR FOUR PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + ALL CONCEPT ART, SCRIPTS FOR BOTH EPISODES ON RELEASE, STORYBOARDS FOR BOTH EPISODES, SOUNDTRACKS AND BACKGROUNDS + YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS Delivered hot from the oven, melted into a puddle on your welcome mat. We're looking forward to making cover art! Individually-produced DVDs cost ~$18/£12 to produce and package/deliver, hence the price.

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
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    POSTER! + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + ALL CONCEPT ART, SCRIPTS FOR BOTH EPISODES ON RELEASE, STORYBOARDS FOR BOTH EPISODES, SOUNDTRACKS AND BACKGROUNDS. You will receive a near-A1-sized poster (24"x36"), straight to your door! And then probably straight under a weighted blanket for a few hours to flatten it out. Posters will be roughly $19/£12 each to produce and individually package/deliver, hence the price tag.

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    Pledge $290 or more
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    BE DRAWN BY SAM'S DESIGNER TOBY NICHOLAS CLAYTON IN THE COCKPIT OF THE STARSHIP GOLDFISH, WEARING SAM'S UNIFORM - With an optional caption of your choice, delivered on an A3-size art print, plus all lower tiers. A good way to propose, dictate a will or announce you are gay. Very proud of you, by the way. Includes all lower tiers.

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world
  7. All gone!

    Pledge $719 or more
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    APPEAR IN THE EPISODE - A likeness of your actual face will appear on an alien in the episode. You'll get at least ten seconds of screen time. After you die, your descendants may view it and be like… isn't that grandma? Totally worth it. High fives forever in the afterlife. Includes all lower tiers, including reward #6. That's $388 worth of lower tiers!

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    YOUR NAME BECOMES A SWEAR WORD IN SAM SWEETMILK, FOREVER - There is only one of these. If you can afford this you are a crazy oil prince and we ought to exchange details. In the long run this is the coolest thing we offer. We will use either your first name, surname, or both - whichever sounds funnier as a swear word. Includes all other tiers, including #6 and #7. That's $1107 worth of lower tiers!

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    Ships to: Anywhere in the world

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